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Ville à Dômat #175: “Estimula els teus sentits”

Cada dilluns estimula els teus sentits a partir de les 7 del vespre i sintonitza Ville à Dômat, el programa indie més cool del planeta terra. El Mariscal Mauro torna per entrevistar a Sigmund Wilder una de les noves bandes barcelonines que trepitja fort. Divus Julius Bonasera estrenarà el més nou de Gorillaz, !!!, Local Natives o Real Estate. Punxarem el més nou de bandes locals com Museless, Dead Parties o InnerCut i de bandes forànies com Cigarettes After Sex, The Orielles, Day Wave o Black Honey.
A més, tota l’agenda de concerts de la setmana; l’actualitat sobre els festivals d’arreu del món, el Minimúsica,el 35è Saló Internacional del Còmic i la pel·lícula del moment: “Incerta Glòria”.
Dilluns de 7PM a 9PM 100.5FM Barcelona Radio Ciutat Vella
Ville à Dômat: Estimula els teus sentis

Ville à Dômat #162: Merry Ville Xmas 2016

Merry Ville Xmas to everyone! A les portes de Nadal Divus Julius Bonasera entrevistarà a la gent de Cooncert, la plataforma social de concerts més trempada del país. Punxarem el més nou de Ryan Adams, Lowly, Jenny Hval,  Elbow, Mitski i Circa Waves entre d’altres. Repasssarem els noms confirmats pels propers Sónar Festival i  Festival Cruïlla. Us descobrirem a noves bandes com Low Island, Tender, CaStLeS, Cigarettes After Sex, Toothless o Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam. Us parlarem del festival de cine El Dia Més Curt.
Dilluns 100.5FM from 7pm to 9pm a Radio Ciutat Vella
Merry Ville Xmas 2016

Best Covers: Cigarettes After Sex “Keep On Loving You”

There are only two Cigarettes After Sex releases to date. Gonzalez refers to them as records, but the first, I., released in 2012, contains four songs, and the second, Affection, from October 2015, has just two. The mood is consistent throughout: “Affection” is half bittersweet apology, half long-distance relationship ballad. The pace is so slow you almost want Gonzalez to hurry up and sing, but a crisp drum beat and a floating guitar line beautifully distract from his dawdling. Even more impressive: Gonzales takes the REO Speedwagon lite-FM classic, “Keep On Loving You,” and slows it to a crawl, drawing out the mournfulness at its core.

Ville à Dômat #146: Indie Addictes

A Ville à Dômat som addictes a l’indie. La Musa torna per explicar-nos el millor del Vida Festival. A més, us ho explicarem tot sobre el Festival Cruïlla que tindrà lloc a Barcelona el proper cap de setmana. Divus Julius Bonasera entrevistarà a Eduard Berraondo, cap de comunicació de l’ Open Camp  el primer parc lúdic d’esports d’Europa situat a Montjuïc. Punxarem el més nou de Disclosure Blood Orange White Lies The Strokes Devendra Banhart Parquet Courts o The Hillbilly Moon Explosion. Seguirem analitzant les conseqüències del Brexit en el món de la música i sabrem què en pensen els artistes britànics.
Dilluns 6.45pm 100.5FM
Ville à Dômat: Indie Addictes.

Music by Bergman: Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex are an indie/slowcore band that originated from El Paso, Texas in 2008, though they got their proper start in 2012 when they relocated to Brooklyn, New York, which is where they are currently based out of. Their debut EP was released in 2012, and garnered quite a bit of attention over time, which is definitely deserved. For one, these four songs are practically flawless. Think of the atmosphere and gentle vocals of Slowdive mixed with the evil, dark twin version of a Pixies bass line. They can be slow and moody, but strangely optimistic, which works out to be the perfect dynamical paradox. I highly recommend their first EP, it’s a perfect example of how slowcore/shoegaze/whatever you want to call it can perfectly mesh atmospheric sounds with pop sensibilities.

After a few years and some major line-up shifts, their second EP (if it can be called that) was just released this month. It’s only one song, but it’s one damn good song. “Affection” picks up where they left off, but with a little higher production value, and a very prominent, swelling electric guitar to add some weight to the song.