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The Muses of La Musa: Yseult

Yseult has a golden voice and a mind of steel. A talent we first saw in 2015. A vibrant manifestation of empowerment that settles its accounts and shines through its resilience. Her music is nourished by variety, indie rock, psychedelic, pop and trap. Amazing, refined, efficient. A “Y-Trap” that reflects what she listens to every day, from Lizzo to Feu! Chatterton, from Adele to Damso and Tame Impala.

The French singer is reframing the narrative about body image while baring her emotions and her body in the soulful song from her new EP Noir. The 25-year-old singer uses her music to empower listeners while addressing injustices against women. Yseult combines her art with fierce activism and authenticity.

Divus Julius presents: Rone

Electronic music in France has always been in the musical spotlight. Rone has become particularly admired in the French music scene, due to his amazing imitation of “intergalactic” sounds and creative visuals. His real name is Erwan Castex; ‘Rone’ being a successful pseudonym for his stage performances.

Last week he  shared “Esperanza,” the fourth single from his forthcoming album, Room With a View.

Music by Bergman: Ten Tonnes

22-year-old Ten Tonnes – real name Ethan Barnett – is the younger brother of George Ezra, but with his debut record he showed he is not in his brother’s shadow. Though they both have very cheerful poppy guitar filled songs, and Ten Tonnes steers away from his elder brother’s influence through the incorporation of the ’90s/’00s indie rock genre.

‘Girl Are You Lonely Like Me?’ is the first slice of new music from Ten Tonnes since the release of last year’s barnstorming self-titled debut album. 

Best Covers: Marika Hackman ‘Realiti’

Marika Hackman has shared her take on Grimes‘ 2015 single ‘Realiti’, the first track from the singer’s forthcoming new album ‘Covers’. ‘Realiti’ is one of 10 songs that appear on Hackman’s new album. Elsewhere on the record are covers of songs by RadioheadAirSharon Van EttenElliott SmithAlvvays and Beyoncé, among others

Introducing…Benny Sings

Dutch pop and R&B singer Beeny Sings (a.k.a. Tim van Berkestijn) hasn’t blown up yet, but it’s not for the lack of exposure. You’ve heard his music before and probably didn’t know it: His songs have been featured in TV commercials, as well as on hit shows on HBO and Netflix. His is the type of sound that grabs your attention while you’re strolling through the produce section or standing in line at your favorite fast-food grill. His last album, City Pop, finds Benny Sings sounding reinvigorated. There’s a secret society of Benny Sings fans ready to share him with the world.

4Ever Songs: Ike & Tina Turner ‘Baby, Get It On’

Baby, Get It On is the last chart entry for Ike & Tina Turner before their separation. It was taken as the first single from Tina’s second solo album Acid Queen and is one of the rare songs with lead vocals from Ike and Tina together. Ike produced many different versions of this song, among others an extended disco version, released on some single b-sides and on the 12“ maxi single.