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Music by Bergman: Billy Raffoul

Billy Raffoul’s anthemic debut single “Driver” serves as a potent calling card for the 23-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician. His signature sound is a rough-hewn, low-timbered rock and roll that nods to the likes of Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, and Joe Cocker, and is powered by Raffoul’s gravelly, soulful voice and deeply felt lyrics.

Billy Raffoul has debuted his new song and video, ‘What Makes A Man’. A stripped-back track that’s not a million miles away from Bright Eyes et al, it’s a reflective, emotional cut that speaks out against systemic racism in policing. The singer-songwriters’ upcoming album ‘International Hotel’due 28th August.


Divus Julius presents: Orlando Weeks

Orlando Weeks’s first outing as a solo artist is not so much an album as a song cycle. Inspired by the months leading up to the birth of his first child, it coheres as a single piece of work, both lyrically and sonically, creating a dreamy, magical soundworld in which, although each track is distinct and discrete, the songs seem to drift into each other.

Weeks’s former band, The Maccabees, broke up in 2016-17; although essentially a guitar-based indie outfit, they were among the more inventive exponents of the genre. But here, Weeks virtually abandons the guitar using a sonic palette that combines warm pulsing electronica with acoustic instruments: piano, trumpet, woodwind. The former Maccabees frontman combines pulsing electronica with acoustic instruments in his first solo release ‘A Quickening.’

Music by Bergman: A Blaze of Feather

A Blaze of Feather is a British band from Cornwall. The band features guitarist Mickey Smith, aided by a six-piece that includes Nat Wason (formerly of Cornish band Haven).

A Blaze of Feather was initially a source of speculation since they cropped up alongside established names like Michael Kiwanuka and Glass Animals on the lineups for Citadel and Latitude – despite having no music to their name. Music fans on reddit have been trying to work out who was behind the project (and getting pretty damn close). It turns out that A Blaze of Feather is the new project from artist Mickey Smith and co: artists who were out on the road touring with Ben Howard (who is one of the six). Also involved are India Bourne, Nat Wason, Rich Thomas, and former Hiss Golden Messenger drummer Kyle Keegan.

After retuning with ‘Clock Hands’ earlier this month, his first release since 2017, A Blaze Of Feather has confirmed that his new album ‘Labyrinth’ will be released on 14th August and has just unveiled new cut ‘Magpie.’

Music by Bergman: LoveLeo

LoveLeo is an American model, influencer, TikTok star, and musician,  His name is Leo Reilly and he has a very famous father, actor John C. Reilly. Leo is a really fashionable dude and designs clothing and jewelry, as well.

Leo Reilly grew up in thefoothillsof the San Gabriel Mountains outside Los Angeles, sharing backyard space with black bears and coyotes. He records cross-legged on his bed, directly into his Macbookmicrophone, over whatever wild combination of a type beat he can find on the web.

LoveLeo songs are deceptively simple earworms that probe big ideas with a light touch. First single “BOYFREN” –with its infuriatingly catchy chorus about jealousy and unrequited love –shot to #1 on Spotify’s Global and US Viral charts and found fans everywhere from Genius to Pitchfork to New York Mag.

Music by Bergman: Jónsi

Jón “Jónsi” Þór Birgisson is an exceptional musician, whose signature move is playing guitar with a cello bow. Often praised as an otherworldly angel, Jónsi in fact does strike a lot like one because of his angelic falsetto voice.

Jónsi is the front man of the Icelandic post rock band Sigur Rós whose music has achieved a jaw dropping success. Jónsi has been involved in many music projects since the creation of Sigur Rós in 1992. 7 albums on his hand, collaborations with the movie industry resulting in several movie soundtracks, collaborations with his long term boyfriend Alex, as well as solo performances.

Jónsi returns with a new video for his single, “Swill.” “Swill” follows the release of “Exhale,” which he dropped in April. And the two songs are part of his first album in a decade, Shiver, set to release on Oct. 2 via Krunk. The record includes vocal contributions from Robyn and Liz Fraser of the Cocteau Twins. PC Music founder A.G. Cook headed production.

Music by Bergman: Hurts

Hailing from Manchester, Hurts are a synthesizer-based duo featuring vocalist Theo Hutchcraft and keyboardist/guitarist Adam Anderson. Known for their arty and striking self-produced videos, Hurts make epic, dramatic pop music that takes inspiration from a finely curated mix of influences including ’70s Krautrock, ’80s new wave, and ’90s R&B.

The Manchester synth-pop duo ) shared their first new material since 2017’s “personal pop album” ‘Desire’. Following the brighter sounds of their last record, Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson have sought to return to their pop-noir roots.

Music by Bergman: Film School

Film School is an american indie rock band from Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. Inspired by post-punk, dreamy pop, and a touch of electronica,

Over the past few years, west coast shoegazers Film School have been showing they’re better than ever, having returned from a near-decade-long hiatus with their 2018 LP Bright To Death. The album found the California-based band reviving the dream-pop sound they began crafting in the late ’90s, combining hazy guitars with unrelenting rhythms, and the emotive vocals of frontman/founding member Greg Bertens. In February the band return with a new single titled Swim.