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Music by Bergman: Burna Boy

Nigeria’s Burna Boy who, unlike many of his peers, is a master at not only blending sounds of West Africa, but also incorporating elements of dancehall and hip-hop to create afro-fusion, a sub-genre that he’s found himself the face of. Though he’d been actively working at this meshing since his first mixtape, 2011’s Burn Notice, his work reached new heights with 2018’s Outside.

In the past few years, Afro-fusion singer Burna Boy has gone from Nigerian superstar to international sensation. With the recent release of his fourth studio album, African Giant, the Nigerian singer born Damini Ogulu has delivered a swaggering, electric, and passion-fueled statement that lives up to the towering persona being put forth at its outset.


Music by Bergman: Bambara

Bambara‘s music exists in shadows. Since their early noise-rock sounds on 2010′s Dog Ear Days, the Athens, Georgia band (now based in Brooklyn) have cultivated a dense and ominous form of post-punk. Their latest, Shadow On Everything expands upon that sensibility with songs that bring in a broader range of instrumentation than on any of their previous albums (horn sections, eerie synthetic choirs), which reflects the band’s growth in a more logistical sense: They’ve expanded to a quintet when touring, broadening their capabilities and allowing them to showcase an even more dynamic presence.

Music by Bergman: Requin Chagrin

Requin Chagrin, whose name translated  is Grief Shark, is a French four piece,. Their sound is essentially garage pop, though it’s very intriguing and wrapped in a shoegaze mist but with the appropriate charm of the French touch.

With the band’s second single, “Semaphore”  ot their second album they stay in the lane of garage pop while focusing on a more catchy and blended style. The softer vocals aren’t as emphatic, but they still hit your soul with their precision.

Music by Bergman: Corridor

Corridor is a Montreal-based band composed of Jonathan Robert (vocals, guitar), Julian Perreault (guitar), Dominic Berthiaume (vocals, bass) and Julien Bakvis (drums).

Ahead of a European tour in November, Montreal’s Corridor will release ‘Junior’ on  October 18th, 2019.  With ‘Junior’, the group make the most dazzling, immediate and inventive album of their young career: 39 minutes of darting and dodging guitars, spiralling vocal harmonies, and the complicated, goldenrod nostalgia of a Sunday mid-afternoon.

Music by Bergman: Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck have always been happy to plow a distinctly lone furrow. Never ones to chase the limelight or hop on any genre-wagon that happens to be passing by, they’ve played by their own rules for the past part of 15 years and five albums. It’s for that reason that Holy Fuck have become one of the Canada’s finest, and most influential, exports, with their widescreen, technicolour, crescendo-heavy and highly danceable sound often finding itself imitated, but never bettered.

It’s been a bit since we’ve heard from Toronto noise-makers Holy Fuck. Their last full-length album was 2016’s Congrats and they followed that up with an EP, Bird Brains, the next year, and today they’re back with a new song, “Luxe,” which is a collaboration with Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor.

Music by Bergman: The Futureheads

When The Futureheads first burst down the door with their debut back in 2004, their angular thrashing and lovable accents formed part of the welcoming in of a new incarnation of indie. 15 years on, with the release of their sixth album, they come bearing a new version of that early potency.

‘Powers’ is a record that looks at the balance of power in a personal, political and relational sense” and puts it to some of the most vital, invigorated material the band have made since their first steps.

Music by Bergman: Mystic Braves

Mystic Braves might be rooted in the psychedelic scene of the 1960s, but the band’s moment is happening right now. Based in Echo Park, Los Angeles—home of a white-hot garage band revival of which the Braves are at the forefront—this five-piece musical sensation started out as a hobby, but for the musicians involved has become much more. They describe their music as a a blend of influence and sound that is unprecedented in contemporary music.

Their last album dued last year is ‘The Great Unknown.’ Tonight in concert at Sala Sidecar.