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Hit of the week: Nick Mulvey ‘Unconditional’

The wonderful Nick Mulvey has announced his return today, with a stunning new track, video and a couple of UK tour dates

Unconditional is his first new music since 2015’s Mercury Prize-nominated debut album First Mind, and is an utterly spellbinding piece, accompanied by a beautiful video directed by Bjork collaborator Bastian Glaessner.

The muses of La Musa: s a r a s a r a

A French producer/singer who shares a record label with Bjork:  s a r a s a r a is a coder who used to work for an apps company, so it’s no surprise to hear a robotic theme in her music. She sold her record collection so she could buy the right equipment to build her own style of experimental dance music, inspired by the likes of LFO, Nick Cave and Vanessa Paradis.

Bjork 4-hour DJ Set for Sónar

Today at 8pm, Björk will perform an exclusive 4-hour DJ Set for Sónar 2017’s Opening Night, on the Fira Montjuïc’s SonarHall stage (this performance requires a separate ticket from the SonarPass and Delegate Pass). This will be a rare opportunity to enjoy an intense and highly anticipated sonic adventure of disparate genres that have influenced her career, stretching from experimental electronica and modern grime, through to traditional music from around the world. The Icelandic artist typically shies away from orthodox dance floor trends, focusing more on an abstract and kaleidoscopic sound, incorporating inspirations from a wide range of sound sources and displaying innovative nuances to her continuously challenging and exuberant musical discourse.

“Björk Digital” will open on the same day, Wednesday 14th June, at Barcelona’s Contemporary Culture Centre (CCCB) and will run until September 24. Björk Digital has been conceived as an immersive exhibition using Virtual Reality to understand and experience first-hand the unique creative universe of Björk. The exhibition combines performance, cinema, installation, video and interaction and includes several audiovisual pieces produced with the latest technology in the field of Virtual Reality. It will showcase several pieces of her work made in collaboration with artists including Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Alexander McQueen, Nick Knight, Stéphan Sednaoui; and recent collaborators Jesse Kanda, Andrew Thomas Huang, Warren du Prees and Nick Thornton Jones.

“Bjork Digital” is a co-production between the CCCB and Sold Out, in collaboration with Sónar. Furthermore, Björk will also give a talk at Sónar+D, the Digital Culture and Creative Technologies Congress, which this year focuses on the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality applied to the arts. Björk will speak about her close ties to the audio-visual world, a central theme of her exhibition, on Wednesday June 14, the day exclusively for Delegate Pass holders.

The muses of La Musa: Aries

If somebody gets called the Björk from Getxo her music must have something unique and special,. And there is no doubt that everything that Isabel Fernández Reviriego touches becomes magic. So, after splitting with the marvellous power-pop band Charades, the Bilbao artist started a new adventure under the name of Aires, a project of luminous dreamy pop with which she reinterprets in electronic mode her passion for Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. Her third record, “Adieu or die” co-released by K Records and La Castanya, has confirmed that Isabel Fernández Reviriego is one of the great creators on the Spanish music scene.

Best Covers: Björk “It’s oh so quiet”

  • This is a remake of a 1948 song by Betty Hutton that was written by Hans Lang and Bert Reisfeld. The original is titled “Blow A Fuse.”
    This became Björk‘s biggest hit in the UK. It led to the Icelander’s subsequent single releases “Hyperballad” and “Possibly Maybe” also reaching the UK Top 20. Björk later virtually disowned the song by not including it on her 2002 greatest hits album. It is thought that Björk was disappointed that her most popular song is an unusual cover done in a style totally different to anything else she has recorded.


The muses of La Musa: Kelela

Part of a new and very exciting breed of r&b singers (Abra, Alexandria, Dawn Richard, etc.) Kelela is noted for her versatility and ability to adapt to contemporary mainstream electronica. In 2013 her debut “Cut 4 Me” took the world by storm and was featured on numerous best of year lists. Her latest EP “Hallucinogen” (released on Warp) demonstrates her unique talent as an ever-evolving artist on the rise. Everything about her is special: her name (last name Mizanekristos) of Ethiopian origin; her stunning beauty; her incredibly versatile voice; her eye-catching videos and the unparalleled magnetism of her stage presence. Even more special are the six songs on “Hallucinogen”, lyrically stark and sincere with futuristic and captivating production techniques, featuring participation from Ark, Daniel Pineda, Kingdom and Nguzunguzu among others.

Kelela was born in Washington DC and began her musical career as part of the house duo Teengirl Fantasy. However her big break came thanks to the Fade To Mind family, sister label of the British Night Slugs imprint. A number of artists from the two highly regarded labels (Bok Bok, Nguzunguzu, Girl Unit, Kingdom and Jam City, among others) collaborated on her debut release, “Cut 4 Me”, providing killer beats and futuristic bass lines, perfect for showcasing her considerable vocal skills. The album received plaudits from none other than Björk, and also received rave reviews across America and Europe. Following the album came collaborations with Kindness, Obey City and Future Brown; her signing to Warp; and the release of the extraordinary “Hallucinogen”. Kelela moves with considerable ease between mutant soul, cutting edge beats and contemporary r&b, and has already established herself as one of the most important singers of her generation. Justifiably.

Les muses de La Musa: Florence + The Machine

La Musa ens porta aquesta semana una musa ben especial. Una veritable musa de la música d’aquest segle XXI.

Set anys després de la seva primera i última visita, Florence + The Machine i la seva èpica tornen a Barcelona per presentar en directe  al Palau Sant Jordi el seu tercer àlbum ‘How big, how blue, how beautiful’ (2016), disc produït per Markus Dravs (Björk, Arcade Fire, Coldplay ) nominat al Premi Mercury i als Grammy en el seu present edició en diverses categories que sona a directe, és ric en melodies i està liderat com sempre per la poderosa veu de la seva carismàtica líder Florence Welch, que farà també un repàs de grans temes de la seva discografia com ‘Dog days are over’, ‘You’ve got the love’ o ‘Cosmic love’.