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Music By Bergman: Keep Dancing Inc

Having recently released their debut album entitled Embrace, the French trio have once again shown how their unique sound makes them stand out from their contemporaries. It’ll make you want to dance, but also has an element of melancholy wrapped within their jangly synth pop melodies – it’s clever, refreshing and endlessly intriguing.

Music by Bergman: Viagra Boys

Sweden’s worst kept secret, Viagra Boys is a garage-rock /post-punk band. Their critically acclaimed debut album “Street Worms” was released in September 2018. Back in March, Viagra Boys surprise dropped a new EP called Common Sense. It was pretty great and hinted at more new music on the horizon. Some days ago, the band has returned with news of just that: In January, Viagra Boys will greet the new year with a sophomore outing titled Welfare Jazz. Along with the announcement, Viagra Boys have shared a new song called “Ain’t Nice.”

music by bergman: the antlers

In all these past years together, Brooklyn’s The Antlers have created a quiet revolution in thought and sound with their harrowing and often haunted tales of love unmoored, human frailty and emotional evisceration.

Returning with their first new music since the release of their fifth album ‘Familiars’ in 2014, The Antlers are sharing brand new track ‘Wheels Roll Home’. The new trak is a simple song about the hopeful promise of reunion after a long time gone, The new track follows last year’s 10th anniversary celebrations of breakthrough record ‘Hospice’.

Music by bergman: The Mighty Orchid King

The Mighty Orchid King is led by singing drummer Jonny Bennett and guitarist Martin van Heerden, the band has been making music since 2015 with an ever-changing cast of collaborators and contributors. t’s pretty obvious to see The Beatles and CSN&Y, and TMOK influences on their music which is amazing really.

“Swirling” is the latest track from The Mighty Orchid King, off their upcoming debut LP, The Doctrine of Infinite Kindness. The band shows a gripping sound with elements of psychedelia, garage-rock, and ’60s pop.

Music by Bergman: Die! Die! Die!

 Die! Die! Die! is one of the most prolific bands to emerge out of New Zealand’s indie, noise rock, and punk scenes over the last decade. Rooted in a stylistic conversation between post-punk, noise pop, shoegaze, lo-fi, experimental electronica and punk rock, at its emotional core, CHARM. OFFENSIVE. -their last album- is the sound of a road-worn underground band relaxing, and falling back in love with music all over again.

Die! Die! Die! have shared their new onslaught, ‘I Seek Misery’. The band – who returned with the ‘O’ EP last summer; their first release with bassist Lachlan Anderson since ‘Harmony’ in 2011 – will release the track as part of a double A-side along with ‘450’ on 23rd October.


Music by Bergman: Everything Everything

If you try to explain Everything Everything on paper, their slow-but-sure rise to becoming one of the country’s biggest art-pop bands seems perplexing. Perhaps only alt-J can claim to have become a bigger band over the past 10 years while being as fundamentally weird as the Manchester four-piece.

Ever since their early singles ‘MY KZ UR BF’ and ‘Photoshop Handsome’ arrived at the start of the decade, followed on second album ‘Arc’ by ‘Cough Cough’ and ‘Kemosabe’, the group became owners of a handful of unlikely festival anthems. Their erratic, bizarre pop songs tapped into a confusing but satisfying sweet spot; you couldn’t quite understand how it worked, or what actual words you were trying to sing at the front of a sweaty festival tent – but it’s always a lot fun.

The band then took a surprisingly big leap forwards on 2015’s ‘Get To Heaven’, with the likes of ‘Distant Past’, ‘Spring / Summer / Winter / Dread’ and ‘No Reptiles’ becoming instant fan favourites. This time, they’d twisted their oddball concoctions into even bigger pop hits, which was furthered on their last album, 2017’s ‘A Fever Dream’. While not quite hitting the airwaves in the same way as ‘Get To Heaven’, its glorious, soaring title track and the paranoid ‘Ivory Tower’ brought more moments of euphoria for the subsequent arena tours. Now they release their new brand album ‘re-Animator.’

Music by Bergman: Declan McKenna

British indie singer/songwriter Declan McKenna first emerged in 2015 with the shimmering, politically charged single “Brazil,” which directly addressed the corruption scandal then engulfing soccer’s governing body, FIFA.

. Obsessed with Bowie and with an attitude recalling The Libertines and Jamie T., McKenna blended bright indie pop with textural lo-fi.   He is back with “Be An Astronaut”, the fourth song to be lifted from his second album Zeros, which has just been released.