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Music by Bergman: Ben Howard

Cornwall-based folk singer-songwriter Ben Howard has returned with a new single, ‘Walking Backwards’. The track is the latest cut from Howard’s forthcoming album, Is It? The release will arrive on June 16th as his fifth full-length record and follows in a similar thread to his last album, 2021’s Collections From The Whiteout

4Ever Songs: Neil Young ‘Heart of Good’

His hit song, “Heart of Gold,” hit the airwaves and soon became the legendary artist’s sole No. 1 in the United States. The song also hit No. 1 in Canada. The studio version of “Heart of Gold” featured backing vocals from James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt. The track was written, in part, as the result of a back injury Young sustained that left him unable to stand for long periods of time.

“Heart of Gold” was recorded initially during the sessions for Young’s seminal album, Harvest, in early February of 1971 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Music by Bergman: Lankum

Lankum have gained worldwide acclaim for their engrossing albums and captivating, often euphoric live performances. Their last album False Lankum, further developed their psychedelic take on folk music, and cemented their reputation as one of the most unique and talked about groups to emerge from Ireland in decades. 

Comprising brothers Ian Lynch (uillean pipes, tin whistle, vocals), Daragh Lynch (vocals, guitar) alongside Cormac Mac Diarmada (fiddle) and Radie Peat (harmonium, accordion, vocals), Lankum channel a diverse set of influences and histories to create a beautifully rare thing: a songbook from and for the people.

The muses of La Musa: Cat Clyde

Since Cat Clyde’s debut in 2017, she’s been able to carve out a space for herself in the music industry. Her last fully-fledged offering was Hunter’s Trance, released in 2019, but she’s kept herself on it and occupied since then. Crafting up “Good Bones”, an acoustic reimagining of Hunter’s Trance and her debut album Ivory Castanets, she then went on to collaborate with country singer-songwriter

Ahead of Cat Clyde’s forthcoming album Down Rounder, the young indie folk artist has unleashed “Papa Took My Totems” .

Introducing…Roo Panes

English singer/songwriter Andrew “Roo” Panes’ introspective lyrics, soulful voice, and deft fingerpicking have drawn comparisons to artists like Nick Drake, George Ezra, and Laura Marling. He issued his first EP, Once, in 2012 and stayed loyal to a hushed, acoustic palette across subsequent releases, including his full-length debut, 2014’s Little Giant.

British folk songwriter Roo Panes has shared his latest single ‘Our Time’, an elegant and meditative exploration of life and the many big questions it poses along the way.

Music by Bergman: MF Tomlinson 

Primarily a storyteller, MF Tomlinson negotiates styles as varied as acid folk, soul, alt country & chamber pop to create a singular presence. He achieves this genre fluidity with the help of a close-knit group of collaborators he calls “the MFs, because they’re all very talented motherfuckers.”

MF Tomlinson has shared new song ‘The End Of The Road’. The London based songwriter will release his new album early next year, with ‘We Are Still Wild Horses’ set to land on February 17th via PRAH Recordings.

Music by Bergman: Broken Bells

As ringleader of The Shins, James Mercer has left a busload of bandmates on the hard shoulder over the past two decades. His longest lasting act must be Broken Bells, this occasional project with best mate Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton. The duo’s first two albums established a pattern of flirting convincingly with various genres (new wave, folk, prog, post-punk) before ghosting them entirely. Impressive, but weirdly hard to enjoy. Into the Blue, their third album,  is similarly promiscuous, but more frequently dazzling.