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The muses of La Musa: Elena Setién

Elena Setién is a versatile artist in a permanent state of reinvention who, after having lived almost twenty years in London, Barcelona and Copenhagen, releases Dreaming of Earthly Things (Enja-Yellowbird, 2016). A complete record but not complex, easy to assimilate and with a lot of juice to extract that incorporates the legacy of names like Tom Waits, Billie Holiday or Nico, artists who marked her childhood. A flawless collection of songs that pretend to be autobiographical and yet they are a reflect of everyday situations created with a casual and naif tone.

The muses of La Musa: s a r a s a r a

A French producer/singer who shares a record label with Bjork:  s a r a s a r a is a coder who used to work for an apps company, so it’s no surprise to hear a robotic theme in her music. She sold her record collection so she could buy the right equipment to build her own style of experimental dance music, inspired by the likes of LFO, Nick Cave and Vanessa Paradis.

Les muses de La Musa: Birdy

La jove escocesa Birdy, que va debutar amb 15 anys el 2011 amb un disc de versions de bandes com Bon Iver o Fleet Foxes, defensa avu al Festival Jardins de Pedralbes de Barcelona el seu tercer treball, ‘Beautiful lies’ (2016), amb el qual la cantautora ja fa temps ha consolidat el seu talent. Abans podem gaudir de Pavvla que presentarà el seu primer gran treball “Creatures”.

The muses of La Musa: Gabriella Cohen

Despite being known as the frontwoman of The Furrs, Gabriella Cohen‘s solo career took off with the release of two singles, “I Do not Feel So Alive” and “Sever The Walls.” Two songs that are part of her debut Full Closure and no Details (Dot Dahs Recordings, 2016), an album where the singer-songwriter of Brisbane amazes everyone with an eclectic pop of transparent lyrics and contagious sound. Next week she will be playing at Vida Festival.

The muses of La Musa: Nina Kraviz

This innovative DJ and producer has overcome many prejudices thanks to her flawless sets and an unbounded love of exploratory techno and dance music. Coveted by major festivals around the world and adored by an ever-growing number of loyal followers, Kraviz returns to Sónar for what will be her second performance at the festival, following her debut in 2012 (the third if we include Sónar Stockholm 2015). She will be in charge of closing one of the of main stages at Sónar by Night, confirming her now global status, where she will demonstrate her intention to always offer something different and unique in her sets. This dexterity is firmly on show on her forthcoming mix for the Fabric series, which will include unreleased tracks from AFX and Pete Namlook, as well as several of her own productions that have never been heard before.

Aside from her two CD format mixes (for Fabric and the legendary DJ Kicks series), Nina Kraviz recently launched her own label Trip (also written трип, in Cyrillic) on which she has released six compilations of heterogeneous techno (one of them inspired by Robert de Niro), as well as embracing emerging artists, especially Iceland’s Bjarki. This year she has also joined BBC Radio1’s Residency series, and has collaborated with mixes for websites and leading radio stations such as RinseFM, Beats In Space and the #savefabric initiative. Life as odontologist (a career she practiced for three years) and as a first-year student at the Red Bull Music Academy classrooms (2006) must seem like distant memory. Ten years on, Nina is now one of the leading characters in electronic music. Deservedly so.  Tonight at Sónar +D.

The muses of La Musa: Aries

If somebody gets called the Björk from Getxo her music must have something unique and special,. And there is no doubt that everything that Isabel Fernández Reviriego touches becomes magic. So, after splitting with the marvellous power-pop band Charades, the Bilbao artist started a new adventure under the name of Aires, a project of luminous dreamy pop with which she reinterprets in electronic mode her passion for Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. Her third record, “Adieu or die” co-released by K Records and La Castanya, has confirmed that Isabel Fernández Reviriego is one of the great creators on the Spanish music scene.