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Music by Bergman: The Vryll Society

Liverpudlian psychedelic cosmonauts The Vryll Society have unleashed their latest psych-driven assault on the airwaves with ‘Andrei Rublev’, creating increased anticipation ahead of the release of their debut album this summer on legendary label Deltasonic.

Inspired by scenes from Andre Tarkovsky’s 1996 arthouse classic film, ‘Andrei Rublev’ is an emotive charge of hip-hop drums, crunching bass lines and hypnotic guitar solos, hinting further at the themes and ideas likely to form the basis of their upcoming record. There’s no other British band doing what The Vryll Society are doing right now, it’s music from another dimension, out of this world good. A special band with a special debut album not far off.


Music by Bergman: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Rolling Blackouts CF, as they are sometimes known, as if they were a sports team, did a test “Find out what guitar band you would be” and they got The Go-Betweens. They did it again and the result was The Bats. And the third time, The Chills. Being indie in the antipodes was too heavy. They were never going to be The Feelies, although they strum 6, 12 and even 18 strings with the same gusto and a skilful right hand. Anyway, the Melbourne quintet was happy with the other results. Jangle, kiwi, indie… they feel represented by all of these pop traditions. Although this is, in fact, straight up pop. Because Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever remind us that it is called pop because “music that makes you walk through life with a smile on your face, thinking that everything will be all right” is far too long.

Music by Bergman: ALASKALASKA

ALASKALASKA are an art-pop 6-piece from London. They make beautiful, groove-laden music that seamlessly blends jazz, disco, funk and R&B into a bold and playful sound uniquely their own; synthetic beats play alongside live drums, delayed guitars and shimmering saxophones to create something musically rich and delightfully intricate.

Band leader and principle vocalist Lucinda twists brooding and introspective lyrics – akin to the words of Arthur Russell – into infectious melodies reminiscent of Warpaint, Dirty Projectors or Talk Talk, which demand repeat listens and could as easily soundtrack a wistful evening alone as they could a party.  They ‘ve just shared a new song: ‘Meateater.’

Music by Bergman: Iceage

The first three records by this post punk quartet from Copenhagen (Denmark) were unanimously acclaimed by audiences and the musical press. But Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, Dan Kjær Nielsen, Johan Suurballe Wieth and Jakob Tvilling Pless have waited patiently for four years to give shape to their fourth album, the first that was recorded all-analog: it is called Beyondless.  Iceage are deeper, more incisive, and more powerful. Beyondless sounds like the culmination of an unapologetic career, which started with the dark debut New Brigade in 2011 and from then on each album has brought glimmers of light into the cavern.

Music by Bergman: Kawala

Kawala are an acoustic indie folk duo based in Camden, London. Jim (Lead Vocalist) and Daniel (Guitarist) started playing together only a year before they decided to go and study popular music at the same University. After a year studying in Leeds they wanted to get back to the heart of North Londons music scene and left to pursue their music there instead. Now performing all around London, they are increasingly becoming a very popular band in their genre. Playing for online music platforms such as Mahogany, Distiller Sessions and Sofar Sounds they are quickly being noticed as promising emerging artists.

Music by Bergman: The Magic Gang 

South coast heroes The Magic Gang have released their debut album. The band are a potent live force, while a flurry of singles have perfectly outlined their art-rock manifesto.

The Magic Gang are a Brighton four-piece apparently weaned on Norman Blake’s aforementioned group, Weezer, The Beach Boys, The Beatles and the recently departed London duo Ultimate Painting. The best thing about their self-titled debut might be their four-part harmonies: a raggle-taggle chorus full of personality.

Music by Bergman: Pale Waves

Best friends Heather Baron-Gracie and Ciara Doran formed Pale Waves three years ago whilst studying in Manchester. After building up a following there, the band spent some of 2017 touring the States under their own name and also with The 1975, who they supported at their mammoth Madison Square Gardens gig in New York.

Pale Waves are continuing to storm through 2017 with their infectious indie-pop. Penning glossy pop with a goth heart, Pale Waves are building on the success.