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Music by Bergman: ISLAND

ISLAND are not yet a household name, but with some releases so far, it can’t be long for these boys, who have already supported Palace, The Bohicas, and Amber Run, the majority of these being sold-out shows.

The band have a very similar sound to The Kooks of yore. ISLAND’s Rollo Doherty, vocalist and frontman of the band, has a vocal sound similar to that of Luke Pritchard (The Kooks). The sound of the band is a nice colourful soundscape; something that fills you with instant joy.

Music by Bergman: Tender

Tender is aptly named. The band made of two longtime friends based in North London know what they are doing. Delivering an indie electro full of Tenderness, striking directly at your heart.
They’ve already released three EPs.

Sometimes, new bands arrive with the ability to transport you from wherever you’re sat, to quite literally wherever you want. London synth-pop duo Tender are one of those groups. They’ve just released ‘EP III’

Music by Bergman: Low Island

The four-piece who are all in their early twenties have a broad palette and draw inspiration from a variety of tasteful sources. They use intelligent dance music production techniques to add engaging psychedelic flourishes and hypnotic rhythms, which vigour to what would otherwise be a brittle tender piece.

In terms of their indie sensibilities, Oxford newcomers Low Island draw inspiration from Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, and Arthur Russell.

Music by Bergman: Corbu

Corbu is a Brooklyn-based band that’s a little out-of-this-world, in the best way. When you listen to Corbu‘s music, it takes you wherever you want to go. The songs are hypnotizing and lull you into a dreamlike state – which was frontman, Jonathan Graves’ main goal when he joined forces with Amanda Scott and Todd Hoellerman to create Corbu: the most interesting new band of 2016.

Corbu describes their music as mid-70s Pink Floyd influenced with modern electronic sounds that are paired with hip-hop beats. Graves samples from movies and breaks the sounds into tiny pieces to use the fragments notes. They also find influence from genres all across the board, pull from them and piece it all together. Because of this, their music is hard to label – bringing you spacey electronica sounds with guitars and atmospheric little crackles.

When Corbu was making Crayon Soul, a lot of the imagery they would look at was retro space photos. They sampled colors from Space Colony Art from the 1970s and created a color palette to use in their artwork and visuals. Which correlates with characters they’ve created for themselves on-stage. The white outfits they wear during performances were inspired by the 1976 film, Logan’s Run. LED square pieces are displayed on their chest and they use metallic paint to draw galactic-looking symbols on their faces.

Music by Bergman: Lunacre

Split between Cambridge and London, the enigmatic electro-indie quintet Lunacre has been recording together since late 2014. They blend a number of influences and call to mind the post-rock, melodic glitch of Alt-J and Radiohead.

Despite the band’s diverse range of influences and experimental soundscapes, Lunacre achieve concise and accessible songwriting, overlaid with melody and harmonies.

Compared to Vondelpark and Mount Kimbie, there’s also a sense of the Bristol sound in here; the intensity of those early Portishead records. They’ve just released their second Ep ‘Schtum’.

Music by Bergman: Yellow Days

17-year-old Yellow Days is the latest signee to Good Years, the London label that has introduced us to artists like Banks, Lil Silva, and Mick Jenkins. As ever, the label remains unbounded by genre, with Yellow Days bringing a slow-moving, jazz-flecked brand of indie rock, which revolves around his gruff, scratchy vocals and languorous guitar playing.

Inspired by Ray Charles, Howlin’ Wolf, jazz guitarists, and Mac Demarco, Yellow Days is creating his own sound, one that sounds mature beyond his years on “Your Hand Holding Mine.” It may be about his first love, age 14, but the themes are universal. Yellow Days have just release their debut Ep “Harmless melodies”.

Music by Bergman: Pavo Pavo

Pavo Pavo is about to release their debut album on November 11 under Bella Union Records – it will be entitled ‘Young Narrator In The Breakers.’ This is a group of young but extremely competent musicians who worked closely with indie and classical heavyweights such as Here We Go Magic, John Zorn, Dave Longstreth, Porches, Olga Bell, Lucius, Roomful of Teeth, and San Fermin. The record was co-produced by Danny Molad (Lucius) and Sam Cohen (Yellowbirds, Apollo Sunshine), so expectations should be high.