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Hit of the week: Parcels ‘Lightenup’

Berlin-based Parcels today announce their self-titled debut album will be released on October 12th via Kitsuné/Because Music. The quintet have also shared their new single and video for Lightenup. Like their previous releases, Lightenup lives and breathes the funky sound of disco music.

Parcels was written in Berlin, the band’s home of choice. Originally from Australia, Louie Swain (synths), Patrick Hetherington (synths), Noah Hill (bass), Anataole Serret (percussion) and Jules Crommelin (guitar) moved to the German capital 3 years ago and have since gained an international fan base. After Daft Punk discovered them in 2016, they took the boys to the studio to collaborate on their single Overnight.

Local Bands: Malachi Estéreo

Malachi Estéreo arrived from the underworld of Barcelona with the mission of disturbing the establishment and leading the masses. Malachi is Rock, he’s tough, he’s a bullet in the balls and he’s bizarre. Go out and enjoy fucking. It is a group from Barcelona formed by Brown Fox, Albert Julve and Bob Gonzales.

His music is blunt mix of punk rock, funk, electronic and hip hop, Sampleadélicas, fun and fresh songs full of great beats, distorted guitars and lyrics vacilonas, tremendous themes loaded with electroide energy, rotund beats, funk rhythms and eighties synths perfect for make you poge and dance break on the sidewalks, rough and dirty throbbing punk attitude that fuses with disturbing samplers and incisive rhythms creating addictive hits of rave punk, direct, bastards and bizarre raw and visceral sound compositions that vomit electro punk rock pillions and they flirt with funk and house, a very interesting band that has dazzled us because of the quality of their proposal and their huge live show.

Among its influences can be groups like NOFX, Rage Againt The Machine, Coldcut, Jamiroquai, Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Aphex Twin …

Hit of the week: Parcels ‘TIEDUPRIGHTNOW’

Australian electro-pop band Parcels just released their latest track ‘TIEDUPRIGHTNOW’ and its accompanying music video, the follow-up to their breakout single ‘Overnight’. Forming in high school back in 2014, the five-piece band quickly found success late last year. ‘Overnight,’ which was co-produced by Daft Punk, enjoyed unforeseen success in the northern hemisphere, surpassing 50 million streams online. The band also began to build their live reputation too, with a string of popular sold out gigs.

‘TIEDUPRIGHTNOW’ is an upbeat second track with a strong disco feel, and looks destined to be a summer anthem.




Hit of the week: Parcels “Overnight”

It’s a big deal to collaborate with Daft Punk for anyone, let alone an emerging indie band out of regional NSW. After making the bold decision to move to Berlin, unbeknownst to them, Daft Punk caught their high energy disco infused pop set in a sweaty basement in Paris. So impressed, the titans of dance music invited Parcels to a secret location in France to co-write and produce ‘Overnight’. Parcels’ urgent pace and funky guitar riffs have always drawn comparison to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, so really it’s a match made in heaven. Tonight in concert at Vida Festival.

Hit of the week: Arcade Fire ‘Everything Now’

Arcade Fire have announced their fifth album Everything Now will be released next month on Columbia. You can now hear the official stream of the title track after the band’s surprise released it on 12″ at Primavera Festival this week.

The disco-inflected track is produced by the band along with Pulp’s Steve Mackey and Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, though no details have surfaced about the full tracklist or production credits. Arcade Fire’s last album, 2014’s Reflektor was produced by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, although he might be a little busy with bringing his own band back to help out this time. Everything Now is out July 28.

L’electro swing de Caravan Palace

Es defineixen com a ciberpunks dels feliços anys vint i és que la seva aposta recull l’entusiasme desbordat dels roaring twenties i el llança sense contemplació a una pista de ball presidida per grans altaveus i encegadores llums estroboscòpiques. Una coctelera d´imparable electro swing amb marcat accent parisenc -el french touch imprescindible- que ens transporta a un caleidoscopi d’èpoques i estils on Django Reinhardt pot conviure tranquil·lament amb Daft Punk. Presenten el seu darrer disc, de títol curiós, si més no: <I°_°I> (2015). Aquesta nit a la sala Barts dins del Guitar Festival.

LCD Soundsystem, l’aperitiu del Primavera

El grup novaiorquès liderat per James Murphy oferirà, com a prèvia a la seva actuació dins del Fòrum el dijous 2 de juny a la primera jornada del Primavera Sound, un concert extra avui a la sala Barts.
Cinc anys després de l’aturada indefinida de la banda, LCD Soundsystem tornen amb la mateixa força que els va convertir en la definició de la música alternativa d’una dècada i en una experiència imperdible en directe, que es podrà gaudir per partida doble en el marc del festival. Condensant 40 anys de rock i ball en els seus discos, el grup ha sabut unir en la seva discografia el post punk, la música de ball, el pop i l’electrònica i fondre-ho en hits instantanis com ‘Losing my edge’, ‘All my friends’ o ‘Daft Punk is playing at my house’. Tres àlbums d’estudi i un en directe conformen el seu llegat fins al moment, a l’espera del seu imminent nou disc.
Per assistir al concert és necessari posseir un abonament per a Primavera Sound 2016, abonament VIP, acreditació PrimaveraPro o de premsa i disposar d’un tiquet de reserva que es pot aconseguir gratis de manera anticipada a partir d’aquest dimecres 25 de maig a les 17 h a través del Portal Primavera Sound, a raó d’un tiquet per reserva i per compte d’usuari del portal fins a exhaurir existències.