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Best Covers: Chromatics “The Sound of Silence”

In Closer To Grey, Chromatics new album, features all new original material plus two covers. One of them is Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” which opens the album and the band transforms the evergreen acoustic hymn into an eerie, lonely creep through dark streets in the small hours.

Hit of the week: Chromatics “You’re No Good”

Chromatics has released a brand new album, Closer to Grey. . Now they have shared a video for the album’s “You’re No Good.” The band’s Johnny Jewel directed the video, which features lots of multiple exposure images and befits the band’s general aesthetic well. Watch it below.

Ville à Dômat #259: ‘Musicalism’

Som avantguarda. Divus Julius selecciona cada dijous les cançons més exquisides de la setmana. Estrenem els nous disc de Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds i Chromatics. Punxem el més nou de Mat Maltese, Gengahr, Cigarettes After Sex i els incombustibles O.M.D. A més us presentem els francesos French 79 i Requin Chagrin i els nord-americans Ohtis. Tota la informació sobre l’AMFest.

Dijous 22h 100.5FM Ràdio Ciutat Vella

Ville à Dômat: Musicalism


In the style of Bon Jovi, the New York band Barrie are an outfit named after their lead singer Barrie, but who also include Noah, Sabine, Dom and someone called Spurge.

In short-hand, Barrie make ambient dream pop. Their debut song Canyons encapsulates their style of drawing on retro synths sounds, modern pop production and melodic sweetness. Fans of Beach House may find Tal Uno right up their street while Michigan comes across like a poppier take on the slow disco atmosphere of the Chromatics.

They’ve just release ‘Saturated’ which is featured on the group’s forthcoming debut ‘Happy To Be Here’, set for release on 3rd May.

Ville à Dômat #247: ‘The Day That Music Dies’

Un dilluns més, i ja en són 247, no fallem a la cita preparats per estrenar les millors cançons de la collita indie d’arreu del món. Aquesta setmana Divus Julius viatja a França, Japó, Holanda, Austràlia i com no als E.U.A. i Anglaterra. Estrenem el més nou de MethylL Ethel, The Mountain Goats, Chromatics, Mansionair o Robyn.  Us descobrirem a Pecas, Cuco, Drenge, Suzi Wu, Vendredi sur Mer o Son Mieux . A més, tota la info sobre el cartell sencer del Vida Festival.
Dilluns 100.5FM Ràdio Ciutat Vella 7PM
Ville à Dômat: The Day That Music Dies

Music by Bergman: Desire

Desire’s self-titled debut is a smouldering ache — saturnine synthesized pop about heartbreak & infinite longing, late nights by the telephone & break-up letters smeared by tears.

Johnny Jewel discovered singer Megan Louise performing at a club in Montreal. So transfixed was he by her voice that he elected to mirror his Portland Suite 304 studio and create a second recording room in Quebec. With the addition of Jewel’s longtime collaborator Nat Walker (Chromatics, Symmetry) on drums & synthesizer, the part-American, part-French Canadian band was born. 
Desire is melancholic pop grandeur — the soundtrack to new love that feels like the end of the world. Desire, just one of the many italo-leaning dream pop acts featured on Johnny Jewel’s Italians Do It Better label, have shared ‘Tears From Heaven’, their first new single in nine years.

Hit of the week: Chromatics ‘Black Walls’

Few albums have left music fans in as much suspense as Chromatics’ long-awaited Dear Tommy. The record was originally announced in 2014, with a handful of cuts from the 17-song tracklist — “Just Like You”, “Shadow”, “In Films”, and “I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around” — having been shared over the intervening years.

Now, finally, it seems Jewel may have a version of the album he’s happy enough with to share with the rest of the world. A sparsely written press release has dated Dear Tommyfor a fall 2018 release from Italians Do It Better. To add more credence to the possibility this is for real, Chromatics have shared a new single called “Black Walls”.  “Black Walls” is a beating, slinking track filled with tight mystery that opens wide with climbing synths