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4Ever Songs: Gorillaz ‘Feel Good Inc’

But on that fateful December day, in a gilded ballroom in New York’s Gotham Hall, all that changed: the Gorillaz — four cartoon characters from the U.K. — scored an astonishing five Grammy nominations, including a Record of the Year nod for their track “Feel Good Inc.”  Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn recalled the involvement of producer Danger Mouse into the recording process.

Music by Bergman: Broken Bells

As ringleader of The Shins, James Mercer has left a busload of bandmates on the hard shoulder over the past two decades. His longest lasting act must be Broken Bells, this occasional project with best mate Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton. The duo’s first two albums established a pattern of flirting convincingly with various genres (new wave, folk, prog, post-punk) before ghosting them entirely. Impressive, but weirdly hard to enjoy. Into the Blue, their third album,  is similarly promiscuous, but more frequently dazzling.

Divus Julius presents: Daniele Luppi

Italian-born film composer Daniele Luppi grew up listening to the groovy lounge sounds of Italian pop music in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Used in advertising, film, television and radio, this musical style became so much a part of Luppi’s life that he could not help but draw on its influence for his first full album, An Italian Story. Here, Luppi not only pays homage to the genre of his youth, but he takes it one very classy step further: he employed those musicians who originally brought the music to life to make his modern version of it shine. Born and raised in Rome, Luppi was classically trained on piano and also learned to play jazz organ, becoming a master of the Hammond B-3.

Daniele Luppi has worked with some artists, ranging from his 2011 Rome project – which included Danger Mouse and Jack White – to his 2017 recordings with Parquet Courts and Karen O.

His new EP finds the studio boffin pivoting once more, with Daniele Luppi combining with Cigarettes After Sex figure Greg Gonzalez. The incoming project is titled ‘Charm Of Pleasure’, and it merges two very distinct artists.

El soul profund de Michael Kiwanuka

Nascut a Londres i fill de pares ugandesos, Michael Kiwanuka va aparèixer en escena amb ‘Home again’ 2012, disc amb el qual va ser comparat amb grans com Randy Newman o Bill Withers. El seu soul profund ha fet un salt impressionant aquest 2016 amb el seu segon disc, ‘Love & Hate’ (2016), produït per Danger Mouse (Beck, The Black Keys), que va entrar al número 1 de les llistes britàniques i que és ja un clàssic de la música negra. Festival Mil·leni el presenta aquesta nit a la sala Bikini.