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Music by Bergman: All Them Witches

Versatile hard rock quartet, All Them Witches, thrive on contrast.The band has a rock-blues roots mixed with psychedelia and esoteric hard rock. The sound section where they move smoothly, groovy, and cool is gloomy, stoner, dreamlike, lysergic, and colorful.

All Them Witches published the official video for the track “Tour Death Song,” taken from the “Baker’s Dozen” project, of which the band will release one song per month, plus a bonus track.

Music by Bergman: We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists is an American indie rock band featuring Keith Murray and Chris Cain.  They formed in 2000 in Claremont, California, United States. Their name was inspired by an awkward conversation with a U-Haul employee who was inspecting a van that the band had rented. The U-haul employee, attempting to make polite conversation, asked the three bespectacled band members if they were scientists. They told him that they were musicians, not scientists.

Set for release on 20th January via 100% Records, We Are Scientists have announced their new album ‘Lobes’. Featuring latest single ‘Operator Error’, the band have also announced that they’ll be heading out on a UK and European tour next year!

Music by Bergman: Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie, American indie rock group that helped define the emo genre of music in the early 2000s.  Death Cab For Cutie have revealed that their 10th studio album is complete,  The Washington indie group released their latest studio record, Thank You For Today, back in 2018. A five-track collection of covers titled The Georgia EP was released in 2020. Death Cab for Cutie have released their new album Asphalt Meadows,

Music by Bergman: Leoniden

Leoniden have that sound like they’ve just been put together to score a Zac Braff movie. Stylish, full of post-millennial angst, with that kind of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah vibe, pomp, and wit. Leoniden utilise their infectious indie-pop, dreamlike craft to paint beautiful hymns, shining through rays of optimism to banish any lingerings of tortured youth. They are the ultimate band to listen to while reading Douglas Coupland.

Kiel, Germany-based indie rock band Leoniden have released the video for their new single ‘Smile’ which is out now via Two Peace Signs.

Music by Bergman: Jean Dawson

Jean Dawson defies classification or expectation. Self-described as the Los Angeles-based project of a boy exploring identity, intimacy, and escapism, the one thing you can expect from Dawson is for no two tracks to sound quite the same. The varied soundscapes he whisks into existence unfurl and evolve to tell enthralling portraits of chaos, fear, and dreamlike bliss.

Jean Dawson has announced his second studio album, CHAOS NOW*. The follow-up to 2020’s Pixel Bath is scheduled to arrive October 7, and Dawson shared the forthcoming record’s lead single, “THREE HEADS*,” today alongside a manic visual treatment courtesy of Bradley J. Calder. 

Music by Bergman: Wild Pink

Wild Pink’s warm, reflective indie rock tunes follow the soft-spoken lead of singer and songwriter John Ross. The group delivered their eponymous full-length debut in 2017. Their more expansive third album, 2021’s A Billion Little Lights, enlisted help from session musicians and Grammy-winning engineer David Greenbaum. Ross formed Wild Pink in New York with bassist T.C. Brownell and drummer Dan Keegan.

Wild Pink have shared a new single, ‘Hold My Hand’. The track – a second preview of forthcoming album ‘ILYSM’ – sees the band team up with Julien Baker.

Music by Bergman: Palm

Palm plays rock music backwards. Eve Alpert and Kasra Kurt’s guitars occupy themselves most often with the pace-keeping work typical of a rhythm section. Meanwhile, Gerasimos Livitsanos’ bass and Hugo Stanley’s drums perform commentary and reportage from their deeply embedded positions at the front. The band is firmly attached to the physicality of rock, but not as much its tone; their instruments tend to sound like any number of things at any given time.

None of the members of Palm are formally trained on their instruments. The band formed in 2011 at college in Upstate New York, when high school friends Eve and Kasra met Gerasimos and Hugo.

Palm have announced the release of a new album, Nicks and Grazes, which will be out on October 14 via Saddle Creek. They have also shared a video for the album’s lead single, “Feathers.”