Music by Bergman: Helado Negro

Ecuadorian-American artist Helado Negro has announced the release of his new album, This Is How You Smile, set for release on March 8th, 2019. Inspired by a line from “Girl,” the short story by Jamaica Kincaid, Helado Negro’s sixth full-length album follows his 2016 breakthrough LP, Private Energy.

Under the moniker Helado Negro, the experimental singer, songwriter and producer Roberto Carlos Lange has deftly infused his textural electronic stylings with elements of Latin American folk and dream pop. On Tuesday Lange teased his upcoming album with the delicately woven lead single, “Please Won’t Please” — lamenting the burden of proof for people of color who experience state-sanctioned violence. “We light ourselves on fire/Just to see if anyone believes,” he sings ruefully, over the otherwise sublime twinkling of synths.


Best Covers: Ibibio Sound Machine ‘A Forest’

The London based Ibibio Sound Machine specializes in a heady, intoxicating afro funk that redefines world music and gives it a fresh twist. Their record, Eyio, is a four song EP that features three fine originals an impressive, out of this world cover of The Cure‘s classic song, “A Forest.” It’s probably one of the finest covers of a Robert Smith song you’ll ever hear, one that leaves you wanting to hear it again and again and again, thanks in part to the band’s groove and the gorgeous vocals of Eno Williams.

The Muses of La Musa: Suzi Wu

Suzi Wu describes her music as “electronic grunge”, yet she draws from inspirations as far reaching genres as psych-rock, all the way to hip-hop. Listening to her EP, Teenage Witch takes these inspirations and pools them together to form a really unique sound that simply can’t be caged in definitions. Her delivery has the appealing drawl of King Krule, her lyricism the punk abruptness of Patti Smith; both spoken word and singing are delivered in an attractive mellow drone, with a trance-like quality that impressively (somehow) simultaneously blends with, and sits on top of, her grungey and driving melodies à la The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Suzi Wu has released the title-track from her new, slightly delayed EP, ‘Error 404’. The release – originally due in January, but now arriving on 22nd March – has already been previewed by the opener, ‘Grim Reaper’.


Introducing…Son Mieux

What started four years ago as an acoustic solo project of Dutch Camiel Meiresonne (26), Son Mieux has morphed into a tightly-knit and super stylish synth-pop band. Fire and soul, this six piece band have it all. Camiel is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, keyboard-player and producer. Apart from being a musician he loves the nightlife. But only after he has taken distance from his deepest feelings (and heartaches) does he transmute them into songs. He’s got a big heart and a cool head. Camiel Meiresonne is Son Mieux and vice versa. The debut album’s title, Faire de Son Mieux (out February 8), is French for ‘getting the most out of yourself’ or ‘giving it all you got’. Faire de Son Mieux showcases ten fully rounded pop songs brimming with irresistible hooks and choruses. The stories are personal in the best folk music tradition but all of them have an electronic foundation. This results in finely crafted, extremely danceable music full of emotion.

Le Classique: Talk Talk

Mark Hollis, the frontman for the British band Talk Talk, which had synth-pop hits in the early 1980s before veering into a more experimental sound that influenced a generation of musicians, has died. Mr. Hollis, about whom personal details are scarce, was widely reported to have been 64.

Talk Talk was formed in London in 1981, when new wave and synth-pop groups like A Flock of Seagulls and Duran Duran were beginning to receive heavy airplay. Talk Talk’s biggest hits, among them “It’s My Life” and “Such a Shame,” were typical of the style: buoyant songs built on catchy, danceable beats and Mr. Hollis’s plaintive lyrics.

Divus Julius presents…SPINN

SPINN have been causing a stir over the past few months. With their feel-good jangle-pop tunes and infectious personalities, it’s not hard to see why the Liverpudlian quartet are constantly tipped as one of  best up-and-coming acts.

SPINN spent 2018 selling out their debut UK headline tour, making the first visit to Japan, and clocking up over 3million Spotify plays. If that is the beachhead on the banks of the Mersey, then 2019 is the breakout. On 3rd May SPINN release their debut album ‘SPINN’ on Modern Sky UK.

Hit of the week: Glows ‘Passing Talk’

After the release of the excellent tracks ‘Perla’ and ‘Foam’ last year, Glows begins his 2019 with the hazy new track ‘Passing Talk’.

Glows is the project of London-based producer GG Skips. The 21-year-old has spent the past few years running the promotions company Slow Dance and putting on early shows by artists such as Sorry, Goat Girl and Black Midi.

New track ‘Passing Talk’ however is a world away from his guitar-based beginnings, a track full of glitchy, meditative electronics.

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