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Best Covers: Boy Azooga ‘U.F.O.’

Boy Azooga have shared the video for their Jim Sullivan cover, ‘U.F.O’. Released alongside ‘O Silly Me’, their last single back in November, the new video for ‘U.F.O.’ is an ode to 70s US cop shows. Dramatic turns to camera, cruising down streets and kicking down doors are just a few of the clichés seen in the video, with the band turning into the police for a day and chasing a far-off light in the sky. It’s a fantastic cover, suitable for late afternoon listening as you wind down the last few hours of sun. Watch below:

Best Covers: MOTHERMARY “Barbie Girl”

NYC-based identical twins Larena and Elyse Winn, also known as MOTHERMARY, are the latest artists to join the Italians Do It Better clan. The two girls, who grew up in a big Mormon family in Montana picked their moniker in order to address the hypocrisy of religion.  One of their first songs is a cover of Aqua‘s “Barbie Girl.’

Best Covers: The Illicits ‘Born Slippy’

The Illicits are the leaders of the next generation. The four-piece band from Blackburn are the vital, essential guitar band the UK music scene has been waiting for.  The cover of the Underworld classic Born Slippy has become a firm fan favourite at live shows, with the band encoring with the 90s classic. Using soaring guitars and thumping percussion instead of electronica, this is an exquisite cover, and it is easy to see why this has been favourite within their set list.

Best Covers: Santa Esmeralda “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”

“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” a track written by Bennie Benjamin, Gloria Caldwell, and Sol Marcus that’s been covered consistently since its release, by a vast array of artists.

In 1977, Santa Esmeralda had their own hit with a cover of “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” this time a disco rendition with elements of Latin music and flamenco.

Today, the calling card for Santa Esmeralda’s version of the song is the fact that part of it soundtracked the climactic swordfight between Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu in Kill Bill, Vol. 1, which is way cooler than anything else about it.