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Music by Bergman: Garbage

Influential alternative rock band Garbage released details Anthology via BMG/Stunvolume. The band’s first ‘Best Of’ collection in fifteen years, Anthology contains material from across Garbage’s impressive, nearly 30-year-long career, including songs from their 1995 debut album Garbage, through to tracks from their most recent, critically acclaimed LP No Gods No Masters released in 2021.

The muses of La Musa: Honeyblood

Honeyblood’s third album sees Stina Tweeddale finding her most ambitious form and steely focus yet. Three albums in she has stepped forward to finally claim the mantle of the project she birthed seven years ago as a her sole vision. Stina takes the reigns in collaboration with none-other than super-producer John Congleton (Angel Olsen, St Vincent) for the most definitive Honeyblood LP to date, consolidating the Glasgow-born band as one of the most important UK names.

On lead single, ‘The Third Degree’ (out today) Stina’s arguably perfected the fine art of the punk-rock ode-to-the-shit-head-ex. But ‘In Plain Sight’ is as sonically gung-ho as peak era Garbage, or the modern day likes of St Vincent; big, bold, songwriting no longer content to be tied to one limited genre. Woven with mysterious themes of illusion and deception, Tweeddale describes the album as “one big trick”. Being hoodwinked never felt so exciting.

Divus Julius presents: She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge is a kick-ass band from Los Angeles, California. They are heavily influenced by Joy Division and early New Order. Their music is highly enjoyable. Their music is characterized by a dark and sexual nature.  She Wants Revenge with Interpol and Editors created a revival post-punk media scene in early 2000 that crossed borders.

His self-titled debut album was released with three singles “These Things” (where his video clip features the performance of Garbage vocalist Shirley Manson), “Out of Control” and “Tear You Apart”  The post-punk dance rockers, released last year their latest banger of a single “Big Love.” Tonight in concert at Sala Salamandra.


Ville à Dômat #142: Sexy Mother Fuckers!

Quin gran Primavera Sound Festival, Entrevistarem els Cala Vento una de les bandes revel·lació del festival. Parlarem del Bona Nit Barcelona, el festival d’aquest proper dissabte; del festival This Is Hardcore que tondrà lloc a Razzmatazz. Divus Julius Bonasera estrenarà el més nou de The Avalanches, Braids, Garbage, Of Montreal, Dustin Tebbut, DeLorean, Aquilo, Weinf i Unknown Mortal Orchestra .entre d’altres. Disseccionarem el nou disc de Grimes i el mestre Bergman ens presentarà al suec sir Was, a Junk Son i els Cat’s Eyes. A més us informarem sobre l’ Utopía Photo Market i el FAD Barcelona
Dilluns 6.45pm 100.5FM Radio Ciutat Vella
Ville à Dômat: Sexy Mother Fuckers!

Ville à Dômat: Capítol 137

Dediquem el programa A Prince el geni de Mineapolis que ens ha deixat recentment. Ville à Dômat avança i us punxem la nova música signe d’aquest temps. Divus Julius Bonasera entevistarà a la gent de l’Artlab de Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera. Punxarem el més nou de The Kills, Charlie Cunningham, The Invisible, Formation, LostTapes, Róisín Murphy, Balkan Beat Box i The Heavy. Torna el mestre Bergman que ens presentarà a dues bandes: Lush i Night Moves. Us donarem notícies fresques de l’enyorat Mariscal Mauro..També us informarem del “Music Flavour” un dia al TNC (Teatre Nacional de Catalunya) on la música electrònica pren el teatre per un dia.
Tot això i molt més demà al 100.5FM a partir 18.45h
Ville à Dômat: Sign of Times