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Music by Bergman: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Born in York (UK) in 1989, Benjamin Francis Leftwich started playing guitar under the influence of Nick Drake, Rolling Stones, Nina Simone and Elliot Smith. When he was just 22 he released his first work as a composer and singer-songwriter, “Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm”. Thanks to songs like “Shine” and “Atlas Hands”, the critics have compared him to artists of standing such as Damien Rice and José González.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich will release his new album To Carry A Whale on June 18th via Dirty Hit. It is Leftwich’s fourth album and comprises 10 brand new tracks, including lead single and album opener ‘Cherry In Tacoma’.

Music by Bergman: Xiu Xiu

Though Xiu Xiu is now a duo with Angela Seo, Jamie Stewart is the lifetime member. He’s spent the last 20 years blazing an illegible path, musically and morally, between queer politics and shock-jock shtick, radical vulnerability and repugnant cruelty, good faith and bad taste. The music varies wildly in style from punky folk and dreamy pop to experimental electronics and harsh noise, all teeming with global instruments.

In their new albim OH NO Jamie Stewart duets with more than a dozen indie, punk, and experimental music colleagues, and what results is a surprisingly sweet meditation on friendship, with nary a try-hard shock to be found.

Music by Bergman: The Paranoyds

Punk bands have a long history of being broke. The Paranoyds aren’t too bummed about it; like other millennial artists, they see their art as a way of capturing the absurdity of it all. With their debut, Carnage Bargain, the Los Angeles rock band captured the never-ending memes, drama, and stress of being a young person in 2019.

Los Angeles-based outfit  have announced the release of a new EP. Pet Cemetery is set for release on November 27th via Suicide Squeeze Records and it’s the follow-up to their debut full-length, Carnage Bargain.

Music by Bergman: The Fratellis

A brashly melodic indie rock outfit from Glasgow, The Fratellis  seemed to emerge fully formed from the Babyshambles-inspired boho-chic scene that also spawned The Rakes and The Paddingtons Their debut full-length mixed the tried-and-true sounds of glam rock, stripped-down acousticisms, and Class of 1977 punk, featuring a pair of Top Ten hits in the U.K., “Chelsea Dagger” and “Whistle for the Choir.”

Scottish rockers The Fratellis unveiled their new single Need A Little Love, the latest track released from their upcoming album Half Drunk Under A Moon. The Glaswegian trio’s latest offering is an unabashed tribute to 1960s dance-pop and the Phil Spector-patented ‘Wall of Sound’; replete with melodic verses and an up-tempo, Latin-influenced chorus powered by strings and brass. Lyrically we also find the band in a Ronettes-esque state of fuzzy limerence, with frontman Jon Fratelli yearning for an apparently unrequited love:

Music by Bergman: Maxïmo Park

Maxïmo Park formed (and have remained) in Newcastle after university, and since 2005 they’ve released six Top 20 albums of emotionally driven, reflective, hook-laden alt-rock pop songs. They tend to favour an artistic outlook but remain thrilled by the primal power of rock ‘n’ roll!

The North-East indie stalwarts released their seventh album, Nature Always Wins, on February 26th through Prolifica. ‘All Of Me’ is another example of the band proving their doubters wrong, moving to distil claims that the band are now part of the so-called ‘indie landfill’ days of the mid-noughties.

Music by Bergman: TV Priest

TV Priest, the London quartet come in the wake of the post-punk revival of the past few years, encompassing everyone from Fat White Family to Shame to Girl Band, Fontaines DC and, of course, the titans of the genre, Idles.  The movement has gone mainstream, it is part of the rock firmament of the UK, and to a lesser extent, the US. 

The Irish band released Uppers, their debut full-length for Sub Pop Records last February 5th, 2021.

Music by Bergman: William Doyle

William Doyle, who initially made music under the nom de plume of East India Youth, but now under his own name, has been making thoughtful, dazzlingly electronic pop music since 2012, picking up a Mercury Prize nomination and countless critical plaudits along the way.

Now. William Doyle is back with new single “Nothing At All”, the second track to be lifted from his forthcoming album Great Spans of Muddy Time.