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Introducing…Grand Pax

Grand Pax is 24-year-old Annie Pax, a London-based singer-songwriter whose debut EP is called ‘Phase’. The four-track collection will be the first introduction to Pax and her intimate songwriting, best summed up on the spacey and reverb heavy “Comet,” a song about an impending apocalypse putting romantic strife into context.


Introducing…Agar Agar

There is no doubt that the French produce uncharacteristically beautiful music, but since the rise and plato of bands like Air and La Femme the market for electro-pop music has left a gapping hole in the French music industry. Since forming in 2015 the duo Agar Agar have created a catchy sound that resonates in the ears of international listeners. Producer Armand Bultheel layers synth minimal beats complimenting the sultry voice of Clara Cappagli, bringing life back into French electro pop.

Introducing…Great News

Great News are one of the biggest music revelations from Bergen. The Norwegian trio, after having released a single of songs, returns with a new one: “Told”. A new breakthrough of their first LP Wonderfault where the band will show off their impressive daze-pop influenced by bands like Tame Impala or Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Today at Vida Festival.

Introducing…Para Alta

These boys haven’t been around for long, but blew up a storm after the release of debut single ‘I Get Mine’. Being totally self-sufficient, Para Alta record, mix and produce all their own music and create their own artwork. The close-knit scene in the North East has allowed them the opportunity to put on gigs and parties for the chance for them and their friends to play live.

Para Alta are back with the indie-rock anthem that is ‘Dusk’, a shoegaze influenced jangle-rock epic. The vocals croon, as guitars bleed in and out of the mix. This is a track that will take its sweet time, moving here and there like some of the best shoegaze before it. Though primarily an indie rock track, this shoegaze sensibility adds a sense of sorrow and remorse that is perfect for the subject nature of the song.


Caribbean music is hugely influential to artists in Canada, and the duo Garçons (singer/songwriter Deelo and record producer/director Julian Strangelove), are no exception. Today we’re premiering the video for their debut single “Numba One” from their upcoming Body Language EP, “a blend of 7 groovy, funky & colorful love songs that were written to brighten up your day.”


London-based Sorry has spent 2017 slowly building its profile in the city, gigging constantly before heading home to work on their twisted rock songs. Unafraid to introduce abrasive electronic elements or riot grrl choruses to their early singles, the band sits alongside fellow new groups Goat Girl and Shame as an exciting raft of groups giving British indie kids something to get excited about.