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Music by Bergman: Wesley Gonzalez

Wesley Gonzalez, DIY indie punk’s enfant terrible – who made a name for himself at an early age as the petulant frontman and creative force behind guitar-shredding band Let’s Wrestle. Last year he released his second album Appalling Human.

Ironically a more accomplished record than his 2017 debut Excellent Musician, here Gonzalez makes full use of a lithe band armed with an orgy of high-end synthesizers, all mixed for the dancefloor by James Greenwood (Ghost Culture, Daniel Avery, Kelly Lee Owens). Both its sound and emotional clout are huge.

Following the release of last year’s album ‘Appalling Human’Wesley Gonzalez is now sharing his charming brand new single ‘Change Your Circumstance’. It was originally recorded during the last session for my 2020 album ‘Appalling Human’

Productora de Pardals: Ghost Culture

Mestre Bergman will be this weekend at Mira Festival and today he introduces  a new artist. Ghost Culture represents the bedroom auteur of the second decade of the century: a house, a room and a Korg Mono/Poly as a muse. From his London hometown and with only a few singles he’s generated a legion of fans who have made him able to finish it off masterfully with their homonymous debut album: a collection of 10 tracks rich in emotion, musicality and art sound published in 2015.

What he’ll show will be a Live dance set combined with a synchronized light set based in lamps. Tonight in Razzmatazz. by Mira Festival.

MIRA Festival 2015

MIRA – Live Visual Arts Festival, festival que exhibeix les noves creacions de les arts visuals a escala internacional, generant simbiosis úniques, transmissió del coneixement i oportunitats a través de les col·laboracions entre artistes visuals i musicals celebra la seva cinquena edició del 30 d’octubre al 7 de novembre en diferents espais de Barcelona. Repetint la fòrmula de la passada edició, el festival se celebrarà durant dos caps de setmana. Durant el primer, l’Arts Santa Mònica acollirà els Open Acts: dues jornades gratuïtes amb activitats divulgatives, shows audiovisuals i instal·lacions visuals i sonores.

Durant la segona el gruix de concerts que tindran lloc a Fabra i Coats i a la sala Razzmatazz. Entres d’altres desfilaran artistes de la talla de Ghost Culture, Ben Frost o Prefuse 73.