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Introducing…Another Michael

Describing Philadelphia trio Another Michael as an indie-pop act is accurate, but it’s also a serious oversimplification. Vocalist/guitarist Michael Doherty, bassist Nick Sebastiano and guitarist/keyboardist Alenni Davis combine a disparate set of influences—including everything from Damien Rice, Bright Eyes, Kanye West and Radiohead to R&B, dance, videogame and classical music—into a compelling debut album. The full-length follow-up to a pair of EPs, 2016’s Sans and 2018’s LandNew Music and Big Pop is the work of a hungry, young band still figuring out what exactly it is they want to say.

Music by Bergman: Billy Raffoul

Billy Raffoul’s anthemic debut single “Driver” serves as a potent calling card for the 23-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician. His signature sound is a rough-hewn, low-timbered rock and roll that nods to the likes of Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, and Joe Cocker, and is powered by Raffoul’s gravelly, soulful voice and deeply felt lyrics.

Billy Raffoul has debuted his new song and video, ‘What Makes A Man’. A stripped-back track that’s not a million miles away from Bright Eyes et al, it’s a reflective, emotional cut that speaks out against systemic racism in policing. The singer-songwriters’ upcoming album ‘International Hotel’due 28th August.


Divus Julius presents: Bright Eyes

Conor Oberst formed Bright Eyes as a solo project in 1995, aged just 15. His first album, A Collection Of Songs Written And Recorded 1995–1997, was recorded in his basement and released on Saddle Creek Records. Distinctly adolescent  the album wasn’t well-reviewed. But with the addition of Mike Mogis and later Nate Walcott, Bright Eyes were impressively prolific over the following several years, releasing nine studio albums, multiple EPs, and several collaboration albums. They refined their sound, gaining critical acclaim without losing what made them special, and continued until 2011.

Bright Eyes have released their second comeback single, ‘Forced Convalescence’. The track follows on from recent drop ‘Persona Non Grata’, their first new material since 2011, and arrives ahead of a new album they’ve previously said will arrive this year “no matter what”.