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Hit of The Week: Bad Sounds Ft. Broods ‘Move Into Me’

“Move into Me” marks the first collaboration between Bad Sounds and Broods (although Bad Sounds and Broods have remixed each other’s tracks previously), and was written right before the coronavirus pandemic hit last spring after Broods travelled to the UK from LA in January 2020.

“Move into Me” marks Bad Sounds’ first release of 2021, following last year’s Escaping From A Violent Time Vol. 1 EP, and follows Broods’ 2019 album Don’t Feed The Pop Monster.

Music by Bergman: William Doyle

William Doyle, who initially made music under the nom de plume of East India Youth, but now under his own name, has been making thoughtful, dazzlingly electronic pop music since 2012, picking up a Mercury Prize nomination and countless critical plaudits along the way.

Now. William Doyle is back with new single “Nothing At All”, the second track to be lifted from his forthcoming album Great Spans of Muddy Time.

Best Covers: Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger “(You Gotta Walk And) Don’t Look Back”

The musical harmony between The Rolling Stones and Peter Tosh might have been temporary but the results are immortalized in this uplifting island sound of “Don’t Look Back.” Tosh’s one album on the Rolling Stones Record label will always be remembered for having Mick’s duet on this Temptations cover. “(You Gotta Walk And) Don’t Look Back.”

The union of a Rolling Stone and a former member of the Wailers, relive the glorious islands sounds of “Don’t Look Back” as Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger turned this once Temptations b-side into a re-imagined seventies groovy laid back reggae classic.

Introducing…Major Murphy

 Hailing from Grand Rapids, MI, Major Murphy make dreampop inspired by the lighter side of the ’70s — more Laurel Canyon than yacht rock — with a lovely magic hour vibe to what they do. (Great harmonies too.) 

Major Murphy have shared a new song called ‘In the Meantime’. Written after vocalist/guitarist Jacob Bullard and bassist/vocalist Jacki Warren’s young son suffered from lead poisoning, the track taken from the group’s upcoming sophomore LP, Access.

4Ever Songs: Daft Punk “Get Lucky”

 Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” is a nod to disco from a French electronic duo known for kitschy robot costumes, machinelike vocals and computer-generated beats.  It is the first Top 10 pop hit for the musicians, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, and it has thrust their sci-fi brand of dance music upon a wider audience, even propelling their fourth studio album, “Random Access Memories” (Daft Life/Columbia) to No. 1 on the Billboard album charts.

 Nile Rodgers, the guitarist and songwriter for Chic, wrote the underlying riff and plays guitar and Pharrel Williams sings.

The Muses of La Musa: Noga Erez

Tel Aviv pop auteur Noga Erez has been steadily building steam for years now, and judging from its latest single, her new album KIDS might be the moment she pops off for real. Erez spent 2020 trickling out tracks from the LP — “Views,” “NO News On TV,” “You So Done” — all of them bursting with a zippy, almost cartoonish energy that neatly contrasts her lackadaisical sing-spoken vocals. Influences of Gorillaz, Fiona Apple, M.I.A., and Billie Eilish in the mix among other things.

Politically-minded, socially conscious, and armed with bucket loads of acerbic swagger, Noga Erez has always had her finger on the pulse of the present. Her new single ‘End of the Road’, however, shifts her focus to the future.

Diuvus Julius presents: Citizen

Citizen have always eluded definition. The Toledo, Ohio-based three-piece have been making dynamic, wide-ranging guitar music for over ten years, challenging expectations with each new album and refusing to fit neatly in a box.

The rock powerhouse Citizen recently announced their upcoming fourth full-length Life In Your Glass World, due out March 26th via Run For Cover Records. Today the band are sharing another early taste of the record with their new single “Blue Sunday.”