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4Ever Songs: Dillinger “Cocaine in My Brain”

 There exists a rich musical history of recorded songs about cocaine use dating at least as far back as Victoria Spivey and Lonnie Johnson’s 1927 “Dopehead Blues,” or Dick Justice’s 1928 “Cocaine.” On one end of the spectrum are commendably classic tunes about nose-candy such as Johnny Cash’s “Cocaine Blues,” or J.J. Cale’s (later made shitty by Eric Clapton) “Cocaine,”

Perhaps the greatest (or at least weirdest) joy-powder paean comes to us via Jamaican artist, Dillinger. 1976’s “Cokane in My Brain” from his CB 200 album is a funky slice of reggae/proto-rap, clearly recorded under the influence of—I don’t know—let’s say a kilo of the white stuff. The song’s “riddim” is based on the Gamble and Huff-produced Philly soul classic “Do It Any Way You Wanna” by People’s Choice.

Les versions d’il Dottore: Mac DeMarco “Change The World”

Il Dottore ens presenta una versió súper recent de la cançó “Change The World” d’Eric Clapton. El protagonista  és Mac DeMarco que ha inclós la cançó  en una recopilació inèdita feta en cassette per la revista “The Editorial Magazine” . La cançó que va popularitza Clapton l’any 1996 és de fet una versió de la cantant country Wynonna Judd.