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Divus Julius presents: 404

Hailing from South London’s thriving DIY scene, 404 are 2019’s most unpredictable, no-holds barred and essential new collective. Formed from two previously separate factions releasing music under one unifying umbrella, their unique form of electronically infused hip hop has whipped up a fervour amongst South London’s thriving DIY scene, and with their debut EP ‘Guild One’ the group have set out to replicate their formidable live reputation across six devastating tracks.

Local Bands: Angela

Not content with making Redthread one of the most promising bands on the Barcelona underground scene, Víctor López has added another string to his bow with Angela, a more personal project with a rougher and more daunting texture. Angela is a cross between the rock of the nineties, the post metal and the sombre and industrial atmospheres that produced records such as “Dark” while moving towards pop and indie on “Medolias”, the latest album released by the Barcelona musician seeped in rigorous DIY ethics that has also been released in cassette format by La Nada Colectiva. Tonight in concert at centre cultural La Farinera del Clot.


Gorg Màgic Festival

Gorg Màgic Festival és el nou festival que arriba de la mà d’El Mamut Traçut, petit segell ‘DIY’ amb seu a Sant Joan de Vilatorrada orientat a l’antifolk, l’indie i el lo-fi. En aquesta primera jornada hi podrem veure el folk somiador de r. ariel (Rachel Crocker), que arriba de Phoenix, Arizona, del músic alemany (i també pintor) Peter Piek i del duo català Painted With Plums. Avui a la sala Heliogàbal.