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Music by Bergman: Vilde

Vilde is the wandering project of Thomas Savage, which in it’s 5 years in existence has been based in Stockholm, Norwich, Düsseldorf and Melbourne. Four LP’s reflect this windy journey, each in which Thomas explores new tangents & moods.

Hazel is among a collection of songs set to constitute a fifth record in 2021. It was written in Stockholm and later produced & engineered by David Pye in Norwich, UK. Long time Vilde collaborator, Jesper Hättander, contributed drums recorded from afar in Stockholm.

Best Covers: Shamir “Dsharpg”

Shamir recorded his own take of ’s “Dsharpg,” a more slowed-down and subdued version of the original that appeared on Van Etten’s 2010 album Epic. The cover is set to appear on the new double album project epic Ten that pairs the original album alongside covers of its songs by artists like Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams, Big Red Machine, and more.

Introducing…Blonde Otter

Blonde Otter
is a five piece rock band from NYC. The sound can be described as a mix of power pop, new wave and garage rock. Blonde Otter have developed a style of writing that raises the familiar to an intriguing form without relying on the now tired tropes of irony, shock, melancholy, ruthless introspection, or outward lashing. They search for emotional highs but never seem to break the sorrow that comes from feelings of being useless, being misunderstood, a lost love, or growing up. It’s the same mix of fun and sadness you experience from a summer crush.

4Ever Songs: The Animals “The House Of The Rising Sun”

The Animals was a bunch of egotists,” says Eric Burdon. “Which exploded like a hand grenade.” The song responsible, “The House Of The Rising Sun”, dates back to the 19th Century. A folk staple, Bob Dylan recorded it for his self-titled debut in 1962, and it’s this version that found its way to Newcastle. The Animals recorded it in 1964 as their second single. Up until then, they’d specialised in R’n’B covers. But “The House Of The Rising Sun” provided something of a change of pace. It was raw, adult R’n’B that not even the Stones could match. “When we met them at the Club A Go Go in Newcastle, I saw the look on the faces of Mick and Keith,” Burdon says. “It was quite clear they had to kill us off.”

“The House Of The Rising Sun” was a global hit, The Animals becoming the first UK band to top the US charts since The Beatles. But they never came close to matching its success again, and by September ’66, the band had split.

The muses of La Musa: Charlotte Cardin

Charlotte Cardin is a globally-acclaimed singer-songwriter based in Montreal, Canada.  Charlotte Cardin, guided by instinct, writes personal songs about life and love without a filter. In 2017, she made waves worldwide with her major label and US debut EP, entitled, “Main Girl.”

Now, she unveils an entrancing music video for her “Meaningless” single. ‘Meaningless’ contains a relatable narrative, pleasing vocals, and alternative-leaning sound that will resonate well with fans of Safia Nolin and Matt Holubowski. Also, the emotional tune possesses vibrant instrumentation flavored with a captivating alternative-pop aroma.

Divus Julius presents: Crumb

Crumb are one of those rare bands who had a fully-realized sound right out the gate. Their pair of early EP’s, 2016’s Crumb and 2017’s Locket, found a wholly unique middle pathway between dream-pop, psych-rock, indie-rock, and jazz. Jinx felt like the quartet paring back their sprawling songwriting into more succinct pop songs, and “Trophy” sounds like a continuation of that refined trajectory.

Now, they share a pair of new tracks, ‘Balloon’ and ‘BNR’. The latter comes with an accompanying video directed by Joe Mischo.