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Music by Bergman: Fews

Multinational noise rockers FEWS have announced the forthcoming release of their second album Into The Red, and with it a small sample of their wares in the form of the sputtering quiet/loud/quiet attack of ‘Paradiso.’

The new LP, out on 1 March from Play It Again Sam Records, was recorded in Malmö, Sweden with the help of producer Joakim Lindberg, and singer/guitarist Frederick Rundqvist promises, as all artists do, that “making these songs is by far the most personal thing I’ve ever experienced. We wanted to make an album that actually meant something and take it to the next level, no restrictions and no limits.”

Sounds like ad copy for a trainer company but at least Frederick and company have the tunes to help wash away the hyperbole. Even without its creepy, glitchy video accompaniment, ‘Paradiso’ has a sharp snap and buzzed swagger from which all fine rock music is made. The slashing, splintering guitar noise only supports their cause.


Introducing…Another Sky

London’s Another Sky are a new band, but it doesn’t mean they’re small. Their debut EP, Forget Yourself, was met with a tonne of love and acclaim over in the UK with the then-unidentifiable group drawing comparisons to everyone from Radiohead to Four Tet – or somewhere in between.

The London four-piece return with their latest single ‘Apple Tree’, a masterful work in atmospherics and emotion: in part uplifting, cushioned by jangling guitars; in part sombre, as Another Sky step back and wrap themselves in soft reverberations.

Introducing…Lewis Ofman

At only 19 years-old, the French musician Lewis Ofman, songwriter and producer has created tracks for some of Paris Fashion Week’s hottest runway shows, including Sonia Rykiel, Afterhomework, and Maison Sentinel. Two years ago, Ofman had everyone in Paris talking, thanks to his first solo EP “Yo Bene. His music: tints of youth and at the same time hints of 70’s Italian film soundtracks, Lewis OfMan’s music creates a shivering atmosphere where melancholia meets elevation and joy. His brand new song is ‘Plein de Bisous’.

Introducing…Amyl & The Sniffers

Where were you in 1977, Amy Taylor? The foul-mouthed singer of Amyl & The Sniffers wasn’t even born! As a matter of fact she was still a long way off (her birth certificate says…1996). Thinking about it, at that time her parents were kids who didn’t even listen to punk rock, they listened to AC/DC and Fleetwood Mac. Even so, when you’re hit with the ten angry eruptions of Big Attraction & Giddy Up you could imagine that Amy has shared rehearsal rooms, stages and pyjama parties with Poly Styrene, Ari Up and Ana da Silva. That’s how pure her Brit-punk repertoire sounds. Or better said, Aussie-punk, as they’re from Australia and pray to The Saints, The New Christs and The Birthday Party.

Introducing…Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

The first thing that hits you in Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes’s live shows is seeing their frontman coming out on stage in a flashy, impeccable suit, which he takes off as the voltage reaches boiling point, and ends up displaying all the tattoos that cover his body. In some ways, the striptease is a metaphor for the band itself, with which Carter intends to stylise the rage that he displayed with Gallows, his former band, pushing the seductive potential of his voice to the forefront, which with every new inflection announces a coreable anthem. But the energy that the vocalist and his rattlesnakes project can only be contained to a certain point, and inevitably the shirt is ripped off revealing a vein which, with its beat, sends a message to which the audience immediately responds: pogo!


There is no doubt that Australia has been and is one of the places where there’s more music talent like Tame Impala, King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizzard, Jet or the young singer-songwriter from Melbourne who will visit Vida Festival 2019: Didirri. With just a couple of singles and a just-released EP, Measurements (Unified, 2018), Didirri aroused the interest of such influential media as Triple J, among others. All this thanks to his passionate and tender folk-pop that rises with strength in its direct sweepers with songs like “Jude” or “Blind You”. A jewel to discover and enjoy.


Initially formed in 2012, the band Coin (often stylized COIN has grown to release 2 full albums and several singles. Since the release of their latest LP, the group has been selling out shows in medium-sized venues across America, and even spent some time playing in the UK.

COIN, the indie-pop band that first gained mainstream success with their 2016 single “Talk Too Much,” is ready for a fresh phase.

Having toured throughout the year in promotion of their sophomore album, How Will You Know If You Never Try, the band recently dropped two new singles — “Simple Romance” and “Cemetery” — to kick off the next part of their journey. This all comes ahead of a forthcoming album set to release next year and a group of 2019 tour dates (below).