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Productora de Pardals: She-Devils

Mestre Bergman went to Montreal to meet this young new band. She-Devils are a duo who’ve been playing quite a bit this winter; Kyle plays and manipulates samples while Audrey Ann sings. Audrey Ann’s powerful, romantic lyrics of love, touch, waiting and loss ring clear through the haze of finger-picked acoustic guitars, oscillations and bass synthesizers, bringing to mind the brooding, dark croon of Siouxie & the Banshees mixed with the grooving lo-fi art sampling of Boards of Canada and Japanther. If you took away the samples, amazing, heartfelt classical ballads would remain.

Productora de Pardals: Inheaven

Once again mestre Bergman discovers an amazing new band from London: Inheaven. South London quartet Inheaven have already got Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas’ seal of approval, releasing their debut single ‘Regeneration’ on his Cult Records label in the US earlier this year (the track got a release on up-and-coming new label AMF Records over here). Now they’re following it up with an even more promising cut in ‘Bitter Town’. It’s a dose of gloomy ’80s-indebted indie rock, recalling Jesus And Mary Chain and Echo & The Bunnymen in its expansive atmosphere and echoing vocals.

Productora de Pardals: Sean Nicholas Savage

Mestre Bergman presents an extravagant artist. Sean Nicholas Savage is back to present “Other Death”, his finest work to date. It is the best-produced album of his extensive discography and one that includes a good many rhythm-filled melodic pop hits and on which he is accompanied by label mates such as Doldrums, TOPS and Nite Jewel. But the freakish soul of this Canadian is still very evident: poetic lyrics, a fusion of styles and eccentricities that have made him a rara avis of contemporary music.

Weyes Blood will open the night, a name behind which hides Natalie Mering, former Jackie O’Motherfucker and Ariel Pink collaborator. They will present their latest record “The Innocents”. Today at Sala Apolo.

Productora de Pardals: HÆLOS

Mestre Bergman goes back to london to discover a brand new amazing band HÆLOS.: After working individually for a number of years, Arthur Delaney, Dom Goldsmith, and Lotti Benardout teamed up  to form new act HÆLOS. The electro-pop trio — who cite Massive Attack and Portishead as major influences — has now announced plans to release its debut EP: Earth Not Above is due out on June 1st through renowned indie label Matador Records.

According to a press release, the four-track collection “seems to map the long journey from desperation to relief, stress to sanctuary – the basic dynamic of all urban life.” “I guess at the heart of it we are always trying to capture that feeling you get at 5AM,” says Delaney. “Jamming with your friends after a night out, treading that fine line between darkness and euphoria, fear and love.” The EP features the previously released title track.

To mark the EP’s announcement, the band has unveiled its new cover of The Beloved’s late ’80s hit “The Sun Rising”. Much like HÆLOS’ own original material, the rendition plays out like a soundtrack fit for late-night debauchery and secret rendezvous, laced with dusty percussion and tempting harmonies.

Productora de Pardals: Lubomyr Melnyk

Mestre Bergman surprises again. He flew to Ukrania to intoduce us to Lubomyr Melnyk. The Ukrainian pianist had to reach the age of 66 before the world sat up and took notice of his incredible technique and almost supernatural ability. We are talking the man who is considered to be the fastest pianist in the world and pioneer of “continuous music”, hour-long symphonies with between 12 and 14 notes per second. He has been active since the late seventies and with around twenty releases, Melnyk has become a revered figure in experimental music circles and one of the few contemporary musicians who is able to create a new language for the piano. he has been playing last week at Primavera Club.

Productora de Pardals: Shura

Mestre Bergman introduces today an artist who is goingo to be playing this next weekend at Primavera Club. Born in Moscow but brought up in Manchester and living in London, Aleksandra Denton has, with only five singles firmly established herself as one of the most interesting voices of new British pop. In fact, the young author of “2Shy” has even been introduced as a contemporary version of the early Madonna, although her songs go way beyond any comparison and take a little from Blood Orange, Portishead, Drake, Janet Jackson and Massive Attack, among many others. For the moment, her hypnotic and elegant mixture of R&B, melancholic synth-pop, soul and dark electronic music has opened the door of Polydor to her, where she will release her debut album. This next Saturday at 10.30 PM in Teatre Principal.

Productora de Pardals: NAKED

Mestre Bergman presents NAKED a brand new band from Scotland.  Agnes Gryczkowska’s all-enveloping voice is the first thing that surprises and captivates you. This trio based in Edinburgh has got what it takes to make a place for themselves up with Bats For Lashes and The Knife. With one foot in Cocteau Twins and the other in The xx, NAKED produce restless, dark, satin-smooth electronic music that is slashed by Gryczkowska’s voice. The trio started making a name for itself with the single “Lie Follows Lie” and before presenting their debut EP “Youth Mode”, they have had time to collaborate with the rapper Mykki Blanco on “Moshin’ In The Front”.