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The muses of La Musa: Kelela

Part of a new and very exciting breed of r&b singers (Abra, Alexandria, Dawn Richard, etc.) Kelela is noted for her versatility and ability to adapt to contemporary mainstream electronica. In 2013 her debut “Cut 4 Me” took the world by storm and was featured on numerous best of year lists. Her latest EP “Hallucinogen” (released on Warp) demonstrates her unique talent as an ever-evolving artist on the rise. Everything about her is special: her name (last name Mizanekristos) of Ethiopian origin; her stunning beauty; her incredibly versatile voice; her eye-catching videos and the unparalleled magnetism of her stage presence. Even more special are the six songs on “Hallucinogen”, lyrically stark and sincere with futuristic and captivating production techniques, featuring participation from Ark, Daniel Pineda, Kingdom and Nguzunguzu among others.

Kelela was born in Washington DC and began her musical career as part of the house duo Teengirl Fantasy. However her big break came thanks to the Fade To Mind family, sister label of the British Night Slugs imprint. A number of artists from the two highly regarded labels (Bok Bok, Nguzunguzu, Girl Unit, Kingdom and Jam City, among others) collaborated on her debut release, “Cut 4 Me”, providing killer beats and futuristic bass lines, perfect for showcasing her considerable vocal skills. The album received plaudits from none other than Björk, and also received rave reviews across America and Europe. Following the album came collaborations with Kindness, Obey City and Future Brown; her signing to Warp; and the release of the extraordinary “Hallucinogen”. Kelela moves with considerable ease between mutant soul, cutting edge beats and contemporary r&b, and has already established herself as one of the most important singers of her generation. Justifiably.

The Muses of La Musa: Savages

La Musa spent last week a great time at Primavera Sound and met Savages. If “Silence Yourself”, their 2013 debut was a crushing demonstration of power and a stampede of uncut postpunk, Savages have outdone themselves with “Adore Life”, a confrontational, edgy steamroller with which the London quartet has taken their violent and harsh revision of the fiercest punk to the limit. After only four years, the band formed by Ayse Hassan, Fay Milton, Gemma Thompson and Jenny Beth has already reached a degree of intensity that few bands can emulate of which their live performances, like the one in February 2014 in the Apolo in Barcelona, are the living proof- something that you can out at their concert during the festival.

The muses of La Musa: Jenny Hval

Our muse of the week comes from the cold Norway and she’s gonna be today at Primavera Sound. There are few biographies that are as curious as that of the Norwegian singer songwriter Jenny Hval: she started in a gothic metal band, got into ethereal pop and experimentation under the moniker Rockettothesky and now under her own name she has established herself as one of the most original and committed voices in contemporary pop. On “Innocence Is Kinky”, her fourth album, she uses songs that oscillate between the vapours of Kate Bush and the abstraction of FKA Twigs to explore themes of gender and sexuality and to tackle political questions, but it is on “Apolcalypse, Girl” that she has taken her condition of performer, intellectual critique and creator of provocative pieces of distorted pop even further and her name is now a synonym for commitment and creative freedom.

Les muses de La Musa: Cocorosie

La nostra bella Musa, la desena musa, la musa apòcrifa del temple de Ville à Dômat ens presenta les muses d’aquesta setmana: Cocorosie. Les germanes Cassidy seran avui a la sala Apolo.

El duo franco-nord-americà format per les germanes Bianca (Coco) i Sierra (Rosie) Casady presenten el seu sisè disc, ‘Heartache City’ (2015), que a diferència dels dos discos anteriors, on les germanes experimentaven amb sons psicodèlics i electrònics, recuperen aquí l’esperit dels seus primers discos.

The muses of La Musa: The Big Moon

La Musa, our beatiful muse introduces to a brand new girl band. The Big Moon (formerly The Moon) is made up of four English solo musicians who seem to have found a perfect fit in this moody, retro rock band. The psychadelic video for “Sucker” follows the band’s break-out single “Euekea Moment” and a European tour with YAK. They have just released the single “Cupid”. A debut album is still in the works,

The muses of La Musa: Christine and the Queens

La Musa, the muse of Ville à Dômat’s Temple has chosen her “muse” of the week.

Christine and the Queens is Nantes-born Héloïse Letissier. Moving to London to study in 2010, Letissier instead found herself drawn to the art and theatre underworld of Soho, where she met the drag queens of Madame JoJo’s who inadvertently helped birth Christine and the Queens. The following year she released the first of a series of three EPs, each one building praise and demand for her utterly individual brand of pop. Chaleur Humaine, her French-language debut album produced by Ash Workman (Metronomy) with multi-instrumentalist brothers Michael Lovett and Gabriel Stebbing, arrived in 2014 and has gone more than five-times platinum to propel Letissier – named Female Artist of the Year at the Victoires de la Musique 2015 – to phenomenon status in her homeland.

Already coveted by those in the know, last year Christine and the Queens took a step further into the international spotlight with a number of high profile European shows and capped a stunning year by joining one of her all time heroes Madonna on stage in Paris in December. She released her debut, self-titled UK EP in November 2015 and Chaleur Humaine is now set to make its long-awaited UK debut. The album features EP tracksJonathan (feat. Perfume Genius) and No Harm Is Done (feat. Tunji Ige), and has been completely reworked for its UK release, featuring all-new English versions of French runaway hits Christine and Saint Claude, amongst others.

Les muses de La Musa: Joana Serrat

La Musa fa una ullada a casa nostra per fixar-se amb la jove vigatana Joana Serrat i atorgar-li el rol de “musa” d’aquesta setmana.

Mentre el seu segon treball, “Dear Great Canyon”, segueix acumulant lloances i rebent elogis tant d’NME com de les botigues Rough Trade o la ràdio nacional australiana, Joana Serrat prepara ja el que serà el seu tercer treball i el segon que publica en El Segell. Es tracta, sens dubte, d’un dels treballs més esperats de la temporada després que la cantautora de Vic s’hagi destapat com a compositora fora del comú i una de les veus que millor han sabut adoptar el folk estatunidenc obrint noves vies al jazz i al pop. Amb una gira que l’ha portat a actuar a Portugal, Anglaterra, Holanda, Luxemburg i Bèlgica, Serrat pot presumir també de ser una de les artistes catalanes amb més projecció. Serà en el proper Primavera Sound.