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The Muses of La Musa: Dream Nails

Dream Nails are a punk force to be reckoned with. The hotly-tipped band was founded by feminist activists in 2015, mixing unapologetically political content with pop punk joy. The female fourpiece have built a reputation across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia for their riotously feelgood live shows.

The Muses of La Musa: Yseult

Yseult has a golden voice and a mind of steel. A talent we first saw in 2015. A vibrant manifestation of empowerment that settles its accounts and shines through its resilience. Her music is nourished by variety, indie rock, psychedelic, pop and trap. Amazing, refined, efficient. A “Y-Trap” that reflects what she listens to every day, from Lizzo to Feu! Chatterton, from Adele to Damso and Tame Impala.

The French singer is reframing the narrative about body image while baring her emotions and her body in the soulful song from her new EP Noir. The 25-year-old singer uses her music to empower listeners while addressing injustices against women. Yseult combines her art with fierce activism and authenticity.

The muses of La Musa: Cehryl

Cehryl is not just a singer from Hong Kong. She is a fabulously creative singer/songwriter from Hong Kong. Her music and her voice somehow have crossed the line from simple artistry into the realm of magical dimensions. She creates moods for her listeners to comfortably tumble into and float on as they melt into her very original sounds and lyrics.

The singer-songwriter and producer has spent the past year working on new music to follow her debut album Slow Motion. She shares her dreamy almost hypnotic new single “Superbloom” 

The muses Of La Musa: BEYRIES

BEYRIES is a singer-songwriter and self-taught musician born in Montreal. La Presse’s Émilie Côté has described her music, saying that a peaceful strength springs from her voice and comforting melodies. She took refuge at an early age in the beauty of her family piano which became a reassuring and immersive soundtrack for her childhood. Several years later came the desire to share and convert the vestiges of her past into lyrics and melodies.

The result is soft and intense music that is also touching and powerful. Her songs are without pretension, and tend to bring people together with their universal and timeless themes. Her music is captivating and takes us back to what is essential: the heart.

Singer/songwriter BEYRIES is back with her new single “Closely.” The track is off her forthcoming release Encounter, to be released on November 13th via Bonsound.

The muses of La Musa: Big Joanie

Big Joanie are a Black feminist punk band whose passionate live shows and punk rock ethos have led to them becoming one of the most talked about bands on the UK live scene. The band formed in the heart of London’s DIY punk scene in 2013 to play at First Timers (a gig where each band plays their set for the very first time) and is a space where its members (singer/guitarist Stephanie Phillips, drummer Chardine Taylor-Stone, and bassist Estella Adeyeri) can be completely themselves as black women.

Their sound – a distorted meld of Raincoats’ inspired post-punk and ‘60s girl group pop sensibilities – earned the band some impressive champions, including Thurston Moore and Eva Prinz who signed the group to their label Daydream Library after spotting them at a gig.

The band released their debut album Sistahs in 2018. In 2020 the band released a one-off single on Third Man Records, a cover of Solange’s Knowles’ lauded Cranes in the Sky, and announced they signed to the legendary record label Kill Rock Stars to release their second album in the US.

The Muses Of La Musa: Phoebe Green

Green by name, green by nature. Phoebe Green creates music that is a flash of colour across an everyday. Fascinated by what we usually shy away from, she is able to unpick the energies of her surroundings and find inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

Phoebe Green is back with fab new single, ‘Golden Girl’. Out now via Chess Club, it’s from her upcoming ‘I Can’t Cry For You’ EP, set for release on 3rd December.

The Muses of La Musa: OKLOU

A 2016 Red Bull Music Academy alumnus, Marylou Mayniel’s beguiling music has soft edges but a stone-hard core. The Parisienne’s unique sound is the product of a rich and varied musical upbringing, having started playing piano at five and only warming to the digital comforts of Logic in 2012.  With the release of her EP Rite of May in early 2018, the producer, vocalist, and composer, taps into childhood memories to produce emotionally charged electronic pop. A DJ and founder of the radio crew TGAF (‘These Girls Are on Fiyah’), the London based artist has already made significant strides in the electronic world and as demonstrated by her latest work, will continue to do so. She’s just released her brand new album ‘Galore.’