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Music by Bergman: Blue Hawaii

Tenderness is the first new material from Canadian artists Raphaelle Standell and Alexander Kerby (who also DJs under the name Agor) since 2013’s Untogether. Where that album was about the duo’s romantic breakup, the new one is inspired by mediating relationships through the internet and long-distance communication.

Arbutus Records says the album takes influences from ’90s dance music and “deep disco cuts,” mixed in with Standell’s acoustic guitar. Tenderness also features skits, spoken word sections and demos to help tell its story.

In the four years since Untogether, Standell has focused on her other band, Braids, while Kerby spent extended periods of time in LA and Berlin focusing on his DJ career.


Ville à Dômat #142: Sexy Mother Fuckers!

Quin gran Primavera Sound Festival, Entrevistarem els Cala Vento una de les bandes revel·lació del festival. Parlarem del Bona Nit Barcelona, el festival d’aquest proper dissabte; del festival This Is Hardcore que tondrà lloc a Razzmatazz. Divus Julius Bonasera estrenarà el més nou de The Avalanches, Braids, Garbage, Of Montreal, Dustin Tebbut, DeLorean, Aquilo, Weinf i Unknown Mortal Orchestra .entre d’altres. Disseccionarem el nou disc de Grimes i el mestre Bergman ens presentarà al suec sir Was, a Junk Son i els Cat’s Eyes. A més us informarem sobre l’ Utopía Photo Market i el FAD Barcelona
Dilluns 6.45pm 100.5FM Radio Ciutat Vella
Ville à Dômat: Sexy Mother Fuckers!