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Music by Bergman: Gypsy & The Cat

This indie dance duo is a big deal in its home country. They were nominated by ruling youth radio station Triple J for an “Unearthed” award when the band made its break in 2010. They opened for Australian dance pop queen Kylie Minogue, which is like opening for Madonna basically. They’ve got a glorious handle on lush composition and feel-good summer waves on a level that is completely lovable, and the duo’s third album Virtual Islands is a delicious gift.

Music by Bergman: Jamie T

Jamie Treays is a singer-songwriter from London who performs under the moniker Jamie T. He was born in Wimbledon on January 8 1986. He began playing at open mic nights in south west London, after attending one held by Alfie xxx, then of Larrikin Love.

Treays suffered from panic attacks from an early age, a condition that would go on to influence his debut album, ‘Panic Prevention’, as well as series of club nights he ran in the early days of his career and mixtapes hand out at his gigs.

‘Panic Prevention’ was released on January 29, 2007. “Like no other record since The Streets’ ‘Original Pirate Material’, it’s the sound of a pirate radio station you wish

Jamie T has announced a huge UK tour in support of his upcoming fourth album Trick. The “Sheila” singer’s new record has been described as a “brave and eclectic rock/punk/reggae/rap/pop celebration that only Jamie T could make”. It comes two years after his 2014 comeback, Carry on the Grudge, which followed 2009’s Kings & Queens, and sees Jamie T play all instruments alongside longterm collaborator James Dring.



Music by Bergman: Beach Baby

Beach Baby are a London-based four-piece whose apathetic alternative-pop finds it roots across Athens, Dorset and Sheffield. The band met in the musically-rich halls of Goldsmiths College, where co-vocalists Ollie and Lawrence placed an advert looking to build on their then-folk-driven, dual songwriting partnership: future bassist Iraklis turned up dressing like a 50’s college freshman (and swiftly got the gig), before drummer Shep completed the equation. Balancing their escapist sound with make-do jobs ranging from a teaching assistant to feature-film script readers, the band have arrived fully-formed at the striking aesthetic of Beach Baby.

Festival BioRitme 2016

Si sou fans de la música emergent, esteu compromesos socialment i viviu els temes de la salut i l’ecologia des d’una perspectiva alternativa, no podeu faltar al Festival BioRitme, del 27 al 30 d’agost al pantà de Sau, on podreu gaudir d’una experiència única de convivència i intercanvi. Una bona oportunitat per relaxar-vos i desconnectar. Tornareu nous!

El cartell d’aquesta edició té molt bona pinta, hi podreu veure actuar als Valley, Buhos, La Troba Kung Fú, Els Catarres,  Pep Sala o Ferran Savall, entre d’altres. A més, hi haurà Dj ‘s, activitats familiars a la Zona MamaTerra, menjar 100% ecològic i teràpies naturals, espai reservat per a la pràctica del ioga o massatges i animacions amb grups de malabars o companyies de danses de diferents estils i disciplines. Un bon pla per a rematar l’estiu.