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Fisher King is the debut album from Furrows, aka singer-songwriter and former Berklee jazz student Peter Wagner. Supposedly Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House was a big deal for him, and you can hear it in his music, though Fisher King‘s lead single “Grey Cities” errs more on the brisk and featherweight side, in the airspace between Sufjan Stevens and Beach Fossils.


Formed in 2018, Brooklyn’s Gustaf have built a kind of buzz that feels like it comes from a different era. The art punk 5 piece rapidly established a reputation as one of New York’s hardest working…and most reliably fun bands, and early excitement about their danceable, ESG-inspired post punk expanded outside of their city with remarkable effect despite having released no recorded music and barely having an online presence.

They have just released their debut album ‘Audio Drag For Ego Slobs’.

Introducing…Sarah and The Sundays

Sarah and the Sundays is an indie rock band composed of five former college students based in Austin, Texas. Since their recent move to Austin, the band has made a name for themselves in the local music scene. These college dropouts took a bold step by moving away from their education and pursuing their passion for music, which has paid off with their growing popularity.

The Texas quintet share their lullaby-like indie single “Vices”. A track wrapped in bouncy drum patterns and reveals an addictive bass pattern, it’s a notable track from a band who remain confident in their own sound. 

Introducing…Young & Sick 

Young & Sick is an art and music project created by the Dutch artist Nick van Hofwegen, this project resides in Los Angeles and New York . Young & Sick is currently signed to Harvest Records, and has collaborated and created artwork for various renowned artists. Active since 2011, Young & Sick has a somewhat different, but very interesting R&B proposal .

He has released his new album BROTHER. The album came out of self-imposed isolation – written and recorded in a Vermont cabin with Luke Woods, Young & Sick‘s bandmate and longtime music director. Woods’ near-death experience served as a catalyst for the themes BROTHER explores, as Young & Sick contemplates the transiency of life and navigates the process of healing. BROTHER guides us on an enchanting journey, fusing operatics with electronic flourishes; impressionist-era orchestration alongside modern.

Introducing…Joe & the Shitboys

Joe & the Shitboys are four bisexual vegan punks from the Faroe Islands. Their intention is calling out shitty behaviour, and not only in their conservative homeland – where ‘the rock scene is filled with boneless homophobes and misogynists’. Drawing inspiration from an artwork in an abandoned school with the words ‘The Reson For Hardcore Vibes’, plus crude drawings of a gun, a bat, brass knuckles and hedge shears. Expect high energy shows that are all about how shitty you are!

Introducing…Baba Ali

Though most debuts are the culmination of a lifetime of influences and experiences, few artists succeed in mapping their musical journey quite as vividly as Baba Ali has on Memory Device. Tracing his Nigerian heritage, an adolescence absorbing No Wave and the hip hop on NYC’s Hot 97, time immersed in the techno scene in Berlin, and the experimental punk spirit of his current base in London, Memory Device is an enthralling introduction to a musician who resolutely defies pigeonholing.