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Introducing…Fred again..

South London producer Fred Gibson, aka Fred again.. became the sound of the past, present and future during lockdown. Tracks burst through the fog, drenched in nostalgia and brimming with hope for the future. His sound struck a chord with a generation who felt they had had precious years of their youth stolen from them.

 Music, at its core, is a reflection of the artist. And nowhere does that sentiment ring more true than in the works of British auteur Fred Again. Taking a unique dairyesque approach to electronic music, the British artist and producer crafts sonic collages that double as snapshots into his life and distinctively human club music. It’s this intoxicating cocktail of far-ranging emotions and euphoric dance music that comes to life in his sophomore album, Actual Life 2 

Introducing…Jungle by Night

The Dutch group Jungle by Night blends, in an exciting manner, the influences of krautrock, dance, jazz, afrobeat and pop. Known for their danceable, powerful, energetic and contagious live performances, this young group of nine musicians present Livingstone, their fifth album released by the prestigious Rush Hour Records, in which their afrobeat is close to synthesizers.