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Divus Julius presents: Wunderhorse

After the combustion of his teenage band Dead Pretties, Jacob Slater did some much-needed reevaluating. From it came Wunderhorse, and a debut album – ‘Cub’ – that stares into a far brighter future.

The Wunderhorse project debuted in 2021 with the release of ‘Teal’, the first single to preview the magnificent Cub. The upbeat melody of the track meets Slater’s moody, Lou Reed-esque vocals that rise into frenzied, passionate choruses.

Favourite Gig: Shame

The shouty south Londoners write songs about politics, perverts, and their insecurities, and reject the laddism of the indie scene.  Shame formed when the five members were in their mid-teens and bumped along anonymously for a while, part of a nascent south London scene of bands drawn together through mutual friends that also included HMLTD, Goat Girl and Dead Pretties. Tonight they will present their debut album at Sidecar.