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The muses of La Musa: MARINA

Marina Lambrini Diamandis is a Welsh-Greek singer, known professionally as MARINA (previously Marina & the Diamonds). Diamandis’ musical style ranges from keyboard-based ballads to more up-tempo new wave-style songs with full band backing. She has cited a wide range of influences such as Daniel Johnston, Blondie, Patti Smith, Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Elliott Smith, Dolly Parton, Britney Spears and Madonna.

MARINA released this year her fifth album the acclaimed ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’

Best Covers: The Marías ”…Baby One More Time”

The Marías have released a video for their cover of Britney Spears hit ”…Baby One More Time.”

The Marías—lead singer and backing guitarist María, drummer and producer Josh Conway, lead guitarist Jesse Perlman, and keyboardist Edward James—are a Los Angeles-based psychedelic-soul group who fuse elements of indie, dream-pop, jazz and funk.

María’s soft and sultry vocals coincide with jazzy percussion, delicate synthesizers and hypnotic electric guitar tones in their bedroom pop-esque cover of Spears’ 1999 global hit song, ”…Baby One More Time.”

La cova de Núria Graham

La jove vigatana Núria Graham, que va cridar l’atenció de tothom amb la seva demo ‘First tracks’ (2013), que li va obrir les portes del folk més delicat i detallista segueix defensant el seu magnífic debut, ‘Bird eyes’ (2015), un disc de rock de perfil clàssic que Graham transforma en alguna cosa pròpia i intransferible i ha tingut continuació el 2016 amb el seu últim EP, ‘In the cave’ (2016), que inclou la versió gravada d’un dels seus clàssics en directe, la intensa versió del ‘Toxic’ de Britney Spears. Festival Mil·leni la presenta aquesta nit a El Molino.