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Music by Bergman: Dylan Cartlidge

23-year-old Dylan Cartlidge is a multi-talented singer, rapper and instrumentalist having worked with James Dring (Jamie T, Gorillaz) and St Francis Hotel (producers of Scratch, Sniff). 

Dylan Cartlidge‘s optimism is infectious. The musician overcame a tremendous amount of adversity and realized his goal to make music for a living at the end of it. His ability to elicit a smile and laugh is undeniable; you just can’t help but root for him. Cartlidge’s debut album, Hope Above Adversity, was released in July of this year. It’s filled with uplifting anthems that sonically jump from pop, to funk, to hip hop.

Music by Bergman: The Wombats

The Wombats are an English indie rock band formed in Liverpool in 2003. The Wombats have dropped their new single, ‘Everything I Love Is Going To Die’.

It’s a track from their upcoming fifth studio album ‘Fix Yourself, Not The World’, which is set for release on 7th January via AWAL and sees them tour the UK next spring. 

Music by Bergman: Hollow Coves

A dynamic indie folk group brimming with their passion for travel and observing different shades of the world, Hollow Coves is the project of Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins.  After meeting in 2013 through mutual friends and a shared love of acoustic music, the boys began writing together with no real expectations for where it might lead. Five years later, Ryan and Matt’s memories from their travels across all corners of the globe have led to a range of new music influenced by their journeys.

In 2019, the duo released their debut full length Moments, comprised of 11 tracks inspired by the duo’s reflecting on a variety of moments and unforgettable shared experiences in their lives and the lives of those around them over the past three years.

Brisbane duo Hollow Coves released their latest EP Blessings earlier this year. Written and recorded from their home studio on the Gold Coast, their music captures the warm and inviting essence of the sunny shores. Following the trend, their new single “Purple” evokes a sensation of comfort and bright emotions, brought on through their soaring melodies and charming instrumentation.

Music by Bergman: Archive

Archive is a musical group based in London, England, whose music spans electronic, trip-hop, avant-garde, post-rock and progressive rock which currently consists of founding members Danny Griffiths and Darius Keeler.

 Archive still stand out as having something absolutely unique about them. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the band went through so many line-up changes over the past 10 years, every new band member bringing fresh colours into the image of Archive.

UK modern prog collective Archive have released a video for their moving new single Shouting Within, which you can watch below. The new video features Archive vocalist  Holly Martin conveying striking lyrics of anger, vulnerability and fear.

Music by Bergman: Boston Manor

Hailing from the seaside resort of Blackpool in the North West of England, Boston Manor are a five-piece punk, post-hardcore, and grunge outfit known for their pop-laden, emo-tinged vocal harmonies and bright, overdriven guitar work akin to the style of household pop-punk acts such as Blink-182 and Bowling for Soup. They issued their full-length debut, Be Nothing, in 2016, and continued to hone their diverse yet heavy style on subsequent efforts like Welcome to the Neighbourhood (2018) and Glue (2020).

Now, they return with surprise EP ‘Desperate Times Desperate Pleasures’: a condensed reintroduction to a band who’ve spent the last year properly finding themselves.

Music by Bergman: Ancient Cat Society

However with elements of pop, Americana, and indie rock meshed with notes of doo wop and occasional electronica; the group finds themselves with a sound that’s more diverse than most bands performing today. The saccharine sweet notes of Haley Barnes’ voice paired alongside the harmonized vocals of Austin Sepulvado and the storyteller accompaniment of Sergio Trevino create a sound that’s all it’s own, yet familiar to the ears.  As a part of the Splice Records channel of artistry, Ancient Cat Society is currently revealing singles and just living life as best as they can. Of course they also have a new single out titled “City Breathes” and it definitely holds their sound as equally well.

Music by Bergman: Good Morning

A duo from Melbourne, Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons have been working on music together since they met in high school about ten years ago, the focus of their collaboration being Good Morning. Their sound is well within a low-fi indie acoustic genre that can be a breeding ground for sad white boy music, but their latest albums are filled with a characteristic warmth and honesty that is quickly and quite damningly lacking from so many others. 

Set for release on 22nd October via new label home Polyvinyl Record Co, the Australian duo  have announced their brand new album ‘Barnyard’, and they’ve released new track ‘Burning.’