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TTRRUUCES’ debut album is a dream-like adventure, simultaneously euphoric and disorientating in both mood and execution. At its core is the story of a Sad Girl and a Lost Boy, whose quest to acquire a new drug named TTRRUUCES takes them on a mind-altering journey. The album’s sound is equally audacious. The Anglo-French duo — Natalie Findlay and Jules Apollinaire — are full of starry-eyed ambition, and have crafted a saturated fusion of symphonic pop, boisterous beats and reflective ballads.


Best known for 2015’s indie-pop hit “On the Regular,” 24-year-old Shamir Bailey has spent the past two years redefining himself along the lines of how he started — as a guitar-slinging rock ‘n’ roller. He layers his biting falsetto on top of aggressive, buzzing punk and rock, with bits of folkie strumming.

Shamir‘s recent music is intense and heavy, but it’s built on joyful, familiar noise, so it has a catharsis akin to what Husker Du was doing 35 years ago. The Philadelphia-based artist will drop his newest full-length on 2nd October, preceded by new single ‘I Wonder’– the follow-up to recent drop ‘On My Own’.


Belako are Josu Ximun Billelabeitia, Lore Nekane Billelabeitia, Lander Zalakain and Cristina Lizarraga. This band from Mungia has kicked ass over the last two years, playing non-stop around Spain and Europe. A band full of power, electricity, punk attitude – and a great future. High intensity, hypnotic vocal melodies, great guitar riffs, amazing bass lines, powerful and epic drums – every show goes from darkness to light, from the 1980s to the 21st century, from sweet singing to rough screams, from relaxation to sweat. Post-punk, electronic, grunge, indie rock, everything is possible when Belako is on the stage.

Now the post-punk quartet Belako are giving us the latest taste of their upcoming new album ‘Plastic Drama’, sharing brand new single ‘Truth’.

Introducing…LA Priest

LA Priest is the name Sam Dust, late of Late of the Pier, adopted to release his beguiling space-pop-psyche solo work following the demise of the band he founded when still in his teens.

Arriving four years after the iconoclast variously known as Sam Dust, LA PRIEST and L.A. Priest thrilled the world with the cosmic pop of his debut album Inji, GENE is named after a brand new modular drum machine Sam dreamt up and built alone. Working in isolation for more than two years, soldering iron in hand, Sam designed GENE using 150 electrical circuits he made up himself.

Introducing…Asaf Avidan

He may sound like an angel, but this is Asaf Avidan, a prodigious Israeli musician described by The New York Times as “an artist that writes like Leonard Cohen, sings like Leonard Cohen, and has the charisma of a cabaret performer.” One Day / Reckoning Song is one of the greatest hits of the YouTube era, with 179 million views, reaching number 1 in 14 countries, and his three albums (he has also made another three records as lead singer of the band The Mojos) are a fine example of how a voice can reflect feelings so closely. With an androgynous register that has drawn comparisons with Jeff Buckley and Nina Simone, Avidan only began to play the guitar and compose songs when his heart was broken at the age of 26. He débuts at the festival with Into the Labyrinth, a solo show whose beauty and sensitivity go far beyond the normal scale. His is a unique voice.

Asaf Avidan unveiled few days ago his brand new single ‘Lost Horse’.


In a year of drastic change within the music industry, one of 2020’s newest bands, Muzzhave quietly formed and released an eponymous debut album. Interpol’s Paul Banks leads the way, with the trio completed by multi-instrumentalist and producer Josh Kaufman (of Bonny Light Horseman) and Matt Barrick (drummer of The Walkmen, among others). Together they have created a collective passion project with several years in the making. For a self-coined “supergroup”, Muzz is not at all flashy; instead, it’s a familiar yet refreshing creative expression inspired by 70s classic rock with a hint of Americana.

Introducing…Crack Cloud

Calgary collective Crack Cloud are a many-headed beast. In their present incarnation there are seven of them, playing various strains of guitars, percussion and synths, but you get the feeling that could change with the wind. They could just as soon be a three piece, or a full art-rock orchestra, or just one person on their own with a sample pad.

Their music is like a lost gem from post-punk’s most arty moments: urgent, strange, and groovy  in danceable akin to Gang of Four and early Talking Heads.

Vancouver collective Crack Cloud have finally announced that their debut album is on the way! Following 2018’s EPs ‘Crack Cloud’ and ‘Anchoring Point’, the group’s first full length ‘PAIN OLYMPICS’ is set to land on 17th July, and to celebrate their sharing the video for punk-funk lead single ‘Ouster Stew’ as well.