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Introducing…Another Michael

Describing Philadelphia trio Another Michael as an indie-pop act is accurate, but it’s also a serious oversimplification. Vocalist/guitarist Michael Doherty, bassist Nick Sebastiano and guitarist/keyboardist Alenni Davis combine a disparate set of influences—including everything from Damien Rice, Bright Eyes, Kanye West and Radiohead to R&B, dance, videogame and classical music—into a compelling debut album. The full-length follow-up to a pair of EPs, 2016’s Sans and 2018’s LandNew Music and Big Pop is the work of a hungry, young band still figuring out what exactly it is they want to say.

Music by Bergman: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Born in York (UK) in 1989, Benjamin Francis Leftwich started playing guitar under the influence of Nick Drake, Rolling Stones, Nina Simone and Elliot Smith. When he was just 22 he released his first work as a composer and singer-songwriter, “Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm”. Thanks to songs like “Shine” and “Atlas Hands”, the critics have compared him to artists of standing such as Damien Rice and José González.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich will release his new album To Carry A Whale on June 18th via Dirty Hit. It is Leftwich’s fourth album and comprises 10 brand new tracks, including lead single and album opener ‘Cherry In Tacoma’.

Divus Julius presents…Charlie Cunningham

Nascut en una petita ciutat de la perifèria de Londres, Charlie Cunningham va convertir aviat la guitarra i el piano en una part important de la seva vida. Va aprendre els secrets de la composició i després d’entrenar-se a petits locals d’Oxford va emprendre un viatge a Sevilla, on va viure dos anys explorant diferents maneres d’apropar-se a la guitarra després de desenvolupar una tècnica que va ser un catalitzador per a la seva creativitat. Prenent com a referent les qualitats percutives del flamenc, les seves cançons s’enlairen entre delicades floritures i moments introspectius.

Perfeccionista en grau suprem, es va prendre el seu temps fins a publicar unes suggerents i emocionants cançons, amb una mirada folk que no té res a envejar a José González, Ben Howard o Damien Rice. La seva música, acústica i intimista, va superar el milió de reproduccions a Spoty amb el primer EP “Outside Things” (2014). Els seguidors van augmentar després de publicar el segon i tercer  EPs, “Breather” (2015) i “Heights” (2016), i penjar a YouTube unes “Live Sessions” que reflecteixen l’emotiva atmosfera del seu directe.

En el Festival Mil·lenni presentarà l’àlbum de debut “Lines”, una col·lecció de temes que sonen frescos i ja familiars. La connexió amb el flamenc, evident a “Long Grass” o “Own Speed”, segueix estant al fons però en la forma les cançons han guanyat personalitat. A més, recupera alguns dels temes favorits dels seus fans, com “Lights Off”, “Breathe” o “While You Are Young”, però en versions noves. També hi ha estrenes: el lirisme confident de “Minimum” o el rampell vocal d’“Answers”, pavimentant nous camins pel que serà la seva primera gran gira per Europa.

The muses of La Musa: Lisa Hannigan

Molts varen conèixer Lisa Hannigan per ser la dolça veu femenina que acompanyava l’arxiconegut Damien Rice. Van tocar junts durant 7 anys, però no va ser fins al llançament del seu debut, ‘Sea Sew’, que les seves habilitats en solitari es van fer evidents. Des de llavors Lisa ha estat contínuament ampliant la seva experiència musical en diverses direccions. Ara, la cantautora i compositora irlandesa ha tret el seu nou àlbum ‘At Swim’. El presentarà a l’Apolo el 18 d’abril, amb les també irlandeses Saint Sister com a teloneres.

Best Covers: Natalie Imbruglia “Cannonball”

Australian singer-songwriter, actor, ‘X Factor’ judge and ’90s sweetheart Natalie Imbruglia, who had everyone swooning with her award-winning 1998 hit, ‘Torn’ subsequently released records here and there since then. Imbruglia is now back on the international scene with her first LP in six years, ‘Male’ (2015), a collection of classic and contemporary songs first recorded by her favourite male artists, including Cat Stevens, Tom Petty, Pete Townsend, and Zac Brown Band among others. We’ve chosen Damien Rice “Cannonball” cover. Today she will play at Razzmatazz.

Festival Cruïlla 2016

Cruïlla Festival stakes its reputation on value for money – early tickets for 2016 went on sale in 2015 at just €45, more than a bargain for three nights of music. This year Cruïlla is on from July 8 to 10 in the Parc del Fòrum, and is one of Bacelona’s top summer music festivals, with its programme full of prejudice-free eclectic music. Confirmed acts for this year demonstrate that. Headliners Alabama Shakes from the USA are disciples of Janis Joplin who bring back a classic soul and blues style, and have won the support of rock biggies including Jack White. Also on the line-up is one of the great singer-songwriters of our times, Irish musican Damien Rice, and you’ll also be treated to Ana Tijoux, a new and strong voice out of Chile, who will blow away stereotypes and push the limits of hip hop.

Cruïlla also brings unexpected musical meetings, such as the coming together of Basque musician Fermin Muguruza and the New Orleans Basque Orkestra, which link the musical traditions of Euskadi and New Orleans in an unprecedented fusion of sounds playing Muguruza’s repertoire.

Spanish musicians are well represented also, with big names such as Enrique Bunbury (from Aragon), who brings his electric live show full of hits including songs from his former band Héroes del Silencio; the epic sounds of Madrid’s Vetusta Morla; Catalans Love of Lesbian, presenting their new album, ‘El poeta Halley’ (2016); 091, a legendary group from Granada who are back together to share the best of their collection of songs; and Zoo, a revelation of Valencian and Catalan music.

Cruïlla is also the world’s first cashless festival, allowing attendees to pay for everything from food to merchandising using a PayPal account linked to a smart wristband. Cruïlla takes place at Parc del Forum from July the 8th to July the 10th.

Ville à Dômat #146: Indie Addictes

A Ville à Dômat som addictes a l’indie. La Musa torna per explicar-nos el millor del Vida Festival. A més, us ho explicarem tot sobre el Festival Cruïlla que tindrà lloc a Barcelona el proper cap de setmana. Divus Julius Bonasera entrevistarà a Eduard Berraondo, cap de comunicació de l’ Open Camp  el primer parc lúdic d’esports d’Europa situat a Montjuïc. Punxarem el més nou de Disclosure Blood Orange White Lies The Strokes Devendra Banhart Parquet Courts o The Hillbilly Moon Explosion. Seguirem analitzant les conseqüències del Brexit en el món de la música i sabrem què en pensen els artistes britànics.
Dilluns 6.45pm 100.5FM
Ville à Dômat: Indie Addictes.