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Music by Bergman: Everything Everything

If you try to explain Everything Everything on paper, their slow-but-sure rise to becoming one of the country’s biggest art-pop bands seems perplexing. Perhaps only alt-J can claim to have become a bigger band over the past 10 years while being as fundamentally weird as the Manchester four-piece.

Ever since their early singles ‘MY KZ UR BF’ and ‘Photoshop Handsome’ arrived at the start of the decade, followed on second album ‘Arc’ by ‘Cough Cough’ and ‘Kemosabe’, the group became owners of a handful of unlikely festival anthems. Their erratic, bizarre pop songs tapped into a confusing but satisfying sweet spot; you couldn’t quite understand how it worked, or what actual words you were trying to sing at the front of a sweaty festival tent – but it’s always a lot fun.

The band then took a surprisingly big leap forwards on 2015’s ‘Get To Heaven’, with the likes of ‘Distant Past’, ‘Spring / Summer / Winter / Dread’ and ‘No Reptiles’ becoming instant fan favourites. This time, they’d twisted their oddball concoctions into even bigger pop hits, which was furthered on their last album, 2017’s ‘A Fever Dream’. While not quite hitting the airwaves in the same way as ‘Get To Heaven’, its glorious, soaring title track and the paranoid ‘Ivory Tower’ brought more moments of euphoria for the subsequent arena tours. Now they release their new brand album ‘re-Animator.’

BEST COVERS: WALLOWS ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’

Wallows have shared a cover of The Beatles’ ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’. With vocals from drummer Cole Preston, the accompanying video features pre-quarantine footage of the band in the studio, on tour, at video shoots and the like.

The band’s proceeds from the cover will be donated to Feeding America, to help feed those in need and support the growing food issue in the US, which has been heightened due to COVID-19.

Introducing…Black Country, New Road

FAV for “post punk”, RT for “art rock”. As Black Country, New Road can’t decide what label best suits their music, asking their ever-increasing legion of fans doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Although, thinking again, the British sextet does well to keep us in a constant state of doubt as to what their next change of direction will be: a torrent of absolutely free sax, meta-pop nods (there are references to Scott Walker and Richard Hell in the lyrics), some words mumbled by a narrator on the verge of madness and seconds of silence that weigh a ton. The only (and exciting) certainty that the band transmits is the same you can find in the blood tests of Squid and Black Midi: right now, the waters of the Thames flow with the same no wave turbulence as the Hudson at the end of the seventies.

4Ever Songs: Kate Bush ‘Wuthering Heights’

Despite having written more than 100 songs before the release of the first single, Kate Bush was only 18, in 1977, when she wrote her debut Wuthering Heights, inspired by Emily Bronte’s homonymous novel which was published more than a century before in 1846. Bush shares the same birthday as the book’s author, she also happens to be called the same as the Bronte’s most known character, Catherine. If the coincidences seem to be another excuse to justify the legitimacy of Kate Bush’s composition of the song dedicated to the book, the facts that she was a genius performer and an genuine talent remain undiscussed facts.

Wuthering Heights was the catalyst of an incredible career in the music industry and, in hindsight, she was right to insist for it to be her first release despite pushback from her record label; it gained her the title of first female performer to ever have a self-written number 1 hit in the U.K.

The muses of La Musa: Sevdaliza

Iranian-born, Netherlands-raised musician and artist Sevdaliza has lived many lives in her 29 years; political refugee, professional basketball player, master’s candidate, self-taught singer, and producer to name a few. With a biography as rich and varied as that, it comes as no surprise that the themes of transformation and identity are so central to her work. Sevdaliza’s atmospheric songs are hot houses of lush orchestration, glitchy subterranean trip hop beats, and pared-down RnB melodies with ambiguous lyrics that balance startlingly vulnerable disclosures with poetic, sphinx-like inscrutability.

 Sevdaliza has released her sophomore album, Shabrang. The follow-up to 2017’s ISON.

Divus Julius presents: Djo

Stranger Things star Joe Keery a.k.a. Djo  dropped last year a 12 track album that sees him lean heavily into the dreamy psych rock he previewed with the release of his early singles. Joe wrote all the songs on Twenty Twenty and played guitar, drums, and bass for the release, in addition to singing on it.

Now, he returns with a psychy funk pop extravaganza, ‘Keep Your Head Up’