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Favourite Gig: Anna Calvi

Anna Calvi is the potence turned into music, a river of passion that cut through the music industry and won the heats of her fans with powerful guitars.

‘She’s the biggest one since Patti Smith’. This statement was made by Brian Eno when Calvi had only released one single. It seemed quite forward, but time has proven him right.

The comparisons carried on for a couple more years (‘She’s the new PJ Harvey’, for instance). Tonight in Sala Razzmatazz 2 at Cruïlla Tardor.

The muses of La Musa: Anna Calvi

Anna Calvi’s passionate and brooding goth pop/rock imbibed with strokes of flamenco and smoke-filled blues has filled the warm summer night at FIB with cinematic desire.

Hailed as the “best thing since Patti Smith” by Brian Eno, Anna’s also drawn comparisons with the likes of PJ Harvey and Nick Cave as well as garnering rave reviews and awards nominations for her albums “One Breath” and her eponymous debut.

Le Classique: Elvis Costello & The Imposters

Elvis Costello is back in Barcelona five years after his last visit. He’s coming armed with his greatest hits, and taking a musical look back at his extensive career, along with his band The Imposters. One of the most influential writers of all time, Costello has recorded more than 30 albums and has worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, TonyBennett, Brian Eno, Bill Frisell, Buch Bacharach and Rubén Blades, among so many others. He’s joining in the Pedralbes Festival with a good dose of pop, rock, new wave, country and punk, playing every instrument he touches with precision, be it guitar, piano, bass, drums or harmonica. And wearing those glasses, of course.

Music by Bergman: Ghostpoet

Dark Days + Canapés’ is Ghostpoet‘s most defining album to date. A stunning and stimulating return, ‘Dark Days + Canapés’ is a record that captures the sense of unease felt by so many in recent times.

After receiving recognition for the beat-driven arrangements of his first two albums, third album ‘Shedding Skin’ initiated a more alt-rock sound that saw Ghostpoet Mercury nominated for a second time. New album ‘Dark Days + Canapés’, produced by Leo Abrahams, best known for his work with Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins, delves even further into a fuller, guitar driven sound.

The muses of La Musa: Annette Peacock

She is one of the most important names of avant garde music, a figure who has been able to collaborate with people such as Salvador Dalí and Timothy Leary and to leave a profound mark on artists such as David Bowie, Brian Eno and Jaco Pastorius. With a career that spans over forty-five years, Annette Peacock can boast that she has given wings to free-jazz and at the same time has maintained a revolutionary and ground breaking spirit. It is not for nothing that she is considered to be one of the pioneers in the use of synthesizers and her discography, forever changing and full of long silences, is the perfect example of radicalism at the service of creation. A unique opportunity.

Best Covers: Brian Eno “I’m Set Free”

Brian Eno is the man responsible for the famous quote about everybody who bought the first Velvet Underground album forming a band. In 2016 he paid tribute to the VU again with his ambient-touched cover of “I’m Set Free.” It may not cause a spike in band formations, but Eno’s warm vocals drifting down his river of musical atmosphere may well set listeners free to find new illusions of their own, which would no doubt bring pleasure to Eno – and maybe even to Lou Reed as well.

Songhoy Blues, l’indie africà

Hi ha una nova generació de músics a Mali i, sens dubte, un dels seus caps visibles és aquesta banda d’indie amb gran influència del blues. Les seves cançons, que beuen de John Lee Hooker, BB King o Jimi Hendrix, aquelles que Garba Touré escoltava de petit a casa amb el seu pare (que va ser percussionista d’Ali Farka Touré), parlen de respecte, de reconciliació i de pau. Després de ser la revelació de l’àlbum ‘La Maison des Jeunes’ de l’últim Àfrica Express, comandat per Damon Albarn i Brian Eno, van publicar el seu àlbum ‘Music in exile’ i protagonitzen, al costat d’altres músics malians, el documental ‘They will have to kill us first: Malian Music in Exile ‘ que es podrà veure a l’In-Edit 2015. Aquesta nit a La2 de l’Apolo.