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The tall Dutch musician rapidly build an international fanbase by his Youtube channel ‘Music by Blanks’ which he started at the age of 15 and has more than 750.000 subscribers these days. He’s not a traditional Youtuber, but a musician that uses Youtube to spread his unlimited love and passion for music.

His “Style Swaps” have led to collaborations with mega DJ Armin Van Buuren, and more recently Ariana Grande gave him love for ‘Thank You, Next.’

 Indie-pop artist and effervescent rising star Blanks has revealed his new single Lost In The Moment that arrives after the release of his debut album Nothing Lasts Forever last year.

4Ever Songs: The Kooks ‘Naive’

The Kooks are a British indie-rock band who peaked in 2006. “Naïve” is the fourth single from their 2006 album “Inside In/Inside Out”, as well as their best ever selling single.

The song made its way round in many UK TV shows, movies and on social media websites. The song also became very popular on blogging style website “tumblr”, with users of the site getting tattoos of some lyrics and making artwork from the mysterious yet painful lyrics of the track.

Introducing…White Flowers

White Flowers, the musical project of long-time friends and musical collaborators Katie Drew and Joey Cobb, is a multi-faceted enterprise. As former art students, the duo have created an array of startling visuals to accompany the dark, dewy sound of their music.

After sharing their debut album ‘Day By Day’ last year, White Flowers have announced that they’ll be releasing a new four-track EP ‘Are You’ on 13th May via Tough Love Records.


 Their infectious personalities glow just as much as their sun-drenched calypso sound. Cassia combine the positive indie pop of bands like Foals and Vampire Weekend with the jazz-tinged afrobeats of Fela Kuti and Ebo Taylor and American folk influences like Paul Simon to create an individual sound that uplifts.

Cassia have announced the release of their new album Why You Lacking Energy?, and shared ‘Motions’, a brand new single from the forthcoming record.

Music by Bergman: Metronomy

Metronomy are a band that needs no introduction. Across the last two decades, they’ve become a defining force of British indie-electronica and the many shifts in sounds and trends that lay within its extensive history; Metronomy playing a key part in every electronic movement over the last 15-odd years. They’ve become pioneers, if not for their own work, than that of their frontman Joseph Mount, who as a go-to producer and songwriter has helped shape an entirely new generation of disco and funk-pop, largely through working alongside Robyn and

.They’re also a band that has somehow remained consistent throughout much of their career thus far, striving to find the balance between quantity and quality throughout their journey. Now, the English indie-electronica icons have just released their 7th album.

The muses of La Musa: Dora Jar

Dora Jar is an artist who refuses to be defined. By mixing experimental pop with lyrics that unpack mythology, this LA artist is forging a joyous, oddball sound of her own.  In May 2021, she released ‘Digital Meadow’, a dreamy EP which saw her receive co-signs from a host of artists: GrimesWolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell, and Billie Eilish are all part of her rapidly growing fanbase.

A bedroom pop artist who isn’t afraid to walk her own path,  A songwriter with a neat sense of individuality, Dora Jar’s new EP ‘Comfortably In Pain’ is out shortly. She introspectively examines her pain in her latest track, “Lagoon,” the second single from her upcoming EP.