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Introducing…Miel De Montagne

 Miel De Montagne, stage name of the Frenchman Milan Daudin, did not choose his name just like that. He sings about the ordinary life of the French countryside and always manages to capture these small (un)fortunates in sugary sweet tracks with lots of reverb on the instruments and a soaring, compelling voice. As an artist, he finds himself on the French map between the poetic Flavien Berger and the eccentrics of Salut c’est cool. Miel De Montagne already convinced us in 2019 with his debut album  and “Trop Vite”, the third single from a new album, immediately warms up our muscles to dance slowly with a lo-fi funky guitar.


 Their infectious personalities glow just as much as their sun-drenched calypso sound. Cassia combine the positive indie pop of bands like Foals and Vampire Weekend with the jazz-tinged afrobeats of Fela Kuti and Ebo Taylor and American folk influences like Paul Simon to create an individual sound that uplifts.

Cassia have announced the release of their new album Why You Lacking Energy?, and shared ‘Motions’, a brand new single from the forthcoming record.

Introducing…King Hannah

King Hannah are a band from Liverpool, but that’s not to say they’re a Liverpool band. The duo—comprising life-long local Craig Whittle and Welsh expat Hannah Merrick—feels less a product of the city’s storied rock’n’roll lineage than of its geographic significance: As a port city, Liverpool historically served as the waystation through which American roots music was imported into the UK and absorbed into the British bloodstream. King Hannah’s debut album, I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me, presents a group whose hearts belong to the American South, projecting their songs onto a desolate desert backdrop of broken-down blues and voodoo grooves. On its debut album, the UK duo spins deadpan tales about the mundanities of existence over a desolate, desert backdrop recalling PJ Harvey and Nick Cave.


At the core of Widowspeak’s allure is the creative chemistry between singer-songwriter Molly Hamilton and guitarist Robert Earl Thomas. Sonically, the band is perennially anchored by Hamilton’s honeyed vocals and Thomas’s warm, expansive arrangements—references to 90’s dream pop, 60’s psychedelia, and a certain unshakeable Pacific-Northwestness. It’s comfortable, lived-in: humble in structure, heavy on mood.

Widowspeak‘s sixth album “The Jacket” will be released 3/11 on Captured Tracks.

Introducing…Purple Disco Machine

The sound of Purple Disco Machine, also known as Tino Schmidt, (a German disco and house music producer and DJ).describe some as “Deep Funk”. In 2009 the project Purple Disco Machine was founded. Over the last few years, Purple Disco Machine has emerged as one of the leading electronic producers of a generation. With over 650 million streams across his catalogue to date he continues to live up to the hype.

Purple Disco Machine reunites with Sophie and the Giants and shares a new disco-fuelled anthem In the Dark. With a proven formula for success, Purple Disco Machine’s driving funk-fuelled production serves as the perfect accompaniment for Sophie’s transcendent melodies, and emotive vocal work, presenting unmatched energy as a duo.


 Lewsberg, a four-piece Dutch band whose arty, lo-fi college rock rumble has drawn comparisons to The Velvet Underground, Television and The Modern Lovers, fit this mould perfectly – alongside a fierce independent streak. They take their name from writer Robert Loesberg, a cult local author whose work was famously nihilistic and disillusioned. Their last release is the single ‘Six Hills.’