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Introducing…Bruno Pernadas

The cover of Those Who Throw Objects at the Crocodiles Will Be Asked to Retrieve Them (2016), the second album by Lisbon-born Bruno Pernadas (Julie & The Carjackers, Real Combo Lisbon, When We Left Paris), with an image that reminds us of a cocktail at the end of the Fifties or start of the Sixties, surrealistically invaded by half a dozen lovebirds, might give us an idea of the sound this jazz graduate uses in his solo project. He crafts an exquisite pop between The High Flames and Stereolab, leading to Baroque pop and the easy listening of the Sixties, but with a tropical touch. It’s as if Harpers Bizarre or The Free Design had heard Mulatu Astatke’s Ethio-jazz or the hypnotic music melodies of Mali, and had allowed themselves to be seduced by the repetitions of Steve Reich’s minimalism. Saturday night in concert at BAM Festival.