Music by Bergman: King Krule

King Krule is Archy Marshall, who beat-sings poetry that tumbles up and down like a diary written in M.C. Escher-space, through a voice like a languorous boxing glove.

“Czech One,” Marshall’s first new song since 2013, is an appropriately named, tentative step back up to the mic and early morning toe-dip in the lake of his avant-lounge (or fauxotica-jazz, or absinthe-core).


Les muses de La musa: Hindi Zahra

Hindi Zahra is a Franco-Moroccan singer and actress. When coming up with a stage name, she simply inverted her birth name. Her songs are mostly in English but some lyrics as in the song “Imik Si Mik” are in the Berber language.

Influenced by singers like Cheikha Rimitti, Hindi Zahra has drawn comparisons with Beth Gibbons of PortisheadManu ChaoBillie HolidayPatti Smith, and Norah Jones. In April 2015 her second studio album Homeland was released.

Local Bands: Últim Cavall

L’escola shoegazer i dream pop catalana segueix donant els seus fruits, de la branca més crua (Univers) a la melòdica (Her Little Donkey, Valentí). La darrera referència per descobrir és Últim Cavall, un quintet arribat del Garraf que aposta per un synthpop borrascós que s’acaba de presentar en societat sota el paraigua del segell Discos de Kirlian (discogràfica on també publiquen bandes com Barbacoa i Jessica & The Fletchers). El seu primer disc, ‘Records del silenci’, és un tractat de cançons plenes de capes, textures, melodies trencadisses i certa aroma de penombra, amb petits brios de llum que sobresurten en temes com Arquitectures. Aquest estiu s’haurien de fer un fart de tocar.

Divus Julius presents…Felix Pallas


Relatively new kids on the block, Felix Pallas have new material baked and ready to serve. They are a fantastic new band with roots well anchored in the equally fantastic city of Antwerp in Belgium. The same city which saw Warhola rise from and we wouldn’t be surprised if Tsar B came from the same place too.

Band members include Simon, Pieter-Jan, Xavier and Ziggy. They have been busy putting the finishing touches and finalising their forthcoming EP with Chris Zane in London and expect it to be dropped after the summer. He’s the guy behind such successes as Chloé Howl, Friendly Fires, St Lucia and more delights throughout the years.

You’ll love the catchy nature of “Similarities” and how the song sticks with you. It is a real winning track

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