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Introducing…The Msyterines

The Msyterines have crafted their own iconic sound driving garage rock which is direct, They make everything seem uncomplicated, visceral, exciting uncontrived and natural.  A rare talent which few have and with the right breaks the sky could be the limit for this young band.

Liverpool trio have debuted a brand new single. Titled ‘Who’s Ur Girl’, it’s their first new music since debut EP ‘Take Control’, which arrived back in the summer, and follows up on recent support slots with the likes of Royal Blood and Sea Girls.

Introducing…Talk Show

Talk Show deliver masterfully with their pre-apocalyptic angst for a generation shedding the burden of political ineffectiveness, wary of change and tired of being cheated. The cut and dried wit of the lyrics, slice like barbed wire as social echoes of the ’80s are utilised, until now the most politically charged decade of recent times.

Comparisons with Echo and the Bunnymen and Gang Of Four, Fontaines DC and Idles and a taste of punk and new wave influences.

Introducing…Olden Yolk

A collaboration between New York-based songwriters, vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Shane Butler (of Quilt) and Caity Shaffer, Olden Yolk fuse elements of psychedelic folk with the blue poetry of golden-era singer-songwriters. The sounds of Greenwich Village singer-songwriters mingle with clicky motorik rhythms—creating a dystopian strain of psych-folk that sounds as inspired by the man-made elements of the city. Tonight in concert at Heliogàbal.


23 year old French producerWilliam Rezéaka THYLACINE is making waves with his sound that blends electronic music with field recordings.

Roads Vol.1 it’s a bizarre point of origin for an album that successfully blends the electronic and the acoustic, taking in detours along the techno as well as the more traditional South American musical highways. Certainly, it’s a strange mix, but it’s one that works extremely well, its changes of direction handled adroitly such that, ultimately, the overall sense of unity is impressively achieved.



Introducing…Chinatown Slalom

 Chinatown Slalom, released their debut album Who Wants to be a Millionaire. This group is based out of Liverpool and is known for throwing house parties on the regular and actually have extended the invite to the public on Facebook. The album came out of no where; no singles, no build-up.

The group of four does a great job to give you a view into their creative minds, even sampling Jai Paul. Through happy and vibrant tracks, the album is an amazing listen from start to finish. The album contains many different feels. This is only the beginning for Chinatown Slalom so hop on the wave early while you can.


Ohtis’ new album Curve of Earth is a reunion record for the band and tells the tale of songwriter Sam Swinson’s autobiographical journey through indoctrination and addiction. Each song an endlessly inviting confession from his past battles with substance abuse and the religious demons lingering from his upbringing in a fundamentalist evangelical cult.

Ohtis formed when Swinson and co-founder Adam Pressley were sophomores at high school in Normal, Illinois. Sam would ride his bike over to Adam’s house where they made experimental folk music with primitive home-recording gear. Their partnership has defined Ohtis, accompanied by a revolving cast of local musicians joining the live act over the years including rejoining mainstay member and multi-instrumentalist Nate Hahn.

Curve of Earth – it’s a piece of beautifully dark country-Americana with Swinson’s vivid lyricism at the heart of it. Just listen to “Runnin’”, a song born from all their experiences; elegant country music based on pure honesty and direct communication.

Introducing…Jungle by Night

The Dutch group Jungle by Night blends, in an exciting manner, the influences of krautrock, dance, jazz, afrobeat and pop. Known for their danceable, powerful, energetic and contagious live performances, this young group of nine musicians present Livingstone, their fifth album released by the prestigious Rush Hour Records, in which their afrobeat is close to synthesizers.