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Music by Bergman: Blue Hawaii

Tenderness is the first new material from Canadian artists Raphaelle Standell and Alexander Kerby (who also DJs under the name Agor) since 2013’s Untogether. Where that album was about the duo’s romantic breakup, the new one is inspired by mediating relationships through the internet and long-distance communication.

Arbutus Records says the album takes influences from ’90s dance music and “deep disco cuts,” mixed in with Standell’s acoustic guitar. Tenderness also features skits, spoken word sections and demos to help tell its story.

In the four years since Untogether, Standell has focused on her other band, Braids, while Kerby spent extended periods of time in LA and Berlin focusing on his DJ career.


Music by Bergman: Gold Connections

Although they only released their self-titled debut EP last March, Will Marsh, the brain behind Gold Connections, has been working on these tracks for years with the help of his illustrious university friend, Will Toledo, the soul of Car Seat Headrest, who produces the record as well as playing percussion, guitar and bass. The echoes of said band can be heard on this extended play that exudes the same post-adolescent suburban resignation via a slacker rock of dusty guitars. Fat Possum announces the release of their debut album at the end of this year, which should bring the new generations of indie to the forefront.

Music by Bergman: The Orwells

Still in their early 20s, The Orwells have already released two albums and toured with Arctic Monkeys. Their third album, Terrible Human Beings, feels like it should be the next precocious step in an upward progression for the Chicago area garage rockers; instead, it’s a competent but unspectacular offering that’s more likely to reinforce the band’s place as indie rock also-rans than take them to the next level. Today in concert at Sidecar.

Music by Bergman: All We Are

Liverpool-based All We Are return with their second album Sunny Hills. Produced by Kwes (Solange, Kano, Loyle Carner), it follows the three-piece’s self-titled debut in 2015. Coming together while students in 2011, the trio is made up of Guro Gikling (Norway), Luis Santos from Brazil (guitars) and Richard O’Flynn from Ireland (drums). After spending much of 2015 touring and honing their sound the band started to write new material with a renewed sense of urgency and power, songs that documented the emotional rollercoaster the trio have been on in the past two years. Sunny Hills has a wobble to it, a human heartbeat and a grit that reflects the energy of the band’s thrilling live shows.

Music by Bergman: Flyte

Rising Alternative rock stars Flyte have released their latest track ‘Victoria Falls’. The London-based four piece are currently out in Australia recording their debut album with Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett). ‘Victoria Falls’ is the second track off Will Taylor’s (lead vocals, guitar), Sam Berridge’s (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Jon Supran’s (drums, backing vocals) and Nick Hill’s (bass, backing vocals) upcoming debut album. They’re a scratchy funk band who also do jerky new wave indie and mature MOR.




Music by Bergman: Shame

Shame, five 19-year-old’s building their reputation as one of the best new live bands in London, are already cemented following tours with The Garden and Fat White Family.. Britain’s hot new bunch of mods, Shame debuted  with a double A-Side called ‘The Lick/ Gold Hole’  bursting at the seams with punk energy, but with the patter of The Streets, Shame have shared  these days new single ‘Tasteless’, throwing up a defiant two fingers to social inertia and apathy in these troubled times.

Music by Bergman: Sälen

The east London trio of Ellie Kamio, Paul Taylor and Simon Milner came together last year, introducing themselves with the straight-talking IILWMBF (I’m In Love With My Best Friend), Diseasey, which topped Spotify UK’s Viral 50 charts earlier this year, and reached #8 globally, and last month’s acclaimed The Drwg.
Sälen: one of the UK’s most explicit pop act might just be one of the most exciting of the monts to come due to their uncensored and witty electropop.