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Local Bands: Citrus Dude Inc.

Citrus Dude Inc. is born out of a bedroom, where two friends spent their evenings singing and improvising rhymes. The mix of hip-hop, funk, blues, soul and electronics from this duo based in Barcelona transmit nothing but good vibes.

Their music depicts the contrast in their personalities: the energy and wit of Quim’s verses harmonize with the intriguing rhytms that Mario produces. The’ve just dropped their first song “Azúcar de Cañaberal”. The video has been produced by El Bueno Films. This next 25th of May they will do their first concert in La Sexta Baja at Ville à Dômat Fest.

Local Bands: Belushi

Following in the footsteps of bands such as Extraperlo and with their heart torn between the magnetic brilliance of Joe Crepúsculo and the generational rapture of Los Planetas, Belushi still make songs that they consider fleeting and sad but with the promise of a hopeful future. A dialogue between synth-pop and noise-rock that the band formed by Joaquim and Gerard Pinto, Joan Alegret and Fernando Rascón encapsulates perfectly on tracks like “Maniobras en la Oscuridad”, the latest single that they have released before locking themselves away to record their first album.

Local Bands: Angela

Not content with making Redthread one of the most promising bands on the Barcelona underground scene, Víctor López has added another string to his bow with Angela, a more personal project with a rougher and more daunting texture. Angela is a cross between the rock of the nineties, the post metal and the sombre and industrial atmospheres that produced records such as “Dark” while moving towards pop and indie on “Medolias”, the latest album released by the Barcelona musician seeped in rigorous DIY ethics that has also been released in cassette format by La Nada Colectiva. Tonight in concert at centre cultural La Farinera del Clot.


Local Bands: The Crab Apples

They debuted in 2014 with a number of provocative tracks served with hints of funk and rock and in just three years have turned their sound around to present “Hello Stranger” as a much more mature and hardened band. The quartet formed by Carla Gimeno, Laia Alsina, Laia Martí and Mauro Cavallaro continues to move towards rock with some imaginative guitar work, folk spirit and powerful rhythms to vindicate a profile that has not stopped expanding since they were semi-finalists in the competition Sona 9. Talent in the rough to boost the Catalan scene. Tonight Primavera als Bars present them at Espai Jove Fontana.

Local Bands: Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés

Autèntica revelació del 2016, Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés publiquen el proper 21 d’abril el seu àlbum de debut,  45 cerebros y 1 corazón (Fina Estampa, 2017).  Recent Premi Ciutat de Barcelona de Música per el seu segón EP, Verbena, escollit Millor Single Nacional per la revista Rockdelux i Obra Artística de l’any segons els lectors de Time Out, la vocalista de Badalona i el guitarrista de Flix continuen la cadena de transmissió de la música popular de la millor manera possible:  tot creant cançons pròpies que s’incorporen -i de quina manera!- al seu projecte de rescat de gravacions de camp, arxius digitalitzats i fonoteques de la Península Ibèrica.

Ja des del títol, el d’una  lletra que la Maria va escriure en llegir la noticia de l’aixecament d’una fosa de la Guerra Civil a La Pedraja (Burgos),  45 cerebros y 1 corazón parla d’allò que recordem i  d’allò que ens volen fer oblidar.  Més properes a l’escruixidora emoció  del seu directe, les noves preses de Ball del Vetlatori, present al seu auto-editat primer EP Remescles, Acoples i Melismes (2015) o A la vida (Ovidi Montllor) fan el pont de plata a set inèdits que arriben per quedar-se, com  l’adaptació del poema de Joan Brossa La gent no s’adona del poder que té (La gent),  la magnètica Desmemoria i, per descomptat, Tú que vienes a rondarme, clar candidat a single de l’any. El Festival Mil·leni els presenta avui a la sala Apolo.

Local Bands: About Leaving

“An Echo” Is the debut album by the Barcelona band About Leaving and the confirmation of everything good that was apparent on their eponymous EP released at the end of last year. With members formed in bands such as Furguson, Jilguero and Ears, the quintet from the Catalan capital gives free reign to their passion for nineties emo, power pop and perfectly encapsulate on a record that is influenced by bands including The Promise Ring, Texas Is The Reason and Death Cab For Cutie, whose “Passenger Seat” they covered for a homage record to the authors of “Transatlanticism”.