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Music by Bergman: Homeshake

Homeshake is the recording project of Peter Sagar. Over his first three albums, Sagar followed his own idiosyncratic vision, a journey that’s taken him from sturdy guitar-based indie-pop to, on 2017’s Fresh Air, a bleary-eyed take on lo-fi R&B.

Homeshake shares new charitable track titled Sesame. The loose cut arrives with an accompanying visual animated by John Andrews.

Divus Julius presents: The Microphones

The alias of Anacortes, Washington-based lo-fi psych-pop mastermind Phil Elverum during the ’90s and early 2000s, The Microphones introduced his searching, deeply personal music. Shortly after the release of 2003’s concept album, Mount Eirie Elverum decided to retire The Microphones moniker and continued to tour and record under the name of the collective’s last album.

On Microphones in 2020, Phil Elverum revived his earliest moniker to ponder his formative years across a single, wistful, 45-minute song.

Divus julius presnts: London Grammar

London Grammar will release new album ‘Californian Soil’ on February 12th. The three-piece signalled their return earlier this year, alerting fans that something big was about to occur. Well, they weren’t teasing.

New album ‘Californian Soil’ lands next year via Ministry Of Sound, and it’s said to mark a moment of transformation. The record is said to react against their surroundings, a moment of rebellion against the misogyny singer Hannah Reid has experienced throughout her career. Title song ‘Californian Soil’ is online now – a slice of surging, uplifting pop, you can check it out below.

Introducing…Crooked Colours

They may not be one of Australia’s most recognisable acts, but fittingly for their understated sound, they’re a group that’s been quietly chalking up some major achievements since emerging from Perth in 2015.

Their underrated debut album Vera had genuine streaming hits (‘Flow’ is up to 18 million plays and counting) and took some interesting risks (like linking up with Ivan Ooze on ‘I Hope You Get It’) and sought to solidify a sonic style – a blend of downtempo dance music with melodic sensibilities and live instrumentation and sampling.

Their slow-burning sound doesn’t hit you straight away, but its designed to intoxicate you – a spell that’s very difficult to shake off once its effect does take hold.

That bewitching element runs even deeper on their second album Langata, which posits Crooked Colours to follow in the footsteps of RÜFÜS DU SOL or Mansionair – Australian electronic trios who’ve built a following overseas with their meticulous production and a live show that lives up to that sonic.


The muses of La Musa: Poppy

 Poppy is a musician. While a majority of Poppy‘s videos are short, bizarre sound bites about…something, it’s clear she is first and foremost in it for the music. She came out with an EP called Bubblebath in 2016, and her first full album is titled Poppy.Computer. Her music is catchy and upbeat, Marina And The Diamonds-esque with a dash of early Lady Gaga. But there’s also something about it that’s totally unique, heavily influenced by internet culture and the digital age.
Nonetheless,  post-genre art and music visionary Poppy has released her boundlessly ambitious and nu-metal  new album. I Disagree boasts a variegated nature which embodies “alternative” in the truest sense of the word, as Poppy bleeds the boundaries between pop, progressive, electronic, and metal, underpinned by unpredictable time signature shifts and indelible earworm vocal hooks. The album marks a dynamic and deliberate shift for Poppy.


Music by Bergman: Disq

Disq have assembled a razor-sharp, teetering-on-the-edge-of-chaos melange of sounds, experiences, memories, and influences. Collector ought to be taken literally—it is a place to explore and catalogue the Madison, Wisconsin band’s relationships to themselves, their pasts, and the world beyond the American Midwest as they careen from their teens into their 20s. This turbulence is backdropped by gnarled power pop, anxious post-punk, warm psych-folk, and hectic, formless, tongue-in-cheek indie rock.