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The muses of La Musa: CMAT

The joker CMAT says in her Spotify biography that she is recovering from “an AliExpress addiction”, but the few songs she has published so far in her career seem to suggest an addiction to Vinted: the specialty of the Irish artist Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson is to give a second life (and a better life) to those second-hand melodies that have been gathering dust in a trunk for a long time. Singles like I Don’t Really Care for You and I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby! transform textbook country music into sparkling fringed pop with that proves that revival, like everything else, can be done right or wrong, with or without flair, by adding or taking away. Retro is also new with CMAT.

The muses of La Musa: Caitlin Rose

It’s been a long time since we last heard from Caitlin Rose, Nashville’s queen of the quip and gutsy country-pop songcraft. Last month, Caitlin Rose announced her first new album in almost a decade, CAZIMI and shared new single “Nobody’s Sweetheart”.

Best Covers: Orville Peck ‘Born This Way’ 

Orville Peck turns ‘Born This Way’ into a country road anthem with his brand new Lady Gaga cover. The 10th anniversary edition of ‘Born This Way’ will feature the 14 tracks of the original record, plus 6 reimagined versions by artists yet to be revealed, including ‘The Edge of Glory’, ‘Marry The Night’ and more. The full thing is set for release on 18th June.

El viatge de cinc hores de Cracker

La banda de country rock liderada per David Lowery i Johnny Hickman passa per Barcelona dins la gira per presentar el seu novè disc ‘Berkeley to Bakersfield’ (2014), un doble àlbum en forma de viatge per l’estat de Califòrnia. Un viatge de cinc hores entre les ciutats de Berkley i Bakersfield que va de l’escena rock en els últims 70 i els primers 80 de la primera al twang country popularitzat per Buck Owens i Merle Haggard als 60 i 70 de la segona. Aquesta nit al City Hall.