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The muses of La Musa: Georgia Harmer 

Georgia Harmer leans into the mythos of her musical genealogy with the kind of effortless candour that may only be possessed by someone who has this in her blood. Harmer is already a household name thanks to the rock-infused folk of Georgia’s aunt (and now label-mate) Sarah, but she cements the beginning of her own musical legacy on debut LP Stay in Touch.

Introducing… Layten Kramer

Layten Kramer’s music is a blend of psychedelia, country, folk, and indie rock. Listening to his 2021 album, Dear Apathy, is a gateway that transports you somewhere you weren’t expecting, but are excited to be there. Hot off the heels of his fantastic 2021 album, Dear Apathy, Canmore, Alberta’s Layten Kramer returns with a new single called “Why Am I So Tired”.

The muses of La Musa: SOAK

Born Bridie Monds-Watson, SOAK (which is a combination of “soul” and “folk”) is a 23-year-old Northern Irish singer-songwriter from Derry fighting for gay rights — and making really incredible music while doing it. The soulful prodigy released her debut album, Before We Forgot How to Dream, in 2015 at only 19 years old.

Three years after the release of their Choice Music Prize-nominated second album, Grim Town, SOAK is set to make their triumphant return with If I Never Know You Like This Again – out on May 20, via Rough Trade Records.

The muses of La Musa: Maple Glider

The Melbourne-based songwriter’s debut is sparse and hypnotic, drawing connections between her experiences of leaving a relationship and leaving a religious upbringing.

Tori Zeitsch’s music aches with loss. The threadbare folk the Melbourne-based singer and songwriter makes as Maple Glider is skeletal in the most literal sense—absent of flesh, only intermittently lively, spare by necessity rather than choice. Her debut album, To Enjoy Is the Only Thing, conveys the hollow ache of being alone, the way loss wastes away at one’s very being.

The muses of La Musa: Billie Marten 

Billie Marten first rose to prominence at the age of 17 with a jarringly mature debut ‘Writing of Blues and Yellows’, which landed her a BBC Sound of 2016 nomination.

Marten’s latest single Creature of Mine expands on the folk infused sonics of her earlier work and introduces sleek guitars with tinged with midwestern emo angst and a subtly grooving drum pattern which gives the track its forward momentum.

Mor un lluitador incansable

“I still call myself a communist, because communism is no more what Russia made of it than Christianity is what the churches make of it. But if by some freak of history communism had caught up with this country, I would have been one of the first people thrown in jail.”  
(Pete Seeger, 22 de Gener, 1995) 

Dilluns 27 de gener ens va tocar dir adéu a un dels gran mites de la música folk i de la indústria en general, el llegendari Pete Seeger (Nova York, 3 de maig del 1919 – Beacon (Nova York), 27 de gener del 2014). Activista polític incansable, Seeger va mantenir durant tota la seva vida un compromís amb la lluita pels drets civils, el que unit a la seva afiliació quan tenia 17 anys a la Young Communist League (YCL), el va convertir en un objectiu perseguit pel seu propi país mitjançant el maccarthisme i el Comitè d’assumptes nord-americans, que el 1951 el va condemnar a dotze mesos de presó i disset de total i absoluta censura en els mitjans de comunicació.

La seva carrera en la música es va iniciar ja a la dècada dels 40, amb 20 anys recent fets, participant en grups com The Almanac Singers, formació en la que també hi va participar un altre gran de la música com Woody Guthrie. Fervent defensor del bàndol republicà durant la Guerra Civil Espanyola, Seeger va compondre el 1943  juntament amb Tom Glazer i Bess i Baldwin Hawes un àlbum titulat Songs of the Lincoln Battalion, amb cançons com «There is a valley in Spain called Jarama» (Hi ha una vall a Espanya anomenada Jarama) o «Young man from Alcalá» (El jove d’Alcalà), obres escrites pels propis milicians estatunidencs dels batalló. Pete Seeger va ser a més un músic amb molta influència en el panorama de la música folk i la cançó protesta, influint a artistes com Víctor Jara, i ajudant a altres mites de la música com Bob Dylan a sortir endavant amb els seus treballs. Després de diverses dècades de forta protesta, recolzant moviments com el de la resistència polonesa enfront l’URSS, o el rebuig a la Guerra d’Iraq, Seeger va tocar el 2009 durant la cerimònia d’investidura del president Barack Obama, al Lincoln Memorial a Washington DC juntament a U2 i altres artistes.