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4Ever Song: Laid Back “Sunshine Reggae”

Sunshine Reggae” is a song written and recorded by Danish electronic music duo Laid Back. It was originally released as a single in 1982 and released on their second album Keep Smiling (1983). As an international summer hit of 1983, it is the band’s most successful song.

The muses of La Musa: Jesse Jo Stark

Jesse Jo Stark is a singer/songwriter who first gained fame after the release of her 2014 EP Down Your Drain produced by family friend Sex Pistols’ guitarist Steve Jones.

Los Angeles native Stark grew up in the worlds of fashion and music.  Her parents Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark founded the rocker fashion label Chrome Hearts and pop superstar Cher is her godmother.

Musically Stark gravitates toward punk rock, country and blues with Gothic-American undertones.  She cites The Cramps, Loretta Lynn and David Bowie as influences.  Few months ago she has released her debut album: Doomed.

Divus Julius presents: The Haunted Youth

The Haunted Youth is the band centred around 29-year-old Joachim Liebens from Hasselt, Belgium, allowing him to channel his innermost feelings into music and lyrics. Liebens writes songs to dream away to, wrapping them in a rich and velvety sound, echoing the beguiling shoegaze of Slowdive, the lulling dream pop of Beach House and the downtempo indie rock of Current Joys.

The Haunted Youth have released their debut album, Dawn Of The Freak, to the world. A product of the last two years, the album symbolises everything Joachim represents. The record is an autobiographical portrayal of the highs and lows of life, it’s a documentation of feeling displaced in the world, but most importantly, it’s a symbol for finding somewhere that feels like home.

Music by Bergman: Ondara

Ondara offers a unique take on the American dream on Tales of America, his debut album. Ondara grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, listening to American alt-rock and making up his own songs for as long as he can remember. After discovering the music of Bob Dylan, he moved to Minneapolis in 2013 to pursue a career in music. There he began making his way in the local music scene, continually writing songs about what he saw, felt and experienced in a place far different from home.

The musician known as Ondara has died many deaths. He has shed multiple stage names—Jay Smart, J.S. Ondara—and departed several homes. In fact, one of his most popular songs is called “Saying Goodbye.” Two months ago she released  his new album, “Spanish Villager: No. 3,” 


The young Connecticut band Anxious comes from the hardcore scene, but the band’s music isn’t really hardcore. Instead, Anxious specializes in a sort of revved-up melodic emo that sometimes comes out as full-on pop-punk. (Title Fight are a clear influence.)

Anxious have released a new song. It is called “Where You Been” and is out digitally via Run For Cover Records. Anxious are currently touring the US with Oso Oso and released their album Little Green House earlier this year. Check out the song below.