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Introducing…The Sherlocks

The Sherlocks are a self-described four-piece indie band hailing from Sheffield, rocketing onto the alternative scene in October 2013 as an unsigned band with their debut EP First Bite of the Apple.

The chemistry from the Crook brothers is evident in their tight harmonies and sharp chord changes – their sound is similar to contemporaries Catfish and the Bottlemen, but their lyrics are far from the world-weary sound of more experienced artists.

The Sherlocks are going to release their second album this autumn. Titled ‘Under Your Sky’, it will be released on 4th October accompanied by a UK and Ireland headline tour that kicks off on the same day.


Favourite Gig: Catfish and the Bottlemen

Defining undimmed ambition as the flag bearers for energetic, arena-filling alternative rock, Catfish and the Bottlemen will be presenting tonight their new album at Razzmatazz.

Their third album after a wait of almost three years, following 2014’s The Ride and 2016’s The Balcony(selling over one million copies between them), The Balance hits the playlists of a growing, ceaselessly passionate community of young fans worldwide. The response to recent singles, including Longshot (achieving 30 million streams and counting), has only fanned the flames of expectation.

Les versions d’il Dottore: Catfish and The Bottlemen "Read My Mind"

Il Dottore ha estat recentment a Gal·les on ha tobat una nova versió pel nostre delit. Es tracta d’una banda jove anomenada Catfish and The Bottlemen que publicaren el seu àlbum de debut l’any passat, The Balcony.Tanmateix, la raó de tenir-los avui en aquesta secció coneguda com: A tu et conec!, és per versionar uns de les cançons més encertades de The Killers, Read My Mind. Fins la propera setmana, villeadomatians!