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Music by Bergman: San Cisco

San Cisco are a  indie pop group hailing from Fremantle, Western Australia. Initially whipped up in the wake of high school graduation, the foursome soon found themselves unwittingly defining hipster culture with the video for their breakout hit “Awkward.”

Fast forward to 2015 where San Cisco delivered their sophomore album Gracetown which debuted at #2 on the ARIA charts showcasing a new sound for the band — a more worldly approach to life; exploring the tyranny of love, displacement, homesickness, heartache and heartbreak, via disco, funk, soul and hip-hop undertones. The group released their third album The Water in 2017 and embarked on an extensive world tour — playing 21 shows in 46 days across America, Europe and Australia.

The trio San Cisco – Jordi Davieson, Joshua Biondilloand Scarlett Stevens- made their long-awaited return with the latest single “Skin,” the first track from their upcoming album that is slated for release in 2020.

Music by Bergman: Elyella

Him, electronic music. Her, guitars. Him, organization. Her, spontaneity. Him, technique. Her, passion… ELYELLA‘s success lies in the balance that exists between Ella and MØNØ, s halves of this duo.

With their instinct for the dance floor and their ability to spread their enthusiasm to the audience, it’s only natural that ELYELLA have become the favorite DJs of Spain’s indie scene. This year they’ve released their debut album Dreamers.

Music by Bergman: Gerry Cinnamon

Gerry Cinnamon – born Gerry Crosbie – is a 35-year-old musician from the Castlemilk housing scheme in Glasgow. His childhood was challenging: no father figure around, it seems, and some trouble in his teens.

His robustly-melodic, singalong Scotpop-folk anthems about drugs, mugs, thugs and ordinary life have 100 million cumulative Spotify plays across his Top Ten most-played tracks. His debut album has sold 132,000 copies – and that’s an album he wrote, recorded and paid for himself. He’s an unsigned artist.

Music by Bergman: Blood Red Shoes 

Blood Red Shoes are an alternative rock duo in Brighton, England consisting of Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell. The brilliant and yet somewhat underrated band have shapeshifted their style during their decade and a half career. Mortality, psychosis, neurosis, sex,  dreams, the future, alienation, failure, escape, mass celebration, hope. regret, taking things too far……..and Fleetwood Mac. Following the success of their fifth studio album, ‘Get Tragic’ released earlier in 2019, they will kick out in Mad Cool 2020.

Music by Bergman: Tindersticks

The band’s world is a compellingly strange, crepuscular place, into which some warmth is allowed to drip. Three years since their last album proper, singer Stuart Staples decided Tindersticks’ return called for something special and No Treasure but Hope, is very much that! Rich in intuitive warmth, lush melodies and an inquisitive spirit, it’s an album that casts a fresh light on Tindersticks’ core qualities, bathed in the glow of a band intent on rediscovering what they can do. Expanding the horizon without losing the focus, No Treasure but Hope manages to collect some of the band’s most immediate work in one outstanding album.

This is the bands twelfth record, the earliest Tindersticks release being in 1991. Over the course of the band’s rich history,

Music by Bergman: Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

It is a little selfish to say this, but I hope that Adam Mcllwee’s bitterness lasts for a long time so that we can carry on enjoying the way he channels it: by making songs. He lets off steam from time to time by releasing albums under the alias Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, but the pain doesn’t go away. He has made a way of life from it since he set up the GOTHBOICLIQUE collective at the beginning of the decade to lay down the foundations of emo-trap, without intending to. It is a movement that goes way beyond the musical: an impressive battalion of kids all around the world have started to understand his pain (and, therefore also to soothe it) thanks to the sorrowful rhymes of WPSE.

Music by Bergman: Tamino

Tamino is a Belgian songwriter of Egyptian descent causing a stir in Europe and the Middle East alike. His luscious dark melodies have drawn comparisons to Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits and Dave Gahan and drawn the attention of superstar musicians such as Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood, who became a fan first, then a collaborator adding bass to Indigo Nights from Tamino’s debut album ‘Amir’, before eventually becoming a member of Tamino’s live band.