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Music by Bergman: The Futureheads

When The Futureheads first burst down the door with their debut back in 2004, their angular thrashing and lovable accents formed part of the welcoming in of a new incarnation of indie. 15 years on, with the release of their sixth album, they come bearing a new version of that early potency.

‘Powers’ is a record that looks at the balance of power in a personal, political and relational sense” and puts it to some of the most vital, invigorated material the band have made since their first steps.


Music by Bergman: Mystic Braves

Mystic Braves might be rooted in the psychedelic scene of the 1960s, but the band’s moment is happening right now. Based in Echo Park, Los Angeles—home of a white-hot garage band revival of which the Braves are at the forefront—this five-piece musical sensation started out as a hobby, but for the musicians involved has become much more. They describe their music as a a blend of influence and sound that is unprecedented in contemporary music.

Their last album dued last year is ‘The Great Unknown.’ Tonight in concert at Sala Sidecar.

Music by Bergman: Dope Lemon

The name Angus Stone holds a lot of sway. The New South Welsh songwriter has achieved global popularity as one half of the brother-sister duo, Angus & Julia Stone. The Stones have now released four successive ARIA top ten albums while also establishing a rabid fanbase in Western Europe.

However, despite the nominal leverage, Angus Stone prefers to escape into an alias for his solo work. Smooth Big Cat is the second full-length release from his Dope Lemon project. The hirsute singer-songwriter’s debut solo effort, Smoking Gun, was credited to another alias, Lady of the Sunshine; 2012’s Broken Brights is the only release to sport his birth name.


Music by Bergman: Friendly Fires

Formed by a trio of lifelong friends, Friendly Fires began combining the anthemic choruses and swooning melodies of indie rock and shoegaze with the insistent pulse of dance music in the mid-2000s. This mix of styles sounded prescient on 2008’s Friendly Fires and 2011’s Pala, while the band’s later singles and albums reflected how enmeshed the worlds of indie and dance were as the 2010s came to a close.

Eight long years after their last album (2011’s Pala), Friendly Fires have just released their long awaited third album Inflorescent. The trio have dropped the single, titled Silhouettes.

Music by Bergman: Kaytranada 

It’s hard to believe that more than 5 years have passed since Kaytranada first changed things up with his edit of Janet Jackson’s ‘If’. In that time the Canadian-Haitian producer born Louis Kevin Celestin, has gone from Soundcloud to the starry heights of the US hip hop and R&B A-list. Thanks to his indiscutable talent, and a unique way with drum sounds, Kaytra is now the go-to producer for tracks that carry soul while smashing it on the dancefloor.

2019 sees Kaytranada build on the glow up of 99.9%, returning to the international stage with an as yet untitled LP, which will refine and update his signature blend of off-beat drums, machine funk and world-beat samples. Kaytranada has let loose a new song called “Dysfunctional”, a collaboration with Nigerian-American R&B sister duo VanJess,

Music by Bergman: HalfNoise

It has been about eight years since Zac Farro and pal Jason Clark first brought the musical project HalfNoise to life. With Clark’s departure from the project in 2012, HalfNoise was ultimately left with Farro as its sole member. Many may recognize Zac Farro as the incredibly talented drummer from the band Paramore, yet his stylistic approach to lyricism, groove producing and his singing voice may go somewhat unnoticed.

With 60’s infused beats and heavy synth transporting us back to the 80’s, HalfNoise defies time by producing music that is undefinable. HalfNoise have announced their new album, ‘Natural Disguise’. Due for release on 4th October via LAB Records, the news arrives alongside a video for ‘Boogie Juice’.

Music by Bergman: Phum Viphurit

Armed with a penchant for witty lyrics, a knack for blending acoustic and electric sounds, and an intimate understanding of his Strymon Flint, Phum Viphurit is a prodiguous creator of dreamscapes. The Thai’s first indie pop-star  has found viral fame at home by channeling the breezy sounds of artists like Mac DeMarco.  23-year-old first burst on the scene in 2018 with his summery single Lover Boy, the music video for which has since garnered a jaw-dropping 40 million views on YouTube.

Larger than just an internet star now, the Thai singer-songwriter has been keeping busy touring the globe, spreading his brand of neo-soul cheer from Singapore to the United States. Taking some time out of his packed schedule, Phum will play tonight at La2 Apolo.