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Music by Bergman: Cub Sport

2019 saw Cub Sport undergo a transformation from local indie band to global pop powerhouse. With sell out dates across 4 continents, and a community and message that is impacting lives worldwide, the prolific independent Brisbane group are forging their own path to global acclaim. The energy around Cub Sport is fearless and captures the uniquely vulnerable writing and vocal delivery that saw the group reach new heights on their 2019, self-titled album Cub Sport.

Set for release on 7th April, they have announced their new album ‘Jesus At The Gay Bar’, sharing new single ‘Keep Me Safe’.

Music by Bergman: Pool Shop

Pool Shop is a Brisbane-based, dream-pop outfit, lead by Jaimee Fryer (Major Leagues). No stranger to performance, this once solo act is now transporting her recorded vision to the stage. To achieve these vivid soundscapes and ethereal melodies Pool Shop has expanded with four new members, Peter Bernoth, Vlada Edirippulige, Luke Pallier, Dougal Morrison. They released their debut album last year.