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Introducing… She Her Her Hers

She Her Her Hers is an alternative band.Fusion of Chillwave,Shoegaze,Synthpop,and Ambient etc.
In December 2019, they released their 3rd album “location”.
The same year, they signed under a Chinese label as their first Japanese artists, which lead them to embark on a China Tour of 7th cities, a successful start of their expansion in Asia. Few days ago they shared a new song ‘After A Moment.’

Music by Bergman: Washed Out

Music as a refuge, music as stress relief, music as a drug or an adjunct to drugs: Ernest Greene, the songwriter who records as Washed Out, has always embraced those functions with a hint of ambivalence. … Greene inaugurated the minimovement that became known as chillwave with Washed Out’s first EPs in 2009.

More than a decade since chillwave had its moment, Washed Out is still making dreamy electro-pop tunes, and now he’s released his latest one. “Too Late” comes with an ambitious crowd-sourced video.

Local Bands: Tversky

Miquel Serra and Xavier Paradís have temporarily moved away from their adventure with Boreals to give free reign to Tversky, a project named in honour of the Israeli neuroscientist Amos Tversky with which they move even closer to the dance floor, alternating between funk and house with a sound reminiscent of chillwave. Whilst waiting to release their first LP on the Catalan label Foehn, the band has already got people talking with “Time Warp”, an atmospheric galactic techno EP on DROK Records. Tonighh Primavera Club present them at La2.

La nàusea de Craft Spells

Craft Spells és el projecte del jove productor de Seattle Justin Vallesteros que ha vist com el seu so en equilibri entre el chillwave dels 2010s, i el pop vaporós en clau DIY s’ha guanyat la bona crítica de les dues corrents i és ja un nom sortit de la fase promesa en vies de consolidació. Després d’esclatar amb ‘Idle labor’ (2011) i fer un gran pas endavant amb ‘Nausea’ (2014), ara té ganes de seguir experimentant cap a la pista de ball. Cooncert els presenta avui a la sala Razzmatazz.

El chillwave de Chad Valley

Chad Valley és el projecte paral·lel d’Hugo Manuel, cantant de la banda Jonquil, fortament influenciat per les sonoritats dels 80, el funk, el disc, el soul o el RnB. Després de debutar amb el llarg ‘Young hunger’ (2012), el cantant i compositor anglès presenta ara el seu segon disc, ‘Entirely new blue’ (2015). Aquesta nit a les sales Razzmatazz.