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Divus Julius presents… Bear’s Den

Raised from the ashes of the much-appreciated band, Cherbourg comes Bear’s Den. After Cherbourg split-up, members Andrew Davie and Kevin Jones talked about starting a new band together. Davie locked himself up in an old mill outside of Glasgow to write some songs and when he came out, he and Jones asked the talented multi-instrumentalist Johannes Refsdal to join their band. That’s how Bear’s Den was born. A band with romantic, alternative folk songs that show influences from artists like Nick Drake and Bonnie Prince Billy.

Red Earth & Pouring Rain is their first album since the departure of Joey Haynes, Red Eart & Pouring Rain is inspired by the likes of the paintings of Edward Hopper, the novels of Raymond Carver, and film director Robert Altman’s Short Cuts. Tonight in cooncert at sala Bikini.