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Best Covers: Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs ‘Hot Stuff’

Pigs x 7’s and Lovely Eggs’ sludgy cover of Donna Summer’s ionic disco track “Hot Stuff” is about as far from the original as you can get while still remaining recognizable. Singers Matthew Baty and Holly Ross shout and scream the lyrics while the remaining band members pound away on the song, alternating between what sounds like The Melvins and what sounds like The Stooges. But the song retains its melody and, uncannily, some of its danceability. There’s an extended coda featuring more shouting just in case you missed the point.

Best Covers: Hector Zazou ‘I Feel Love’

Pierre Job, who most of his colleagues and friends called Hector Zazou, “Zaz,” or “Zazou,” passed away at the age of 60. He was a musician, producer, director, journalist and activist. Worldly, idealistic, intellectual and a dreamer. Autumnal, tormented, pragmatic… A father, friend and enemy, he was a man of elusive dualities.

 Hector Zazou  re-teamed with  Barbara Eramo,and Stefano Saletti a cover of Donna Summer’s 1977 classic “I Feel Love

Local Bands: Betty Belle

They debuted on the fringes of soul, but with the passing of time the Barcelona band, Betty Belle have refined their sound and have reached a sort of danceable pop with hints of disco and at times leaning towards Kraftwerk and at other towards Donna Summer. “Black To The Future”, their most recent recording, is a synthesized odyssey in which the duo formed by Gemma Tutusaus “Tutu” and Otger García delve into eighties sounds bringing them back to the present.