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Music by Bergman: Film School

Film School is an american indie rock band from Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. Inspired by post-punk, dreamy pop, and a touch of electronica,

Over the past few years, west coast shoegazers Film School have been showing they’re better than ever, having returned from a near-decade-long hiatus with their 2018 LP Bright To Death. The album found the California-based band reviving the dream-pop sound they began crafting in the late ’90s, combining hazy guitars with unrelenting rhythms, and the emotive vocals of frontman/founding member Greg Bertens. In February the band return with a new single titled Swim.

Best Covers: Onyx Collective “My Funny Valentine”

Elusive New York City jazz group Onyx Collective returns with the release of their new single. “My Funny Valentine” features Nick Hakim and is a reimagining of the song originally written for Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart’s 1937 musical Babes in Arms. Nick Hakim delivers a delicate vocal performance over. With the release Onyx Collective becomes one of the many significant artists to cover the song, including Hal McIntyre and Ruth Gaylor, Chet Baker, Frank Sinatra, Lee Wiley, Ella Fitzgerald and many others.

Introducing…LA Priest

LA Priest is the name Sam Dust, late of Late of the Pier, adopted to release his beguiling space-pop-psyche solo work following the demise of the band he founded when still in his teens.

Arriving four years after the iconoclast variously known as Sam Dust, LA PRIEST and L.A. Priest thrilled the world with the cosmic pop of his debut album Inji, GENE is named after a brand new modular drum machine Sam dreamt up and built alone. Working in isolation for more than two years, soldering iron in hand, Sam designed GENE using 150 electrical circuits he made up himself.

4Ever Songs: Bob Marley ‘Could You Be Loved’

Could You Be Loved is one of reggae legend Bob Marley‘s most popular and misunderstood songs. Over the years, there have been several interpretations of the song. One of the most common interpretations is that Marley wrote the song on an airplane while he was leaving Brazil to show appreciation to the Brazilian people for the immense love and hospitality they showed him when he visited the country for a concert. Another very common interpretation is that the song encourages Rastafarians to be strong and they shall overcome all the hurdles that ‘Babylon’ puts in their way to bring them down. It is noteworthy that according to Rastafarians, the term ‘Babylon’ refers to the oppressive aspects of the white culture.

The muses of La Musa: Ego Ella May

Ego Ella May is a songwriter and vocalist. Hailing from South London, she has an all-encompassing love of music, which she channels into her own neo-soul and contemporary jazz compositions.

Soothing, heartfelt and heavy, hauntingly intimate and painfully honest, Ego Ella May’s debut album is a transcendent experience. May gets us deep in our feelings in all the right ways, burning the midnight oil with smooth, golden vocals, compelling instrumental work, and lyrics whose vulnerability cuts to the soul. Hers is a musical immersion of neo-soul, jazz, singer/songwriter, and more “worlds” blended into one cohesive, grooving, and expressive outpouring.

Divus Julius presents: Disclosure

A pop-oriented synthesis of numerous styles, including house, garage, dubstep, and bass, along with well-timed vocal collaborations, made Disclosure one of the most successful production teams of the 2010s. Although they broke through while the path to commercial success was shortening for acts classified as EDM (electronic dance music), the duo, consisting of English siblings Guy and Howard Lawrence, separated themselves with a deeper awareness of underground dance music dating back to the disco era.

After returning in February with ‘Ecstasy’, Disclosure have confirmed that they’ve got a brand new album on the way! Called ‘ENERGY’ the new record is set to land on 28th August.