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The muses of La Musa: ‘Lana del Rey’

American pop diva Lana Del Rey, who’s created an aura of a cult star around herself, especially since the release of her 2011 release ‘Video Games’ and her languid retro look, comes to Barcelona during her ‘La to the Moon’ tour as she presents her fifth album, ‘Lust for Life’ (2017). No doubt her most ardent fans will be queuing up at Palau Sant Jordi for days, come rain or come shine, to get as close as they can to one of the biggest fan phenomena in recent times, and on top of that she’s touring what could be her best album to date. Before we will enjoy Cat Power.


The muses of La Musa: Eleanor Friedberger

American singer-songwriter Eleanor Friedberger, who spent 11 years as half of the unpredictable Fiery Furnaces along with her brother Matthew, presents her fourth solo album, ‘Rebound’ (2018), which is set to be released in May and, according to Friedberger herself, is inspired by the shaky political atmosphere in Grece, where she lived in 2016. Tonight at Fabra i Coats.

The muses of La Musa: Tracey Thorn

For a certain strain of British pop fan, there’s a small part of their heart that yearns for a reunion of Everything But The Girl, the husband and wife duo that had success with pop favorites like “Missing” and “Wrong.” The couple—Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt—are still together, mind you; they just have other agendas like writing books and producing albums of their own.

As ever, the personal has often been political in Tracey Thorn’s work. “Nine feminist bangers,” she jokes when asked to describe her new solo album Record,

The muses of La Musa: Fenne Lily

Being discouraged from watching TV as a child was integral to the development of Fenne Lily’s musicality, as instead much of her time was spent writing songs and honing both instrumental and lyrical skill. Her folk-tinged music is woven with integrity and sincerity; grit and soft understatement in equal measures.  Fenne Lily is all set to release her debut album ‘On Hold’ on 6th April.

The muses of La Musa: Seinabo Sey

Seinabo Sey was born in Södermalm, Stockholm on 7 October 1990, she is of both Swedish and West African ancestry. Seinabo was inspired musically by artists such as Alicia Keys and Beyoncé early on in life. Her sound, just as interesting – a fascinating, accessible blend of Swedish pop noir, African rhythms and down-tempo RnB.

Seinabo Sey has released her new single ‘I Owe You Nothing’ and accompanying b-side ‘Remember ft. Jacob Banks’ both are out now. This marks Seinabo Sey’s first new music in over two years since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Pretend’ in 2015.

The muses of La Musa: HAIM

Want You Back – the opening song for their unexpected concert at three in the morning of the Saturday night on the magical Ray-Ban stage last year – said it all. That “Come on, Barcelona!” from Danielle when the stage was still in the dark, was heard even back in her native Los Angeles. Of course we wanted the return of HAIM, because the gift of that unexpected concert was too short-lived and because back then it was still more than a month before the release of Something To Tell You. And yes, the three Haim sisters really did have something to tell us, as confirmed by that album. A second album where they show the extent of their expertise in reinvigorating pop with country and R&B roots, blending their voices more softly than their flowing locks, and where they even open the door to experimentation. Danielle, Este and Alana, we’ll quote one of your other new songs: we are Ready For You!

Les muses de La Musa: Christina Rosenvinge

La cantant i compositora madrilenya Christina Rosenvinge torna aquest 2018 amb ‘Un hombre rubio’ (2018), el seu desè disc, on a partir de la cançó ‘Romance de plata’, dedicada al seu pare, Rosenvinge es fica de cap en la fortalesa emocional dels homes amb un so clàssic i contundent que ha produït ella mateixa, gravat a Madrid per Dany Richter amb els músics que l’han acompanyada en directe l’última gira: Juan Diego Gosalvez, David Tuya Ginzo i Manuel Cabezali. Aquesta nit a la sala Apolo.