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Music by Bergman: Die! Die! Die!

 Die! Die! Die! is one of the most prolific bands to emerge out of New Zealand’s indie, noise rock, and punk scenes over the last decade. Rooted in a stylistic conversation between post-punk, noise pop, shoegaze, lo-fi, experimental electronica and punk rock, at its emotional core, CHARM. OFFENSIVE. -their last album- is the sound of a road-worn underground band relaxing, and falling back in love with music all over again.

Die! Die! Die! have shared their new onslaught, ‘I Seek Misery’. The band – who returned with the ‘O’ EP last summer; their first release with bassist Lachlan Anderson since ‘Harmony’ in 2011 – will release the track as part of a double A-side along with ‘450’ on 23rd October.