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Danish weavers Communions have announced their return, with new cut ‘Splendour’

The band, originally a four-piece but now focusing around the brotherly partnership of Mads and Martin Rehof, are kicking in a new era after the release of debut album ‘Blue’ back in 2017 – signing to new Danish independent label Tambourhinoceros. Lead by an unmistakable knack for melody, expect bright things into next year.

Introducing…Benny Sings

Dutch pop and R&B singer Beeny Sings (a.k.a. Tim van Berkestijn) hasn’t blown up yet, but it’s not for the lack of exposure. You’ve heard his music before and probably didn’t know it: His songs have been featured in TV commercials, as well as on hit shows on HBO and Netflix. His is the type of sound that grabs your attention while you’re strolling through the produce section or standing in line at your favorite fast-food grill. His last album, City Pop, finds Benny Sings sounding reinvigorated. There’s a secret society of Benny Sings fans ready to share him with the world.

Introducing…Little Comets

 Little Comets are an English indie-rock band that formed in 2008 led by  brothers Rob and Michael Coles. They released their debut album, In Search of Elusive Little Comets in 2011. The next year, the band released their second album, Life is Elsewhere under Dirty Hit records. Their last album Worhead was published in 2017.

Echoey, driving drums, beachy guitar riffs and vivid lyrics that can be interpreted in a variety of ways…that’s Little Comets. Baywatch is their brand new single.


The band, led by twin brothers, Toma and Andy Banjanin, originally from Australia but who now call London their home base. Coasting between ‘70s rock and blue-eyed soul, the Australian five-piece have, since their inception, adhered to a retro mode of travel; weaving a tapestry of psych-pop melodies that find further exposure, and increasing definition, on this kaleidoscopic debut.


Emerging in the summer of 2016 with the track Janet, he attracted the attention of Frank Ocean, who played the song on his much-lauded blonded RADIO. 

The sense of deliberate pomposity and pessimism runs through the vast majority of Hadley’s music, which sees him cast an almost nihilistic gaze over anything that should have the misfortune to wander in front of him.

 Now he’s back with new music and plans for an upcoming EP. “Suddenly,” is the opening track on Hadley’s There Isn’t A Window That I Won’t Look Out Of. The EP is out on November 12.

Introducing…Calva Louise

Hailing from different corners of the globe, alternative rock three-piece Calva Louise have been disrupting the airwaves for their punky, grunge-pop sounds.

Comprised of front-woman Jess, drummer Ben and Alizon on guitar, the trio have confirmed that they’ve signed to FRKST Records, and to celebrate they’re sharing thunderous new track ‘Trial’.



Cavetown is the artist name for 20-year-old musician Robin Skinner. From a young age, Skinner’s talents were apparent as he started making and recording music in 2013. Gaining popularity after his YouTube channel launched in 2014, he would release singles and albums on his Bandcamp page.

After the release of his viral single “This Is Home,” Skinner went on to release more melodic bedroom pop and gentle ukulele ballads as he continued to tell his tales of love and loss, and yearning to make sense of life. His breakout album Lemon Boy showcases his bright melodies, effortless songwriting, and his continued effort to share very genuine and personal experiences. Cavetown is sharing his brand new track ‘Sharpener’, alongside a stunning animated video by Cheng Qiu.