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Best Covers: Roosevelt ‘Everywhere’

Roosevelt has released another single via W Records titled “Everywhere” – a groovy and electrifying cover of Fleetwood Mac’s song. Fueled with jangly beats and Roosevelt’s intricate disco touch,


Introducing…Amyl & The Sniffers

Where were you in 1977, Amy Taylor? The foul-mouthed singer of Amyl & The Sniffers wasn’t even born! As a matter of fact she was still a long way off (her birth certificate says…1996). Thinking about it, at that time her parents were kids who didn’t even listen to punk rock, they listened to AC/DC and Fleetwood Mac. Even so, when you’re hit with the ten angry eruptions of Big Attraction & Giddy Up you could imagine that Amy has shared rehearsal rooms, stages and pyjama parties with Poly Styrene, Ari Up and Ana da Silva. That’s how pure her Brit-punk repertoire sounds. Or better said, Aussie-punk, as they’re from Australia and pray to The Saints, The New Christs and The Birthday Party.

El pas endevant de The Head And The Heart

La banda d’indie-folk creada l’any 2009 i formada per Jonathan Russel i Josiah Johnson (veus y guitarres), Charity Rose (violí, banjo i veu), Chris Zasche (baix), Kenny Hensley (piano) i Tyler Williams (percussió) presenta el seu tercer treball, “Signs Of Light(Warner, 16). Lálbum entrà directament en el nº2 de vendes de Billboard als EU.A. La banda ha canviat de segell i ha deixat enrere aquell folk fosc per un de més lluminós que els apropa al so de Fleetwood Mac. Aquesta nit seran a la sala Razzmatazz.