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Primavera Sound 2018 #Thursday

It’s here! Thursday is the first full day of Primavera Sound 2018, with a line-up that, as we’ve come to expect, is extensive and impressive, and starts off with a bang on this day that features headliners such as everyone’s favourite Islandic avant-garde artist, Björk, with her latest album, ‘Utopia’ (2017), on which she collaborated with Arca, who you’ll also be able to catch at the festival; and elegance as music with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, blasting out tracks from their emotional and a bit sad ‘Skeleton Tree’ (2016), which they’re performing for the first time in Barcelona. Also getting you moving between stages are Philadelphia band The War on Drugs, who, with ‘A Deeper Understanding’ (2017), have garnered as much praise as with their acclaimed previous album, ‘Lost in the Dream’ (2014), which had the international press kneeling at the feet of their classic rock; legendary band Sparks, that unclassifiable duo from Los Angeles made up of brothers Ron and Russel Mael, who present their 23rd album, ‘Hippopotamus’ (2017); the return of American hip hop artist Vince Staples; electronic and energetic pop from British trio Chvrches, with their much-anticipated new album, ‘Love Is Dead’ (2018); Fever Ray, a solo project for Swedish artist Karin Dreijer (The Knife), who’s also got a new album out, the contagious ‘Plunge’ (2017); electronica from Floating Points, also known as producer and doctor of neuroscience Sam Shepherd, performing live as well as a six-hour DJ set on Friday; Nils Frahm and his experimental electronica; the meloncholy of the all-women quartet Warpaint; iridescent psychedelic pop from New Zealanders Unknown Mortal Orchestra; and American artist Kelela, who impresses with her versatility and perfect adaptation to dominant trends in current electronica and pop.

The muses of La Musa: Fever Ray

H bombs fall on Wanna Sip. Synthesisers imitate the buzzing noise of the projectiles at the beginning of Cry Cry Cry (first record by Fever Ray in 8 years), but the only mass destruction weapon of mass destruction is Karin Dreijer’s voice. This Swedish artist had already chewed and spat out poison on The Knife’s last record, but the exorcism comes now: on every corner of this labyrinth one hears a disturbed and disturbing shriek, on every corner another minotaur to face and overcome. A political, feminist and sexual manifesto where pop goes hand in hand with unease.

El retrofuturisme de Kate Boy

La cantant australiana Kate Akhurst i el col·lectiu de  productors suecs Rocket Boy —Hampus Nordgren, Oskar Sikow Engström i Markus Dextegen— són Kate Boy, que van debutar el 2012 amb l’EP Northern Light, amb un so retrofuturista en la línia Fever Ray/The Knife, Trust o Purity Ring. El seu primer àlbum, One, publicat per Fiction (The Cure, Tame Impala, White Lies, Spector, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) els dóna un aire més techno-pop, lluminós i proper a la pista de ball. Avui a la sala Razzmatazz.

La fosca de Zola Jesus

La particular visió de Zola Jesus del pop, sempre en clau fosca i electrònica, l’ha portat a grans comparacions amb Fever Ray (a qui va telonejar) o ser considerada la resposta de culte a totes les dives de nova onada de pop vitaminat que han sortit en els últims anys. Després d’uns primers discos a l’ombra del públic, va ser el 2011 quan tot va encaixar i, sent la veu principal d’un dels singles més trencadors de M83 (‘Intro’) i en el retorn d’Orbital (‘New France’), la seva disc de consagració ‘Conatus’ (2011) va trencar barreres. L’any passat va publicar ‘Taiga’ (2014). Per obrir la nit pujarà a l’escenari Cora Novoa, que ens presentarà el seu nou disc ‘FightLoveFaith’, un àlbum que roman en l’electrònica que caracteritza Cora però aquest cop el pop s’ha obert camí al cor del so. Avui a Razzmatazz.