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4Ever Songs: Freak Power “Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out”

Ashley Slater is a Canadian-born American musician, composer and producer. Probably best known for his collaboration with Norman Cook (a.k.a. Fatboy Slim) as Lead Vocalist and Trombonist in the band Freak Power. In 1993,

They teamed up to form Freak Power and went on to have a top three hit single in the UK with “Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out”. Freak Power released two albums, Drive-Thru Booty and More of Everything for Everybody, also on Island Records. Their music was a mix of acid jazz, funk, soul and trip hop.

Divus Julius presents: The Blue Stones

The Blue Stones’ Tarek Jafar and Justin Tessier are quickly carving out a name for themselves in the blues rock, alt garage world–making stages quake.

The duo pride themselves on delivering a sonic wall of sound, drawing influence from The Black Keys, Acid Jazz and even Jay-Z. Their impressive last year’s album, Black Holes, is poised to arm-wrestle your eardrums into sweet submission.

The Canadian duo  have just released ‘Shakin’ Off The Rust’ – a song that very much serves as a mission statement for their renewed sense of confidence and newfound identity.