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The muses of La Musa: Ane Brun

Norwegian alt-pop chanteuse Ane Brun is releasing two new compilations tomorrow, with Songs 2013-2023 collecting some of her best work in the last decade. Meanwhile, Portrayals sports some of Brun’s popular cover tunes. Both albums are being released on the artist’s label, Balloon Ranger Records. Brun is also heading out on her 20th-anniversary tour of Europe, kicking off in Helsinki later this year.

Introducing…Pearl & The Oysters

Musical collaborators and life partners Juliette Pearl Davis and Joachim Polack are Pearl & The Oysters. Their Stones Throw debut Coast 2 Coast is out now. It’s an album documenting their move from Florida to L.A.

Juliette (Pearl) and Joachim (The Oysters) met at high school in Paris and formed an immediate bond through their mutual love of music and pop culture, spanning everything from ‘70s jazz to ‘90s space-age pop.