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Introducing…Para Alta

These boys haven’t been around for long, but blew up a storm after the release of debut single ‘I Get Mine’. Being totally self-sufficient, Para Alta record, mix and produce all their own music and create their own artwork. The close-knit scene in the North East has allowed them the opportunity to put on gigs and parties for the chance for them and their friends to play live.

Para Alta are back with the indie-rock anthem that is ‘Dusk’, a shoegaze influenced jangle-rock epic. The vocals croon, as guitars bleed in and out of the mix. This is a track that will take its sweet time, moving here and there like some of the best shoegaze before it. Though primarily an indie rock track, this shoegaze sensibility adds a sense of sorrow and remorse that is perfect for the subject nature of the song.


Caribbean music is hugely influential to artists in Canada, and the duo Garçons (singer/songwriter Deelo and record producer/director Julian Strangelove), are no exception. Today we’re premiering the video for their debut single “Numba One” from their upcoming Body Language EP, “a blend of 7 groovy, funky & colorful love songs that were written to brighten up your day.”


London-based Sorry has spent 2017 slowly building its profile in the city, gigging constantly before heading home to work on their twisted rock songs. Unafraid to introduce abrasive electronic elements or riot grrl choruses to their early singles, the band sits alongside fellow new groups Goat Girl and Shame as an exciting raft of groups giving British indie kids something to get excited about.


Shopping es va formar a principis de 2013 abraçant el post punk dels 70 amb una voracitat que poques vegades es veu en aquests dies, evocant l’agressió de Gang of Four, l’udol voraç de The Slits i l’empenta dance de Delta 5 i ESG. El seu primer LP al seu propi segell MILK al Regne Unit, va vendre els seus 1.000 unitats en tan sols uns mesos. El Segon, Why Choice, va ser llançat aFat Cat Records a tot el món a l’octubre de 2015 i també es va esgotar en un mes. Els concerts de Shopping -com a teloners d’ESG i Gang Of Four i a festivals com End of the Road i ATP són increïblement divertits i innegablement emocionants. Pel seu esperat tercer àlbum The Official Body, Shopping s’han associat amb la llegenda de l’indie pop i l’innovador Edwyn Collins. Aquesta nit en concert a Razzmatazz.

Introducing…Vacation Forever 

Vacation Forever is the moniker for incessantly interesting new artist Zacharias Zachrison who makes sweepingly atmospheric pop music that’s full of luscious, twinkling layers of beautiful sound.

Vacation Forever has self-defined his sound as ‘Tropical Emo’, which probably isn’t too far from the truth – emotion pervades through the centre of the music whilst huge, cinematic synths glaze across the top and listening to it is a fully immersive experience. His new  track ‘Kamikaze Love’ feels like a carefree trip, free from worry.

Introducing…Weird Milk

London pop quartet Weird Milk have returned with their jaunty new single, guaranteed to make you feel ‘Better’ no matter your worries. ‘Better’ takes form as the quirky band’s third single, following on from last year’s releases, ‘This Close and ‘All Night’. Having now fully established their sound, ‘Better’ maintains a slightly Ska-infused beat we first heard in ‘All Night’ and the summery vibes of ‘This Close’, creating a sunny concoction sure to leave you daydreaming of good old times on the surf board.

Introducing…Haiku Hands

Off the back of just one single (and a lively, choreographed live show), it’s hard to believe the acclaim that’s been thrown behind Haiku Hands already. They’ve been dubbed as the “next big thing”

Jupiter is their second single and it’s arguably a more polished and refined sound in comparison to the synthy stabs of Not About You, with the ravey sounds of their debut left to just a smattering in favour of a more pop-centric sound. ‘Jupiter’ – the new track from Aussie trio Haiku Hands – is a superbly catchy, energetic shot in the arm.