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Music by Bergman: Girls Name

Girls Names found themselves in an impasse that almost lead to them never releasing a new album, with a drummer gone, an unsatisfying mix of their new tracks and a stress level impossible to manage. They gave up and got back to their full-time jobs, setting music aside to find solace in a more regular life.

Regaining the peace of mind they were missing while working on the first version of ‘Stains On Silence’ eventually led to the Belfast band revisiting the eight songs found here. They started experimenting with techniques they never used before, playing with cut-ups and self-editing, and finally giving the record the shape they were looking for – a dark and gloomy one, so it’s not as if Girls Names have completely changed tack.

Aiming to cut an album fitting the post-punk norm of 30 minutes, the 38 that make up ‘Stains On Silence’ are a disquieting trip into new-wave inspired sounds. Bauhaus are the first influence to come to mind, but Girls Names sound is mellower and more sophisticated, without losing that signature dark shadow. 

El pas endevant de Girls Names

El quartet de Belfast defensen el seu tercer disc . ‘Arms around a vision’ (2015), barreja de pop, profunditat fosca i psicodèlia amb tocs de The Fall, The Horrors o Ride. Els nord-irlandesos deixen palès amb aquest darrer disc el bon estat del post-punk actual amb un disc sòlid fet amb l’ànima i que els postula com una banda a tenir en compte a partir d’ara. Avui a la sala Sidecar.

Ville à Dômat: Capítol 134

Som absoluta disbauixa! A Ville à Dômat entrevistarem demà a una de les bandes locals del moment: Holy Bouncer A més, parlarem amb la gent del Barcelona Psych Fest que arriba aquest proper cap de setmana a Barcelona i del Minimúsica. També us informarem del Serielizados Fest que tindrà com a convidat a David Simon. Estrenarem el més nou de Pinkshinyultrablast, Whitney, Pumarosa, Augustines ,Little Scream, o Frank Turner i dels locals Mourn, Manel, Joana Serrat o Vallès.
Dilluns from 6.45pm 100.5FM
Ville à Dômat: Absoluta Disbauixa