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Music by Bergman: Leon Bridges

We can enjoy the powerful voice of soul singer, Leon Bridges, when he presents Good Thingson the 11th  July. This new album highlights the evolution and renewal of the sound of this Fort Worth artist; a work that moves between jazz and soul classics, with shades of hip-hop.  Although he has often been compared to such great artists as Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, the singer has been able to create his own distinctive label. Tonight at Festival Jardins de Pedralbes.



Music by Bergman: Phantastic Ferniture

Phantastic Ferniture is an Australian dreamy basement-pop trio led by Julia Jacklin a singer-songwriter whose 2016 album, Don’t Let the Kids Win, won her much critical acclaim.

Emboldened by solo success, and with clear ambitions to not just pick one lane, Jacklin has teamed up with her friends Elizabeth Hughes and Ryan K Brennan to become Phantastic Ferniture.

The band, which they describe as a light-hearted project, formed in the basement of a pizza place in Sydney at a birthday party when all 10 of the people who were there agreed to form a band. Only four remembered their promise the next day, and three resolved to actually do it.

Music by Bergman: Curtis Harding

Since his debut with Soul Power (Burger Records, 2014), Curtis Harding has emerged as one of the most outstanding and surprising artists of the neo-soul genre. A title that he maintains with the release of his second LP Face Your Fear (Anti-, 2017), an album where the singer-songwriter from Michigan shows off a sensual and irresistible soul with elegant textures, exuberant melodies and a warm and charismatic voice. This thursday at Vida Festival.

Music by Bergman: HMLTD

Interesting is definitely one word for HMLTD (who were previously known as Happy Meal Ltd). Debut single ‘Stained’ is theatrical, discordant and menacing, One of the most exciting new bands in the whole of London. The’re something truly unpredictable and set apart from the rest of the city’s musical output right now,

There’s a kind of Ziggy Stardust elegance that also borrows from the sartorial height of punk. Then there’s the sounds, which take the whole boundaryless idea of musical consumption that everyone can thank the internet for and pushes it to extremes.

Music by Bergman: Golan

They call themselves Golan (romanian: troublemakers), but they are far from hooligans or rascals. In fact, these musicians have a strong academical background to match their eclectic music. Golan is a three piece band based in Bucharest, Romania. Alex, Mihai and Ernesto‘s different backgrounds from house, classic, jazz, tropical and new R‘N‘B, combine an unique blend of eclectic harmonies. Using live instruments such as trumpet, flute, drums, sampling and djing, the trio creates a very unique sound. Their music is melodic and dreamy while at the same time making you dance your shoes off.

Music by Bergman: A$AP Rocky 

When you reach the end of an A$AP Rocky record, you can imagine him walking unperturbed towards the camera while everything he leaves behind him explodes. Like all the best action films, the music is pure entertainment: adrenalin highs, spectacular moments, timely slow-motion or high speed tension, sentimental digressions, food for thought… A feast of ideas and sound discoveries that are only within the reach of an artist who is conscious that he is at the top of his game. This is only a partial portrait of Rakim Mayers: he is the REAL DEAL. He directs his own videos (and those of any of the A$AP Mob family), he turns each and every one of his verses into an urban poetry Faberge egg; he produces under the pseudonym Lord Flacko (or variations including Pretty Flacko) under which he collaborates with Rihanna, The Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, Tyler, The Creator and Lana del Rey; he can go from a frenetic staccato on one track and move into teasing boudoir confessions on the next. There are not many artists with the authority to afford such luxuries. Why can he? Because he can.  Because he is the man.

Music by Bergman: Kamasi Washington

Cita obligada amb el saxofonista de Los Angeles Kamasi Washington, un dels jazzmen de capçalera per tota una generació, col·laborador clau de Kendrick Lamar al premiat ‘To Pimp a butterfly’ (2015) i que va debutar en solitari amb el mastodòntic ‘The Epic’ (2015). Ara torna a Barcelona per presentar ‘Heaven and earth’ (2018), el seu esperat nou disc, que publicarà al juny; una nova mostra de jazz brillant barrejat amb diferents expressions de la música negra; hip hop, funk, soul i sons africans. Tonight at Razzmatazz.